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Rose had a pretty ordinary life, for an angel. But then she's given the job to look after an angel on Earth that doesn't know what he is. With the help of a new friend and some old ones will she be able to find him tell him the truth and maybe even save the world? You'll have to read to find out :) View table of contents...


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Chapter 2-Fallen
It had been a year since Josalin had fallen. I still didn't know why it had happened. She had been so lively, so happy I never expected her to rebel.
Deric was the same. Clueless. He had a new girlfriend too and I got this funny feeling when I saw them together that I'd never experienced before. I was still trying to figure that out.
After Josalin fell it felt like I was just going through the motions. I felt empty; in complete and it was torture. Jonathon visited me sometimes but I was so detached I hardly ever participated in a conversation.
Right now I sat in one of the meadows braiding flowers into my hair and humming to myself. It was one of my better days. The flowers were infused with magic and they glowed blue in my hair. No angels found me here I was completely alone with my thoughts.
I thought of Deric often and dreamed of what it would be like to meet him. What Earth would look like up close? I tied my braided hair off with a piece of lace and stood brushing dirt from my dress.
Out of no where Gabriel appeared. I did a slight curtsey. 'What are you doing out here?' Gabriel gave me a grim look and took my arm in his strong hand. 'Please tell me that it's wrong. What He said about you.'
'Who's he and what did he say?'
'The creator Rose your going to be cast out of heaven!' His voice echoed around me and I couldn't believe what he was saying.
'But I have done anything wrong?'
'It's not about what you do Rose it never has been it's about what you think.' Gabriel released me from his grip and I backed away.
'No. Please Gabriel you have to help me.'
'I'm sorry Rose I can't just please come peacefully.' I shook my head trying not to let the tears slip past my eyes and touch the ground. Who knows what that could bring upon Earth. I made up my mind in that second, I would come peacefully.
I would help Deric find out who he is and live with the other Fallen on Earth. I could be truly happy. But this was my home, my beautiful home. How could I leave it?
Gabriel led me in silence to the meeting place. Everyone had taken there seats even Him. I glared at the throne now. Any love I'd once had for him had diminished. I saw Jonathon at the back with other soldiers and fought back tears again.
The look on his face… So sad, so heart wrenchingly sad. I stood at the front of the crowd with tears in my eyes and a quivering body. Gabriel took his seat and that's when his voice boomed trying to burst my ear drums. 'Rose of the Gabriel house you have become unworthy of heaven and will be cast out because of this. You have no one to blame but yourself.'
I fought back a sob and nodded. Gabriel and Michael shared a look of desperation. They were my friends but they could do nothing to stop what was about to happen.
'I am sorry it has to be this way Rose…' I heard the Creators voice soften as the ground opened beneath me and I fell through. I fell so fast my body started to burn up. But my healing kicked in and it was a constant fight between the two.
Burning, healed, burning, healed. I did not scream, I cried. I cried because I had just been cast from the only home I'd ever known. I didn't dare release my wings in fear of breaking them when I hit solid ground.
It felt like days before I did hit the ground of Earth. All at once every bone in my body snapped. I moaned in pain and tried to move to no avail. I closed my eyes and tried to ignore all the pain. Eventually I was asleep and away from it all.
I woke to strong arms picking my broken body up off the ground. My head lolled back because I didn't have the strength to move. Behind me the world was dull and dark. I could see the outlines of knocked over trees in a broken circle. I let myself fall back to sleep wishing it would just end. Why hadn't my healing kicked in?
I was in and out of sleep for a while. Every time I woke there would be a man standing over me washing my hair back from my face telling me to get up but I couldn't. I just gave up again.
For what seemed like years that was my routine and then one day I woke up and I was finally able to move. I sat up slowly and patted my body down. I was still all here. Slightly sore but that would fade. I wore a red sweater looking thing but the colors were a lot duller than I was used too. This whole place was.
I was in a small room, on a wooden bed, the only furniture in the room. The walls were white, plain. I stood up and limped on my right leg to the door. I opened the door and went into the other room. There was a couch and a television I think Deric had once called it.
It looked like a black box. On the couch was a man, an Angel. He woke as I limped into the room. 'You're awake.' He said running a hand through his dark hair. He was tall and muscular. Like Deric but with black hair and brown eyes.
'Who are you?' I asked leaning on the doorway for support.
'Warren and you shouldn't be up and about. You really didn't have a good landing. Come sit down.' I looked at him warily but did as he said. I sat on the couch as far away from him as possible.
'How did you find me?' I asked him.
'All of us know when an Angel has fallen you're lucky I was the one to get to you first.'
'What do you mean?'
'There are some people who try to recruit new fallen angels like your self.'
'Lucifer,' I whispered. He nodded sadly.
'Why did I take so long to heal?'
'When an Angel falls they experience mortal injury. Your injuries were so bad that if I hadn't found you, you would have died.'
'I was cast out of my home. I wish I was dead.'
'No because if you truly did you would not be here. You have something that is keeping you alive. An incomplete mission, maybe?'
'Who is Deric?' He asked me.
'He's three quarters Angel. I was assigned to protect him and make sure he didn't find out what he was.'
'Really? Heaven is hiding peoples true selves from them?'
'Apparently. Where are we? I need to find him.' I stood up and hobbled on my leg. 'You're not going anywhere until you're healed fully.' Warren grabbed my arm.
'Who are you anyway?' he asked me as I gave up and sat down. 'My name is Rose.'
'Rose? As in Gabriel's right hand girl Rose? I recognize you now.'
'And he did nothing to help you? Why did you get cast down anyway? What did you do?'
'He didn't help me and I didn't do anything. Gabriel said that it was because of what I was thinking. But I don't know.'
'Free will,' Warren said.
'Free will? But I thought only mortals had free will.' He shook his head, 'That's what He said. But really we do have it we were just never taught to use it. We're soldiers, we're not meant to think just act.' I shook my head,
'No. He wouldn't lie to us like that.'
'I'm sorry Rose but anything He ever told you was a lie.'
Author's Note:
I hope you like it so far. I appreciate any advice you have so comment please :) x


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