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The Unknown: Book One-Discontinued

Novel By: LizanneStewart

Kelsey is still in love with her ex boyfriend after several months. She soon finds out that he is not entirely what he seems.

*Sorry guys, but I've decided that I'm not going to be posting anymore of this story. I'm super paranoid of someone trying to steal this from me. Which would totally stink. :(
But, whenever I finish it, and get it published, I will still be using this name, and book title (hopefully, anyway). So it shouldn't be too hard to find. ;)
I have another side-project in the works: A Different World...it's kinda the same thing. But different at the same time. I will be updating that as long as I can. :) Thank you. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Nov 20, 2009    Reads: 128    Comments: 2    Likes: 2   


Advise Column
By: Jade McKinney

Ok, so...I had a dream a few nights ago, and it started out, I was on this boat with my crush, then all of the sudden, a storm started, and the boat started to rock, and then I fell over the side, and went into a whirlpool, right after my crush threw me a lifeline thingy. So I went down, and I thought I was supposed to be dead, from drowning, but I wasn't. I ended up in an underwater world, and there were MERMAIDS!!!, it was really cool, and I could sense that someone had me, had "caught" me. It was all great...until I looked up to see who my "rescuer" was. As it turned out...it was my ex. He's really cute, and all...and it really didn't help that Mermen, don't wear "shirts". I tried to get away, but his hold on me was too strong. He kissed me. And I started to go limp. (If you can even go limp in the water.) But I remember my head rolling back (like I was passing out or something), and looking up towards the surface of the water, and I saw my crush, he was yelling towards me, but there wasn't any sound. After that, everything went black, and it ended. Jade! What does it all mean? Why couldn't I have been with my crush? WHY?
- Confused

Dear "confused", that's kind of freaky!!!, I'd say that you being on the boat with your crush, means that you want to have some alone time with him. Mermaids usually mean that there's something in your life you want to hide, like a secret. Your ex caught you?, well...seeing as he's your merman rescuer, that means that you still have a secret crush on him, and since you struggled, you don't want to admit it. You mentioned that he's cute, and that it didn't help that he wasn't wearing a shirt, that tells me that you've been checking him out. Him kissing you means that you want him to want you. Your crush was yelling, that shows that he cares for you, and since he was on the surface, that means that he feels a bit distant from you. Sorry, but that's all I have. Hope I helped! - Jade McKinney

Advice for interpreting dreams:
When having a dream, try to pay attention to what's happening, think if there's anything you're afraid of that's happening. It might have to do with life. Thank you again, "Confused", for asking me your question! - Jade McKinney

Well...that got me nowhere. Anyway, my name is Kelsey Bradshaw. Otherwise known as, "Confused". But there's more to my dream, I think. See...I have this...problem...


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