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I Have No Name For This

Novel By: LizLew

Some call her the Devil, some say she’s worse.
They are all wrong.
Phoenix is the Devils daughter. Born on the same day as the Christ, you’d expect her to be all holy and in denial about her life.
She isn’t. She holds no qualms about killing, and she certainly has the ability too. She can drain the blood of anything that holds it, her strength is unbelievable. She has bat wings and has two little horns on her head which are covered by her long, black hair that is built from shadows. She can change her appearance and control the shadows and much, much more. She is undefeatable and lethal.
So, where’s the twist? Can’t you guess?
Sometimes, love can kill just as much as she can.
*So, I’m starting to feel festive.*
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You've heard the story at least a million times. You know how Jesus was born, to whom he was the son of. You know all the details, so I'm not going to go over it.
But this is the story where you don't know everything. This is the other side, the one you've never heard before. You think you know all about the magically born ones, but think again.
You know that Jesus was the son of God, but do you know that I'm the daughter of the Devil?
You see, I told you that you wouldn't know the other story.

Chapter 1

The lightning flashed, temporarily blinding anyone who looked close enough into it. The thunder followed closely behind.
Phoenix loved the sound of the rumble, and the way it shook the ground, the walls. She also loved the fear that struck some people's eyes when they see the lightning.

But then, Phoenix loved people's fear. Her crimson red lips curved into a malicious smile that reached her magnificent blue eyes.

Her smile faded from her lips and as she walked, the night grew colder, the rain pelted harder, and the shadows began to crawl after her, following the beautiful sixteen year old through the street.

She was looking for someone.

The human realm is so dirty, Phoenix thought to herself. Would it kill someone to clean up just a little bit?
The malicious smile returned as she thought of the answer.

Suddenly, a new fragrance hit the air and Phoenix new with turning or glancing back that the person who she was looking for was right behind her.

Her canines pointed and as her pupils changed from black to red, her brilliantly blue eyes glowed. There was a small hum played on her gorgeous lips and because of her siren singing voice, the man she was hunting was instantly drawn to her. Not that the singing mattered much, either way the man would have fallen in love with her appearance. Phoenix just loved to play the innocent teenager, walking the street, and then boom! It was a sick game she liked to play which her victims always realized after it was too late. She got a thrill from the look in their eyes; the fear, the realization of death being two seconds away, and the look of betrayal and otherworldly shock that plastered their face.

Otherworldly was exactly the right word.

Phoenix was from Hell. She was not human in any way, and her abilities will astound anyone. She had bat wings which she could conceal within her skin. She had the strength of seven oxen and the speed of a leopard. She had mind and spirit control over everything. She held complete control over the shadows. She had extendable and sharp teeth that can pierce the skin of anything, and her eyes held many lives she had stolen within her years.

She was truly immortal and a lethal weapon. Some people would say she was the Devil himself. Others may say she was worse.

They are all wrong.

She was the Devils daughter, and she wore her crown well. Everything feared her, alive or dead. The Angels held awe for her, despite how much they hated it.

But, if you are an Angel, how can you hate? Doesn't the Bible say you have to love everyone and everything, despite how they act, how they treat other people and things?

Good contradicts itself too much, thought Phoenix while also thinking of how to take out this man behind her. She wasn't worried about the strength at all. She was worried about the level of fun that will be in the kill.
She couldn't very well let it be boring, could she?

She continued to hum her siren song, and the man still looked swayed by her voice. He looked almost hypnotised…
A thought struck her suddenly and it almost made her laugh.

"My slave is the one who walks behind me," she sang loudly in a creepy, yet beautiful tune. "My love is the one who is my sha-dow." With this line, the shadows that followed her anyway curled up and started to cover the man. He looked slightly more awake now, but still transfixed in the song.
"My only is the one whose heart should stop beating," Phoenix turned and shocked the guy into full consciousness. It was a terribly funny sight, to see his eyes widen, to see his blood escape his cheeks, and smell the fear emitting from his body.
"My food is the one whose blood is shallow," Phoenix whispered, finishing the song. The man took two steps back and then started running, while Phoenix threw back her head and laughed manically.

She absolutely loved it when her victims played chase. They thought they could out run her…it got her every time.

After she had finished laughing at the man's pathetic attempt of an escape, she walked after him. She caught up to him in no time, and simply watched and smelt which way he had turned.

The man ran down the alley and hid there, behind a giant bin that hadn't been emptied in a while. The smell assaulted Phoenix's nostrils, but she simply blocked it out.

To drag the game out a bit longer, Phoenix sang into the alley. "My victim is the one who hides in the shadows, but he knows not my secret. Wherever he hides, I'll find him. Should have kept running my pet."
Phoenix made the shadows rise and pelt the man hiding, dragging him out and laying him at her feet. The shadows retreated as soon as they had left his body, but hung around in wait of more demands.

The mad at Phoenix's feet had light brown hair that was flecked with grey. He couldn't have been any older than 40. She knew he had two baby girls, twins, and a young boy the age of eight. He was happily married and owned a dog.

He was also filthy stinking rich.

Which is the exact reason she was here, and the exact reason he was about to die.

He had sold his soul to her father, and now he had to pay it.

The man whimpered at her feet and began to cry. His jeans were wet with bodily fluids and fear was emitting from him like smoke from a forest fire.

"Please," he begged. "Please, just let me live."

Phoenix laughed coldly. "And what would I say to Satan? 'Sorry dad, I couldn't get you your soul. The guy said please.' I have a feeling he would deduct my pocket money for a month!"

The man's eyes widened in horror. "Don't you have a heart?"

"If I did, then I am in the wrong line of business."

"You truly are the Devil aren't you?" The man whispered.

Phoenix picked the man up, threw him into the wall and smashed his head against the brick. "Oh no, I am something far worse," she whispered into the unconscious man. She lifted the knife from her boot and stabbed him in heart where his soul was stored. The knife glinted from silver to a plum colour, and when it returned to its natural silver colouring, Phoenix removed it from the man's chest. It doesn't matter if his body lives or dies; she had his soul which is what mattered.

Once she had replaced the knife into its slot in her boot, she picked up the man and ripped his throat out, drinking the blood hungrily.

If it didn't matter, she might as well quench her thirst and fill her stomach, right?

Once the man had been drained, Phoenix raised her head, threw the body and checked her appearance in the man's glasses.

She was a mess! Her shadow black hair was in tumbles from the wind and rain, but she liked the way it made her look. Daring and fearless, just like her.
It was mainly her mouth she was worried about-there was blood everywhere. She quickly ripped the dead man's shirt into shreds and whipped around her mouth. Phoenix usually didn't care about such things, but tonight she had to make sure she looked clean and presentable, since she was going to meet Jesus later.

As Phoenix walked away from the crime scene, she felt a shift in her eyes, and knew that the brilliant blue she had already, was now even more captivating since she had taken another life.


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