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Beneath the Toil and Trouble

Novel By: lol

Life was in complete shambles for Mellsa Cramers..... Her parents were getting divorced, she was new in town, and she felt as if know one loved her.... Until that fateful day she met the handsome boy in her art class, Mikhail Montgomery. This is the turn of her life when she learns that there is more to what meets the eye. And the world she lives in.

She didnt know that there was the world that mythical creatures ruled.
She lives in a mortal world and she is the only one who knows the towns secrect.

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Submitted:Sep 28, 2009    Reads: 236    Comments: 4    Likes: 2   

I'm running, faster than I ever knew I could run. The forest surrounds me. "where am I?" I wonder to myself frantically.

"Why am I running?" Sweat runs down my neck, my arms, and I feel it in my hair. Suddenly I hear a howl that erupts from the darkness. "Shit, shit and shitty shit ,shit. what the hell is that!?" I scream out loud. my head scans my surroundings and all I see is trees, and eyes. Eyes just staring at me. I have no clue who and what they are, or if it is an IT. My footsteps thump on the un-even ground. Out of the blue a root of a tree comes up from the ground and unaware I fall over it. Face first I land, I hear rustling above and gleaming red eyes look at me. I can see its shape. It leaps from the tree and I scream pulling my hands infront of my face........

I wake up with a jolt. Sweat has soaked my sheets and me, my blanket has tangled itself around my legs and I have a weird mark on my wrist. oh right, thats one of my many scars. I look up at my crecent moon clock and notice thats its five o' clock in the morning. one more hour and I have to get ready for school. Ugh school. And a new one to be exact. My name is Mellsa and I have just moved to the suburbs of London. my mom wanted us to move to the country side but there was no way in hell was I going to have take about four buses to go to school. There was a fight about it between my dad and mom. My fault again. Great. I remember my dad's words that he shouted at my mom. " Go to hell Marian! I agree with our daughter for once. We both are going there each and every single morning. Not every thing revolves around you!" I shudder. I have never seen my father that angry. Even at my dog. The only time I ever saw him loose his temper was when I burnt his supper one night and mom was not at home to make it. It was a mistake and he lashed out at me with his baseball bat. He broke my arm that way. He apologised, but that was the start of my hate for life. He is the only person who knows what I do. he does'nt question it though, he just holds me when I'm crying.

I know he doesnt understand though. BEEP! BEEP!BEEP!BEEP! God, I hate it when that happens, my mother has always set my clock for six in the morning, every single time at midnight, when she knows I have just fallen fast asleep, I let out a moan and pull my self back down to my bed with my eyes closed.

First day of bloody school here I come!


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