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a girl who finds out that in her past life she was a warrior and is going to become a warrior again. View table of contents...


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I was two when Jade the queen of darkness kidnapped me. She took me away because the village I was born into was defying her wishes of sacrifice, she burned my village to the ground although she had ripped me from my mother's arms and set fire to everything with a wave of her hand. Jade kept me locked up till I was eighteen. She kept me as her servant and she never let me forget that she murdered my family in cold blood.

I was preparing for one of her undead parties to celebrate the taking over of a kingdom when I suddenly felt different not like the lonely beat up girl before, this time I felt power flowing through me it was strange. I kept getting ready afraid that if she saw me not doing anything she would beat me until I wasn't moving and make me one of her undead soldiers. "Arundhati, come here please I want to speak

to you privately." I went to her in the ball room where she was sitting in her throne made of human bones. "Since, you're eighteen tonight I have a special place for you on the throne but first I have a proposition for you. Become my body guard and my daughter and you shall keep your life tonight but don't and I will hunt you down kill you and make you my slave for eternity, so what shall it be?" I stop and think and finally I say "I'd rather die than be your slave or your daughter!" with that I take off running through the kitchen out the door and off into the jungle.

I have finally gotten free by watching one of her other servants forget to lock the kitchen door to freedom, and I'm scared that I'm going to die when this new part of me that showed up starts taking me over. She runs through the forest like she knows the way and then we're standing in sunlight under a giant oak tree with my name Arundhati and the name of someone else Matthias carved into it. I'm standing there by myself when I have a flash of what could be the past.

It's raining hard and there's a fight with me and who I'm assuming is Matthias. We're fighting back to back soaking wet when we finally stop the army of the undead. I lean against the oak tree before sitting down when Matthias comes and sits down next me "we did a good job of fighting evil, now if we could just kill Jade then we'd be done with her." I sit thinking about what he said when he turns to me and kisses me. I pull away quickly and look at him and ask "why did you just kiss me?" he doesn't answer for a short while and when he does he says "I kissed you because I want you to know that there are people who can love you. I don't want you to fear love."

I open my eyes and there's a girl standing in front of me, she's beautiful she has black hair and dark brown eyes, she's dressed kind of like a gypsy and she's alone on this stretching dirt path. "Hello, are you okay? Is something wrong?" I look at and think before replying "I think I'm fine I'm just a little scared and shocked to be alive still. That's all." She looks at me like I'm crazy then she says "What do you mean still alive?" So I sit under the tree and tell her my whole story from when I was a baby to now my big escape. "By the way what's your name?" she asks me. "My name is Arundhati kind of like the goddess. What about you?" "My name is Orion, I'm on my way to Boudica's forest would you like to come along? she may take you in." I nod my head yes and offer her a small smile before we start heading off towards her forest. A few hours later we come to a stream and stop to rest for a bit when Orion says "We've got about a half mile to go to get to the forest we should be there by nightfall." And off we go again.

By nightfall we are at the forest when a young man about my age steps out of the shadows. "Orion we were expecting you earlier and didn't you say that you were coming alone?" He sounds kind of angry but I think to myself that he's quite handsome. "Matthias, let me talk to your mother i can explain to her what happened besides, I may have some useful information for her." He stops looking at her and looks at me before saying "She has to stay with me while you talk to my mother, otherwise no I can't let you go near her." She nods her head in agreement and we follow him into the darkness of the forest.


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