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Demon Hunters: Novel1 The Beginning

Novel By: lost love long forgotten

The story of the clan of demon hunters. they are a group who fight Demons of all sorts all around the world. But this story is also how one girl became a demon hunter and her fight to keep her humanity, as well as keep the person she loves alive in her heart. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Mar 19, 2013    Reads: 26    Comments: 3    Likes: 1   

I don't really know how to begin this story besides just telling it. It's a hard story to tell because it took away the people I loved and respected. This story made me become someone I never thought I would be. I became a demon hunter I'm fighting to save the world from demons and I do it alone because I don't want to see the others I love die. It was a rainy day back when I thought that there was nothing more to life than just being a robot for the world. I was a loner not the kind of girl that anybody would really miss. The only friends I had were books and they only let me into different worlds for a short time. That morning I thought it was going to be a normal day of me ditching classes hiding in the library. I got up at six like usual but the most unusual thing was I didn't hear my mom yelling at my brother to wake up or even hear my brother snoring in the room next to mine. I got ready thinking that maybe my mother had gotten drunk like she did often and was trying to sleep off the head ache. "Mom! I'm leaving." That was the last thing I yelled before I dashed out the front door into the rain. I ran to school every day since we lived a short ways away and I knew I could be there early.

That day, if I had just looked for my mom and brother I might have saved Devon the time trying to save me from the pain. May be I would have ended up just like them dead and gone, just a memory that only lives in the minds of those who decided that I was the one who's life deserved to be screwed up. That day when I ran outside and all the way to school I left behind the only thing that would be enough to destroy me, the only thing that would be enough to make me lose all humanity and become a killing machine with no heart. Upon entering school grounds I notice that everything is empty and quiet. I look at my phone and see that the time is six fifty ten minutes until seven. I look in the window of the library and I see a shadow in the back hiding.

I try the door and find it's unlocked which is very unusual. I open the door and start searching the aisles looking for the shadow I was so certain was a person, I'm grabbed from behind with a hand placed on my mouth, I fight the best I can only to find that I'm no match for this person's strength. Finally I settle down when a pair of dark brown eyes and finally a familiar face are in front of me. "What are you doing?" I say to him. He puts his hand over my mouth again when there's footsteps outside the building. "Ssshhhh, stay quiet they could take you and hurt you." I look at him questioningly, "I'll explain as soon as we get out of here." I stand with my back against the wall not sure I actually trust this guy. He had dark brown hair and dark brown eyes that seemed to look straight into the soul. The soul I would later fight for until I wasn't sure I should have one, the soul that would lead me into a world of danger just to hold his soul as well as hers in mine.


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