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Demon Hunters: Novel1 The Beginning

Novel By: lost love long forgotten

The story of the clan of demon hunters. they are a group who fight Demons of all sorts all around the world. But this story is also how one girl became a demon hunter and her fight to keep her humanity, as well as keep the person she loves alive in her heart. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Mar 19, 2013    Reads: 17    Comments: 4    Likes: 2   

I slide to the floor, afraid for a second that I'm going to be raped. I'm afraid that my life will be changed, at that moment I didn't realize that it would be changed just not the way I expected. He sits down across from me on the ground, "Are you going to explain why you grabbed me?" He looks at the floor, "Sorry about that, but there's something strange going on. Haven't you noticed?"It's my turn to look at the floor, "Yes, I have but what's going on?" He looks kinda sad but it's gone before I can really see it.

"Let, me tell you a story. It's not the kind of story that has a happy ending, it's honestly one that most find hard to believe. It was a day just like this it was back about three years ago. I was living back in New Zealand and that was the day I lost her. It was a morning like this as I already said I knew something was very wrong but, she didn't believe me. When we arrived at the school it was empty just like this. Amelia went into the main building I told her that I would wait for in the library she said ok. I went and started reading a couple of books thinking that maybe she ran into a friend was on her way here. About a half an hour later I went looking for her when I found her some of the teachers had tied her to a table and were summoning Gurkhan. I tried to save her but there was too many of them and someone grabbed me from behind and hit me several times. At that time I didn't realize that she was chosen to destroy Gurkhan, I didn't know thatsome girls were chosenfor that destiny." He pauses takes a deep breath and he's about to start telling the story again instead I quickly interrupt him. "We have to get out of here soon, they'll start searching for us won't they?"Helooks me in the eyes, "Yes, but they'll come after you first." I'm scaredI say to myself wondering if it's the last thing I think to myself. "Why would they come after me first?" I ask Devon. I had realized who he was mostly because we had a couple of classes together. "They'll come after you because you were the next chosen to destroy the demons and Gurkhan. But, you must be careful when you do you need to destory him when there is someone to take is place because if there's no one to take his place it be you to take the place as ruler of the under world." I was really scared now because I knew that my destiny might just change course and I would be headed for a path of difficult life.

Only, later will I realize that I will never get to rest again, to never feel peace, I would leave behind the only life I've ever known. I would later realize that if I had never met Devon and heard his story and chose to believe it I would probably be long gone only a whisper on the wind. Now looking, back I wish that I'd let my life be taken instead of Devon's because he was really meant for this life, he was meant to fight for the true freedom of souls but the day I lost him was the day I picked up the weapons aand started fighting for his cause. The only cause he ever really believed in.

"Devon, can you finish your story will that give us enough time to figure out how to escape?" He looked nervous, "I honestly don't know it might." He looked at the floor again before continuing,"I watched as Gurkhan drained her of her life then she was turned into dust. The strange thing was there was a bright glowing bulb where her body used to be and when Gurkhan touched it; It burned him so he put it in a jar. He let me go that day I don't know why he did, probably because he knew no one would ever really believe me. But to this day I learned that the bulb was her soul and the reason why it burned him was because she was chosen. He collects the souls of every girl that's chosen and keeps them with him for eternity." He stops and says, "I think the coast is clear but let me check just in case." He gets up and walks to the front of the library where he can't see me. Suddenly there's another hand over my mouth with a white cloth I start to get drowsy and everything goes black.


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