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Demon Hunters: Novel1 The Beginning

Novel By: lost love long forgotten

The story of the clan of demon hunters. they are a group who fight Demons of all sorts all around the world. But this story is also how one girl became a demon hunter and her fight to keep her humanity, as well as keep the person she loves alive in her heart. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Mar 26, 2013    Reads: 8    Comments: 3    Likes: 2   

I start to wake up and everything is blurry. When I try to sit I find that my hands are bound above my head and then I feel the hard table underneath me. I try to kick the air but to no avail. I'm completely bound, I'm wondering if there's a way for me to get free when I notice the figures walking in. They're clad in long black cloaks that cover their faces and I'm trying not to panic, trying to stay focused on getting free. "Hello, Dawn nice to see you this morning." I recognize the voice of my math teacher Mr. Davis. 'What's going on?" I ask, fear in my voice even though I don't want to be afraid. "Well dawn we are going to sacrifice you to Gurkhan you have the mark of the chosen and we can't let you destroy him we need him to take over the world." I'm scared, and I know its showing because he laughs and says, "Why are you so scared it'll only hurt for a short time and you'll be free." I realized at that moment that there was no way to avoid death not unless Devon happened to show up but, he was only one person and it looked like there were more of these guys.

I'm about to scream when Mr. Davis says, "Screaming, won't do you any good. Nobody can hear you, in case you haven't noticed the whole town's empty." I can feel fear trying to make me panic even though I try to fight the feeling. I close my eyes when all the cloaked figures start chanting I'm trying to pretend I'm anywhere but here tied to a table about to die.

Suddenly, there's silence and I'm prepared to be stabbed when instead I hear someone yell "grab him and kill him!" I start to struggle but I stop when the ties start to dig into my wrists and ankles. I finally notice that near my head is a sacrificial knife which I grab and start using to cut my wrist free. As soon as I have one hand free I hold the knife tightly and when I see another figure coming towards me I swing and cut him badly both on the hands that are trying to grab me and across his chest tearing his cloak. I quickly cut my other hand free when I hear someone yell, "She's getting away quickly grab her!" I look and see Devon with what looks like a sword and he's slashing and killing most of the other figures. I'm terrified now, mostly because I have no idea what's going to happen. I'm sitting up and trying to finish cutting loose my ankle bound when Devon comes over and helps me he then pulls me off the table and we take off running. Once outside we head towards the gate and leave running down one street then down another until we're sure we lost the rest of Gurkhans followers. We stop outside a nice looking house I go and bang on the door but no one answers, so Devon kicks the door open and we enter quickly, then we barricade ourselves inside. "I guess, my fighting skills have improved since the last time I was against guys like these." I offer him a sad, tired, smile before replying with, "Thanks for saving my life."


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