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What would you do, if your life changed? That everything normal, wasn't what it seemed? This is what happens to Sophie, a girl who is a trained killer. Her parents were taken away from her by war. The only thing she still has is freedom. What will she do when even that may be taken away from her and her only chance of living is by escaping? This a story of survival. View table of contents...


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I slowly breathed in the cold winter air, making sure that the fog from my breath could not be seen.

I saw my prey approaching through the trees, an elk I had been hunting for days.

I slowly pulled the string on my bow, being careful not to betray my presence in the tree. I let the arrow go and it landed right between the eyes, fracturing its skull.

This kill would last me for weeks, but the problem was of lugging it all the way back home.

The wolves had been following me this time through the thick dense forest they called home. I wasn't in my territory, so I had no where to hide.

It was starting to get dark and I knew I couldn't take all the meat with me. Night predators would soon start to smell the meat and there would be a fight over who got the scraps.

That was when I heard a growl behind me. I knew it was one of the wolves. Even before I turned around I knew it was the black male who had been ahead of the pack.

I quickly decided my options; I could either travel in the trees and risk losing my sense of direction, or I could stay on the ground and risk my chances with the wolf. I took my chances with the wolf and pulled my knife from its leather sheath.

Both of us were waiting to see who would make the first move. Then it dawned on me, he was waiting for the pack to back him up in the fight. The pack numbered over 20 wolves so I had to make my escape now or be killed by them.

It was the winter season when food was scarce and friend turned to foe for survival.

The wolves were better than humans, I thought. They stayed together, no matter how difficult the situation was. Humans, on the other hand, would turn on each other even if they had been friends for years.

Betrayal was the worst thing another person could do to you, defiantly if you trusted the person with your life.

I recalled the day my parents died because of a raid on the valley. It only happened because of betrayal.


The king of Narda was betrayed by our country, Rabad in the war.

He waited for his chance and massacred almost all the people.

The only way I survived was because my mother and I had been gathering herb medicine for my father because he was bedridden.

He had come back with the 3rd Section of the army, even though it was forbidden to join another force. Each force was designed to fit each person. There were 7 Sections in total. Section 5 was for the assassin's, which my father had belonged to.

When my mother and I had heard the villagers piercing screams and the soldier's war cries, we quickly disappeared into the forest.

My mother knew she had to try and save my father, but she couldn't take me with her.

"Sophie" she said. "You need to be brave now. Remember how I taught you to hide in the trees."

"You mean where no one can see you, but you can see them" I replied, not knowing that she was about to risk her life for my father.

"Exactly, now I want you to hide up in the big oak tree and don't come out until I or one of the villagers comes here."

Before I left, my mother hugged me and cried into my shoulder for a few minutes and then told me to run as fast as I could to the tree.

That was the last time I saw my mother.

I waited for three days in the tree until I saw my uncle.

He had always come to visit us and brought us gifts. He lived deep in a forest away from everybody and I never understood why.

When he came closer to the tree, he tilted his head upwards towards the sky looking straight into my camouflaged face.

"Uncle Tam?" I said quietly so he almost couldn't hear me and then I heard a relieved voice say "Sophie"


Now, I wasn't that defenseless little girl anymore. I was a trained killer and wasn't going to let a pack of wolves beat me. I threw the knife towards the wolf, and hit it in its windpipe, instantly killing it. I had known that wolf all my life, but I had to kill it.

I decided that the treetops would be the safest way to travel because when the pack would reach the wolf's limp body, they would smell my scent on him.

They would know I had killed him and chase me for revenge. He was very high up in the pack, the alpha male's son. There would be a grudge between me and the wolves as long as the pack still followed its current leader.

I traveled quickly from tree to tree, hearing the wolves howl in sorrow for their dead comrade.

The night was rough. I had made it to my look out post, a huge fir tree with a hidden platform in the top. The wind was unbearably cold and my cloths and the moose hide weren't enough to keep me warm.

The only thing I thought was that tomorrow morning I would reach Uncle Tam's cottage and that he would praise me for being able to kill my first mountain wolf.

I woke up before the sun came over the horizon and thought it was safe enough to travel by foot.

I ran through the forest avoiding trees and shrubs, keeping my breath at an even pace.

Then I reached a lake that was unlike any other, Lake Laige. With its beautiful view, Lake Laige went on for miles, it almost seemed as though it never ended.

Uncle Tam said that this was how the ocean looked; never ending. He said that you couldn't drink ocean water because it contained a salty substance.

I once asked Uncle Tam why people didn't try separating the ocean water to make it drinkable. When I asked him he just gave a low deep laugh and continued what he was working on. He never did tell me.

I was close to Uncle Tam's cottage and turned down a well trodden path which had been created by me, Uncle Tam and the animals that wanted to reach the lake.

I thought before I did anything else, I should tell Uncle Tam about my successful hunt.

I was expecting Uncle Tam to be working on the new bow he was making for me, but instead he was being held by a man, a knife to his throat. I stood their stock still hoping that the man wouldn't notice me.

He was very tall and muscular with shoulder length brown hair, light blue eyes and an amusing grin on his face.

I slowly raised my knife, aiming for his head, when he suddenly said "Get her".

I quickly turned around to see three men approaching me, big muscular men and I knew I couldn't beat them. I didn't care if I couldn't beat them, I wouldn't let strange people capture me or Uncle Tam.

I let the knife fly through the air toward the first man, but he moved swiftly enough so it only grazed his shoulder, not the heart where I had been aiming.

"I wouldn't fight if I were you Sophie. If you do, I will kill your Uncle." the man said who was holding the knife to Uncle Tam's throat while smirking.

The evil wretch, I thought. He's enjoying this.

Then he suddenly said "Tam, why don't you tell your niece who I am. Maybe she will treat me more nicely if she knew."

Tam suddenly gave a deep sigh when I gave him a puzzled look. "Sophie you have to understand, your mother and I had no choice"

"What do you mean? Uncle, what is this all about?"

"Sophie" he sighed "this is your betrothed, David".

A/N: Hey everyone. Please be kind. This is my first chapter ever written and I know it's not that good . Please leave comments.


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