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Troubles Unearthed

By: Loxxy

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Chapter One

"Argh..." The bright rainbow bubble was still wrapped around him. The only difference was; he was underwater, and could breathe. Erik rubbed his wrists and looked around, falling down, slowed by the water as a school of fish swarmed past him. A streak of golden and bronze light caused him to follow it. A mermaid stopped in front of him, her sparkling golden bronze array colored tail flickering slowly, stirring up a fan of bubbles. She had long golden curls, with long eyelashes framing her gorgeous blue eyes. This mermaid was simply breathtaking... Other mermaids fanned out behind her, each with their own differently colored tails, all unique. Even young ones, peeked out from behind their caretakers.

One more thing he hadn't noticed about the head mermaid, was she had a coral crown sitting upon her head, regal pearls and laces from sunken ships intertwining the gold speckles. So she was the Queen of the mermaids. "Hello, foreign visitor." She smiled, her voice a gentle breeze, resounding softly yet clearly. "I am Queen Musica." The queen shot forward and circled up, little glimmers trailing behind her tail before winking out, like fireflies. Musica was music in Latin, wasn't it? "E-Erik." Queen Musica smiled and reached out an unbelievably soft hand, stroking his cheek gently.

"Do not be afraid, my love. We are not going to harm you. You have the signature bubble around you, and it tells us you mean no harm." She had a deep regal voice, not the soft high pitch he had imagined. A second mermaid, her tail less majestic than the queen's swam forward, her eyes searching Erik. "That is my lieutenant, Cantanta." Nodding to the red-haired beauty, Queen Musica swam away, to a throne he never noticed. "What brings you here, foreigner?" This other mermaid sounded quieter, with a sweet aura following.

Swallowing nervously, Erik spoke, wrenching his fingers together. "Mermaids are one of the Elements, am I right?" Cantanta's grey green eyes flickered with surprise, and she turned to her queen, who replied for her. "Yes, and I presume your beloved land world is in... danger. There are more of you searching for the three other species, the Lava Phoenixes, Winged Wolves, and the Earthen Elves?" He nodded and continued. "This trouble is more than you can imagine. Extraterrestrial creatures are attacking us, taking over our minds slowly until we all obey to them. My adoptive father, Professor Blaine, has given us these fluids that protect our minds from it."

Cantanta smiled, and spoke in her soft volume. "The human world has become far more advanced than the last time we've gotten out of the sea, yes?" Erik nodded, glancing to the glorius queen. The lieutenant flicked her orange and cream swirled shimmering tail and went back to the rest of the group. "Aqua shall tend to your needs for now." She gestured to a brown haired mermaid with a blue green tail. As he was led away, a fair mermaid with a light blue and white frosty tail caught his eye. She stared back, her light brown curls spreading around her face. It was her dazzling grey eyes that caught his attention, an unexpected familiarity and warmth in those jewels. He managed to wiggle his fingers at her before she disappeared from view.

The pretty mermaid took out a tray of clams and cracked the oysters, offering them to Erik. Taking them and nodding to her gratefully, he took a bite and began to ask Aqua some questions, but not appear much too interested. "So... Aqua. Who is that mermaid with a blue and white tail? It looks frosted over unlike the others." The mermaid looked blank for a moment and then narrowed her eyes very slightly. "She came from the Winter Seas. Was the lieutenant of that evil tribe, but claimed she wasn't like them. Name's Pluvia. The little ones call her Inpellensa, cold rain. We speak a little Latin."

Aqua cracked more oysters, giving both of them equal portions. He ate another one, it was sweet for something raw. Aqua then muttered something, but Erik caught all of it. "Eam malum tribu trucidati soror mea, sed Pluvia est multus meliores sunt illis sint... tam longe." It took him a while to figure out what it meant; as he was not very fluent in the language, but he got it. Her evil tribe murdered my sister, but Pluvia is a lot better than they are... so far.Her words sent a chill down his spine, and he shivered a bit, and gulped down the rest of the oyster. The mermaids were feuding for sure, they had their own problems too.

Would they be able to send one to help them? Perhaps Pluvia or Cantanta? Maybe they couldn't spare their lieutenant, not with the enemy tribe on the hunt for them. Pluvia would be a good choice, if she was spying, sending her off to somewhere she didn't know. However, in Pluvia's calm sparkling grey eyes, there was a serenity and sweetness he sensed in her. There was no way she was like the other rogue bloodthirsty mermaids, right? Erik would just have to wait and find out. Aqua spoke again, but Erik was barely paying her any attention. "Sika, is the sweetest mermaid you'll ever meet. I ought to introduce you two! She is a such a kindhearted one!" The mermaid gave a sigh, and swam away.


The shining light was finally over, and Colette rubbed her eyes. When she blinked, used to the soft glow now, what she saw surprised her. A pack of wolves were in front of her. They were gigantic, with beautiful wings the same color of their coats folded beside them. "Stranger, what is your reason of intruding the ancient sleep of the Winged Wolves?" They didn't just speak out loud, they spoke in soft yet loud voice in her mind. She froze, staring at the wolves as if in a trance of their magnificence. "I-I... I'm here on behalf of our people. We are in danger, and only the four species of the elements can save us." She said, rubbing her fingers together. 

A giant white wolf emerged from the crowd. His fur was smooth and well groomed, his large white wings folded against the undisturbed fur. "How do I know you are not lying, human?" He towered over her, baring his gleaming set of sharp teeth. Something in the crowd stirred, and a black wolf pushed his way out. He was only a little smaller than the white wolf. "Father, no." The leader growled at his son, but backed off and let him move forward.

"Hello, human. I am Avriel, beta of the Winged Wolves. This is my father, Alpha of the pack, Zevid. Please excuse him. We have not seen strangers since the last four decades." Zevid snarled again, and Avriel flicked his fluffy black tail. "Allow me, father." Silent, the white wolf nodded after a few seconds. All the wolves parted, and Avriel led Colette down the line. Pups poked their heads from under their mothers and looked at her strangely yet curiously. 


He was soaring above the skyline, the flames cast off by the phoenix's tail drifting past his face, then extinguished itself. "Don't be afraid. I know I fly high. Oh by the way, aren't those feathers just simply perfection?" Oh great, he had to be stuck with the self-obsessed birds. "Yea, yea, yea... They're nice. Just don't burn my face. It's as handsome as your... you." A sigh was emitted, barely audible, from the phoenix. "Oh, we are going to be best buddies." It sighed contentedly, and then dropped him. They were high up in the sky, and Ian had a long way to fall. "Dude! I'm not crushing my face!"

With a soft ladylike tinkling laugh, the phoenix spiraled down beside him and watched him fall before clutching his shirt again. "Oh that was a nice rush, right? You are just so cuteee!" The phoenix gushed and landed on a nice soft nest, inside another volcano, and set Ian down, perching on the edge and giving it's fiery flickering wings a peck. "I apologize, where are my manners? My name is Atticus!" Atticus fluttered one wing, gesturing to his guest. "Oh, Ian Blaine." He tilted his head and gave the bird his famous lopsided grin. The bird didn't respond, just cocked it's head and began to look worried. "Is something wrong? Oh there's a healing phoenix in this volcano too! I could take you deeper in. She's Nefera. Came from the majestic Egyptian deserts... Oooh I have to remind her to give me one of her chokers, soooo beautiful and matches me perfectly!"

Atticus trilled on and on about his beauty, just as Ian began to stick his fingers in his ears to stop the noisy chatter of the bird. He suddenly stopped, and hopped closer to Ian; he could feel the flames flickering near his face. "What are you doing here in our volcano stretches? You're not hunting our feathers, right?" His voice got higher pitched as he backed away, covering his feathered chest with his large golden wings. "No......." Ian groaned exasperatedly; he hadn't even gotten to what he was here for and already the bird was getting on his nerves. Colette should've gone instead of him, she was actually patient and a good listener. If those winged wolves don't cooperate, he could take out a few and show them what he could do.

"I'm here as one of the four people to find you guys. The four species of the elements, actually. World's in danger, yadda yadda yadda." he crossed his arms and waited for Atticus' reply. He hoped it was easy. "I'm afraid you would have to wait. Every time a meeting like this presents itself, the four species has to have a council meeting in the Gathering Point." Well at least for once the birdy was serious. "But I can't wait! The world can't wait! You species are supposed to be helpful!" Atticus clicked his beak and added more to Ian's disappointment. "Not only you'd have to find us, you have to find the Lost Gem, hidden by the previous owner. Only then we can really help, with the power of the gem." Ian buried his head in his hands, and lay down on his side in the bird's nest. "Meanwhile... Stay with me, my new best buddy!" Oh God. This was going to be a terrible experience...


Alexandra woke up in a wooden box. Crate if you would. An elf was in front of her, staring at her with her round green eyes. Backing up against the wood, her eyes widened as another elf entered, exactly the same as the first, and the first disappeared. "Ne vous inquietez pas, n'etait qu-une illusion." Good thing she studied French. The elf rolled her eyes and spoke again, this time in English. "That was only an illusion, darling. I am Masaca, queen of the Earthen Elves. Part of an Irish word for replica." She smiled, her dimples showing as she extended a hand to Alexandra, who took it and stood up, brushing herself off. "Hello, Queen Masaca. My name's Alexandra Blaine. Just call me Lexa, makes it so much simpler." Masaca looked up at her, and asked," You do not prefer to be called Alex? I agree, Lexa sounds a lot better." She had a sort of an accent, but a cute one at that.

"You do not seem like an intruder, but you may have a nice form of disguise. Human, what are you doing here in the Forest of Life?" Alexandra frowned, choosing her words carefully. "Um, I know the Elves are one of the four species of the Elements... Okay, we need help from you four." Masaca nodded, crossing her elbows. She was only slightly shorter than Alexandra, but extraordinarily beautiful. Emma, I'm coming for you. She was thinking of her best friend, Emma Coss. The petite redhead was simply the best person in the whole world. "You must have the book, yes? Lexa, darling, you will need something in order to receive help from the species." Lexa's eyes widened, then narrowed. She had no idea. So now Emma's rescue was going to be delayed? No, she is NOT taking that!

"I need to help a friend, and a lot of other people. Please, don't make this so hard." The elf queen sighed, and walked away, letting Lexa follow her. "That is the problem, my dear. I cannot interfere. Please, Lexa, calm yourself. Make yourself at home here with my Elves!" Macasa walked to the base of another tree, her long petal and leaf gown swishing and making soothing sounds. "Mortel?" She called in a questioning voice.

A handsome elf opened the door, his creamy light brown skin like caramel, his shoulder lengthed black wavy hair, and those enchanting gold eyes with light green flecks. He grinned, and walked down the carved spiral stairs. Masaca walked away with a smile on her face. Mortel smiled, and took Lexa's hand, giving it a soft kiss, then looked up at her with those gorgeous eyes. "Follow me, my lady." He was the elf she'd be spending time with? That she certainly wouldn't mind. She entered a delicate looking wooden house, with flowers painted on the walls and soft blades of grass growing underfoot. Vines curled around the ceiling of the dome shaped cottage. Everything was beautiful in the Forest of Life!

She was sipping tea, sitting in a small intricately carved wooden chair trying to keep her eyes off Mortel. Gosh, he was a dream. Even better than Ian, who was, in Lexa's opinion, an athletic hottie. "Wow... I'm in awe! This place is completely magical!" She had taken off her muddy clothes and into the elven styles. Leaf clothing and flowers. Fuzzy petal slippers, cotton hats and coats. She had chosen a leaf dress, simple but pretty, and put on fire lily slippers and a poofy orange cotton hat to match. Only if her world was like this, so nature loving and peaceful, her biggest dream would come true and she would die happy. Oh well, too bad for her people they didn't understand the ways of the Elves. "Alexandra, please tell me more about your world." Of course, the elves were so outdated.

"We have computers and TVs. They have entertainment purposes."

"The Elves only put on shows and practice their abilities for entertainment."

"Hospitals are equipped with uh, machines that take pictures of your insides."

"I imagine the pictures are very... gross to look at, yes?"

"Bones. Inside your stomach, things like that.Oooh, we have beautiful skyscrapers and libraries and Broadway!"

"Machines that scrapes the clouds from the sky? I hope you do not think clouds are cotton. Libraries... We only have precious handcopied leafbooks. Broadway... A very... broad way for walking?" Mortel's guesses were ridiculous. Lexa laughed and shook her head.

"Skyscrapers are really tall buildings, and of course we know clouds aren't cotton! Broadway is where the famous people go..." Mortel nodded at this piece of information. "I'd like very much to visit your hometown, darling. I could take you on a tour of the Forest of Life." he offered her a smile, and glanced outside. Alexandra nodded her head, excited at the chance of exploring this beautiful place. "We'll set out after our dinner, yes?" A deal was made. She couldn't wait to see more wonders in this magical world of nature.


She was pale. A warm embracing smile displayed on her angelic face. Golden curls floating around her like a glorious crown. Glistening eyes as blue as the clear sky. A shimmering tail the color of the blackest night, and the faintest gold twinkles blinking in the lush darkness of her tail. This was Sika. His caretaker was right; Sika was one of the most beautiful women he had ever met. Somehow Pluvia still carved a permanent spot in his head. Then she spoke, her full red lips opening, her cheeks color rising to a perfect blush. "Welcome to the Autumn tribe, Erik! My name is Sika!" She was a soprano, her voice louder than Musica's softness. "Let's go on a tour!" She said, and tugged on Erik's arm, pulling him along as she flicked her tail at a leisurely pace.

"Here is our courts, where Queen Musica lives." She pointed to a golden and pearl covered castle under the sea, brilliant rainbows from the sun shining on the reflective pearls. It was indescribable, the beauty of it all was too much to take all at once. "Makes you speechless, doesn't it?" She said, tossing her golden blond hair behind her. A figure emerged from the castle, and he squinted to see it. A sky blue tail with snowflakes trailing after... Why did that sound so familiar? Of course, it was Pluvia! He waved to her, getting an unapproving look from Sika as the other wintry mermaid swam over with a soft smile on her sweet face. "Hi Erik! Um... Hello, Sika." She finished, nodding uncertainly at the blond. The other mermaid glared at her, moving protectively closer to Erik. "Excuse us, dear Erik. I just need to speak with Pluvia for a few minutes." he nodded, and Sika took off, dragging Pluvia behind her.


"Don't start thinking you're better than me, Pluvia." She snarled snarkily, letting go of the mermaid's wrist. "I'm not. You're the one thinking everything is a competition. Let it go, Sika." Pluvia said, drifting away from the seething mermaid. "I will be the one, I will get a chance to be on land, and you will be stuck down here, while I get to see the wonders, then take him as well. I know what you want, Pluvia. I've seen the looks you two exchange. I will steal his heart, and you are not going to be able to stop me." Sika hissed, driving herself away with a strong sweep of her tail.

Pluvia remained there, still and silent, still gazing at the fast disappearing bubbles following after Sika. She rubbed her wrist, then swam wistfully back to Erik. Unfortunately, Sika was right. Pluvia did want a chance to go on land, and stay with Erik, who she had fell in love at first sight with. Sika was gone by the time she had arrived to the human again. "I guess I could... take you up to the surface." She smiled, taking his hand and flicking her tail, both of them bursting through the surface.

"I'd like to show you something all mermaids can do. It's how we get on land." She said, nodding at him and gesturing to a rock so he could sit and watch. Waving her tail gently in the waves, she steered herself to shore, half her flawless body emerging. She dragged herself onto the beach, sand and rocks scraping her briefly, then the transformation began. As she sat there letting her tail dry, threads wove their up up Pluvia's shape, taking on the form of a beautiful dress.

A few moments later, she was standing, her outfit giving her a very majestic feel, so elegant and pampered. Pluvia was no longer wet, but her hair was styled into an intricate waterfall braid, with flowers and pearls sitting atop her head. A fluttery sky blue silk dress was draped on her, still sparkling faintly, leaving little snowflakes just as her tail had done. Erik's mouth was wide open as he witnessed the transformation. "Wow... Pluvia... That's..." He was simply speechless, and smiled, as he stood up and offered his hand. She took it, grinning, as she was twirled around, revealing a pair of stunning blue and glittering glass heels. Yet they didn't break as she and Erik danced over stones and the mounds of smooth sand, both of them having a great time.

Unseen from behind a rock, a blond head rose, Sika's burning eyes glaring at Pluvia's elegant dress, and looked down at herself, the glimmers of gold shining in her sheened black tail. She would show the other mermaid who would get everything, then trash her and take everything she's ever hoped for. That Winter tribe mermaid should know better than to interfere with a Night mermaid's plans, the most villainous mermaids of all the seas.


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