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Hearts on fire (sapphire/Aria)

Novel By: luckyme1133


Sapphire beleives she is the only female werewolf, but never suspects that it just doesnt add up.
Only after everyone dies and she's shipped off and then runs away, deep in the forest, talking to a teenage fairy prince, does she learn hat she isnt a werewolf. the symptoms were figments of her imagination.
She is the living creator of change. The universe and earth is her brother and sister. She and two others must decide the fate of the world, and its not just end it or live. View table of contents...


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Chapter 1, Aria
I stood in front of the world council, alone and unafraid.
"State your name." Said a deep, booming voice, I held my head high.
"Like you really have to ask?" I said. There was a disapproving sound from some of the members. "Are you afraid I'll kill you too" I asked them.
"State your name." The same voice as before said. I sighed.
"Aria Angelus" I said, rolling my eyes.
"And what's your age." The voice said I sat down on the ground, cross legged.
"I am 19 years old." I replied.
"Why are you here?" The voice asked. I stood up, furious, a sudden wind whipping my hair around my face.
"You called me here! It's not my fault your witches put up weak wards. I am stronger then all of you and you treat me like dirt! I'm through here! If you want my story, why not ask someone else?" I asked.
"We called you here only because you were the only one there through it all." The voice said. I closed my eyes and put my head in my hand.
"I already told you the start and you know the rest. It's not something I'm very proud of and I don't like to relive it." I said. There was a silence. I sighed, and with my thoughts projected into all of their minds the battle I had started, fought, and finished on my own. There was a single gasp, and I guessed it was a guest that was allowed to watch, he sounded too young to be on the council. I showed them Dean's death. I stood in the middle of the stone room, looking like an angry, hurt, upset, angel, which was exactly what I was. I was an angel of darkness and wanted to be and angel of light. There was a bit of whispering and then the same voice as before,
"You are free to go from the room but you must no leave the island." Without replying I turned and left.
As I exited the room, I ran into a small girl with blue-black hair. She looked about as mad as I felt and was openly expressing it using quite creative curses towards the man who was dragging her into the room. When she went through the door, she froze. She turned around and looked directly at me. She seemed to understand and to know what I had just done and been through.
"If any of them come after me warn them that I'll kill them." I told her. She nodded. I immediately heard her say,
"She says she'll kill you if you follow her."
"Sapphire, right now is no time for that." A boy's voice said.
"I'll help her, James, you know I will." The girl named Sapphire hissed. She let him go though and she walked through the doors into the council's room, pissed again and swearing some more.
I was sitting on a bench when I heard footsteps and felt eyes on me. I stood up and turned around, ready to kill someone. I wanted to be alone but apparently that wasn't happening. It was that guest from the council. I sat back down, trying to calm down.
"Hey." He said, trying to be quiet, but to me he made as much noise as a screaming child.
"What do you want?" I asked him, not turning to face him. He sat down on the bench beside me.
"I just came to see how you are...?" He said and asked it at the same time.
"Oh, I'm fine but if you don't stop in about five seconds you're not going to be." I told him.
"Stop what? Might I ask?" He asked. He stood in front of me now and I couldn't help but noticing the healing, pink cut along his left cheek, his wrists were bruised and he looked like he could use a good long sleep.
"Stop trying to get into my thoughts." I told him. When he pushed harder I gave barley a flick of my mind and he fell to the ground, lying on his back because he twisted when he fell.
"I killed my father, and the entire elder council, do not think I have any mercy or pity for you or this council. If I say stop, you stop." I asked, without waiting for an answer, I spun on my heel and walked away.
Sapphire's point of view
"State your name." A deep, booming voice said.
"My name is Sapphire, you effing ass." I said.
"You will not talk to the council like that." The voice said.
"Like effing Hell I won't!" I said. F-ing (effing) was my word of the day.
"Why are you here?" the voice asked.
"Because my stupid effing ex best friend is now a big effing jerk and cannot be trusted and he effing ratted me out." I said there was few more words mixed in there, but that was the general message.
"Please, watch your language, this is a sacred room." A different voice said.
"Whatever, it's not my fault I'm here. I lost everything, I was mad and I had nothing to lose." I told them angrily.
"Like Aria, you may leave the room but not the island; you will be sharing a room with her." I spun on my heel and stalked out of the room. I walked to the end of the dock, sat down, and curled up into a ball with my chin on my knees. In minutes I was lost in tears, pain, and the worst of all, my mind.
Why had all of this happened to me? Because of me, my parents were dead. My best friends were dead. Everyone I ever cared about deeply was dead, including a few humans. And this council killed them. Then they call me here, not to apologize, but to give me trouble, blaming their deaths on me. And after all that they expected me to be calm, and nice. The expected me to accept James again. I heard footsteps on the rock path that lead to the dock. I felt out carefully with my mind, and stiffened. It was James.
"If your here to apologize, then go away." I said, putting as much venom in my words as I could, which was a surprising amount.
"I just want you to know that I am sorry, but it's not so bad here, I've been here a week." He said, I stood up suddenly and quickly, in a second, although he was taller than me, I was glaring up at him.
"I don't want your apologies! I want my mom, my dad, my brother and sisters, and my best friend!!" I yelled and ran off, tears pouring from my eyes as they weren't tears of sorrow, I had already passed those. These were tears of anger and hatred. By brother and sisters I had meant my best friends, Lily, Amy, and Justin. My best friend had been a beautiful shape shifter girl, named Zephyr. She was so nice that she would have fed herself to lions if it would save them, she wouldn't have hurt a fly. He tried to grab my arm but that was a mistake. I sent a shock of electric power that zapped his hand. He pulled away immediately, and I ran off. I was sitting in a corner, on a bench. I had my back pressed against the wall and my arms wrapped around my knees. My forehead rested on my knees, as I stopped the tears and collected my thoughts.
Aria's point of view
I heard someone running. They were running quietly but I had such good hearing that a whisper is like a shout. I decided to go see if I could help her. I followed my senses and found her quickly, curled into a ball with her forehead on her knees and her back pushed against the wall.
"Hey, are you Ok?" I asked her, she took a deep breath and stood up.
"Ya I'm fine. I'm just dealing with a lot more hate and anger than anybody's probably ever supposed to have. James, the young kid that was in the council room, he's responsible for the death of my four best friends, my old pack, my mom and my dad. I have no one left because I thought I could trust him but I couldn't. I told him every secret and every plan. I was planning something I wasn't supposed to so they thought everyone else was in on it and killed them. The council kills them, calls me here, blames me for their deaths, and expects me to act calm and nice like a good little girl. Well this little girl grew up two weeks ago, when this nightmare started." She said. During her speech she seemed to have gained control of herself again and it was as if the moment I had found her, looking fragile and weak could no longer exist. The girl was small; she was very slim, five foot nothing, with pale skin, short blue-black hair, and beautiful black eyes flecked with purple. Most girls her heights are cute, but she was stunning, she didn't seem to notice it either.
"You are truly a warrior, what's your name?" I asked her.
"My name is Sapphire Smith. I'm a female werewolf and I'm also an extra powerful witch." She told me. She suddenly looked even stronger to my eyes, no longer delicate and fragile, but small, strong and unable to break. She looked able to bend, but not break.
"Well my name is Aria and I'm an angel of darkness, but I long to belong to the light. For some unknown reason I'm stronger than your average angel. I think with training though, you can be just as strong as me, if not stronger." I smiled at her and she returned it with a blazing smile of her own. It didn't seem fair that a werewolf could be so small and beautiful. She looked at me with new respect, but also an understanding.
"We're one of a kind, and everyone hates us for it. We try to live with it but they don't let us." She said. I nodded. She mumbled some words that were too low for me to hear, but what I did her defiantly wasn't English. Suddenly a light wind occurred and the sun came out, bathing us in sunshine. "It's not what you are that allows you to stand for light; it's what you believe in." She told me, I understood the truth of her words. We were both broken girls with nothing to lose. We both had people we hate and the people we loved were dead. We could do anything we want. All I wanted was to be her friend. To have someone I can trust and someone who can trust me.
"Do you want to hear my story, well, the ending of it at least?" I asked her. She looked shy and embarrassed for a moment.
"I kind of already know. When you were in the council room with James I tried getting into his mind so I could find out why he did what he did to me. But my timing was very sucky and I got into his mind, but then you showed your story and his mind was frozen and I couldn't get out without letting him know I was there. So when he was unfrozen, I got out and went to the waiting room because I knew you were almost done." She admitted in a rush of words that had started to mush together.
"It's okay." I told her and gave her a quick hug. I was five foot 6 so she was a lot shorter than me. I was the hugging kind of girl. Some girls give you looks, I give you hugs. She stiffened and suddenly she was angry.
"What do you want from me? You've taken everything I ever had!" She yelled at someone, she had stepped to the side so I wouldn't block her view.
"Is eram totus meus mendum quod EGO recipero accuso, tamen ultio ultionis est vestri? Concilium vota video vidi visum vos duos iam." He said. It was Latin, one of the languages I had no idea how to speak, read or write.
"Like hell I'm going to them. If you expect not to take blame then you are a full blown idiot. Sorry, if you think that you won't get punishment, you are an idiot. You killed everyone I ever cared deeply about and you expect me to act like you accidentally slapped one of them? I don't think so!" Sapphire yelled. Wind was whipping around us furiously, a hot angry wind. It started raining, but the rain was glowing with strange light and the wind became painful. Suddenly it stopped and Sapphire collapsed. James caught her as she fell, but even as she was unconscious she managed to swat him in the face, so he handed her over to me. The oldest member from the council stepped out of the shadows.
"She would have eventually killed someone if her little hissy fit had continued." He said. I would have attacked him if I hadn't had to carry Sapphire. I had just met her and she felt like a sister. A servant emerged from a nearby door and took Sapphire from me. He led us to our room, even though I had no desire to follow. When I was in the room, I heard the scratch of metal on wood, and a lock turning. Oh great. They had put both wards and locks.
Sapphire's point of view
I was dreaming.
I was standing in a huge wasteland. The air was tainted with red heat from flames that burned on the already burnt ground. It was like one of those movies that show the wastelands from the end of the wars. There were no bodies but the smell of blood was heavy in the air, and a war had obviously taken place here recently. I walked forward, unable to stop myself. I looked down to find that I was wearing a black mini-skirt, black leggings, black boots, black tank-top and a black off-the-shoulder long-sleeved fitted shirt. I looked like I belonged to the darkness. The heat was incredible but it wasn't bothering me at all. I stopped walking and noticed that I was holding eight wicked looking daggers. I knew what to do with them. I stabbed them into the ground in a circle pattern, on north, south, east, west, north-west, north-east, south-west, and south-east. I stepped back and the daggers began to glow a wicked black and blood-red pattern. The ground cracked in the middle and a huge thing came out. It was huge and nasty smelling. It was red and black. It had horns and a wicked smile.
"Hello, djinn." My voice said as I smiled wickedly.
"You are little more than human and yet you do not fear me." The Djinn said to me, its voice was deep and booming; it had the power to kill you where you stand, from fear.
"We are alike. We are both from hell, or so it is told. I will make history as did you but I've no idea whether that history is good or bad." I said. The Djinn threw its head back and laughed an awful sound. Suddenly the world was falling apart and I was surrounded by nothing but darkness.
I woke up suddenly, and gasping. I was in a room. The walls were painted black with odd smears and splatters of blood red and purple paint. It looked like the pain cans had exploded. The carpet was a deep blue, almost black colour. I looked up to see the girl called Aria curled into a ball, asleep. I could tell that we were going to become good friends. I sighed and went to the bathroom to clean up.


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