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A Life Started with a Dream

Novel By: Lucy7102

This story is about that dreams don't just come from your mind and imagination, instead it shows what you really are missing and what you desired this whole time. And this girl is spending her life alone but in secret, she really needs friends by dreaming about what would it feel like to have them...Let's find out by reading this novel made by me....

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Chapter 1

Dreams don't just tell you what to do next or just filling your head with imaginations and things about you like the most. It's also about what you wanted or your desire of your future-to-be. It's not ridiculous even for teenagers and adults at all. Never mind about that...let us read about a girl.


The sun shone brightly across an orphanage, where children without parents stay and make themselves home. But one person isn't comfortable enough at the orphanage. A 13 year old girl named Julie. She sits at the corner and watches the kids play all day. She's also quiet and barely smiles at all. She also often goes to her room when she's bored.

Nighttime came and it was time to have dinner at the living room. Their dinner was rice cakes and pies. While eating, the owner of the orphanage, Mrs. Sanchez asked Julie if she needed friends. All the orphans stared at Julie and Mrs. Sanchez. It was really quiet until Julie puts down her rice cake and stood up.She just shook her head and said "No thanks." quietly. That left them speechless as Julie walks out of the room.

"That's the first time I heard her reply like that." Mrs. Sanchez frowned.

"Yeah," Told one of the orphans holding a pie."she really doesn't say anything when we asked her to play with us. She just left to go inside in her room."

The others nodded with agreement. "Why is she always like that?" asked another orphan, frowning and was looking worried.

"Maybe she needs her time alone." Mrs. Sanchez tried to grin but failed.

"But she's always alone!" yelled the orphan. "Do she really wanted to spend her life miserable by being alone and without friends to care for her?"

Mrs. Sanchez was really shocked and then stood up. The orphans were startled and stood as well.

"I guess I'll have to go to her room and find out. And you have to go to bed as well."

She told them and went straight upstairs where Julie's bedroom was. "This better work." Mrs. Sanchez, holding a bunch of papers, sighed and turned the knob of the door. She gasped to see many drawings on Jane's wall and most of them has a lot about friends.

"I made them here so no one could notice me."

Julie was sitting on her bed, covering her face with a pillow. Mrs. Sanchez couldn't restrain herself from gazing at her drawings. Finally, she snapped out of it and said

"I never knew that you are good in drawing and coloring."

Julie removed the pillow off her face and looked at Mrs. Sanchez.

"You really think I'm that good?"

Mrs. Sanchez nodded honestly and smiled and then blinked. "Oh yeah, I have to give this to you so you can use it for you to learn."

She gave Julie the bunch of papers which revealed to be a notice for a scholarship to the most famous school of the country, Skyfall Academy.

"Wow." Julie gasped. "I heard that most students there came from rich families and you gave me a notice for its exam for a free scholarship?"

Mrs. Sanchez nodded. "I know you'll have friends there, Julie. I know you would. And I will help you to enter that school. The entrance exams is tomorrow at 1:00 and there's plenty of time for me to teach you what I have learned when I was your age." Julie's eyes widened and suddenly she hugged her.

"Thank you." She said this silently but she was happy.

The next day, the orphans kept on staring at them; Julie, sitting on the dining table with Mrs. Sanchez teaching her about Science, Math, and English. Julie was really determined to pass the exam so she would go to that famous school.

"She looks so happy now." said an orphan."That's quite rare of a lone girl."

At the time of the exam, before Julie entered the school to take the exam, she thanked Mrs. Sanchez once again and walked inside. After a an hour of waiting, Mrs. Sanchez saw Julie, running to her with tears.

"What's wrong? Did you fail?" She panicked but when she saw the exam paper, she found out Julie was crying tears of joy that she got only 96/100 of her paper. And a really big writing below in red that says "Passed".

"Well done, Julie. The first day of school will be tomorrow and you're going inside that school." Julie hugged Mrs. Sanchez and said

"I couldn't have passed it without your help."

Mrs. Sanchez smiled. So that's your inner self, Julie. A honest girl that couldn't express her feelings well about having friends and stuff but tomorrow might help you change your old self to a new one.


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