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A Life Started with a Dream

Novel By: Lucy7102

This story is about that dreams don't just come from your mind and imagination, instead it shows what you really are missing and what you desired this whole time. And this girl is spending her life alone but in secret, she really needs friends by dreaming about what would it feel like to have them...Let's find out by reading this novel made by me....

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Submitted:Apr 5, 2013    Reads: 31    Comments: 9    Likes: 5   

The week of preparations has finally started with a--


An explosion occured and it came from one of the crew members of Heather and Leila.

"What happened?" Leila came over and asked what made all the ruckus.

"Sorry, Leila. I was just busy arranging the fireworks until one of them is loose it exploded." the crew member apologized.

"Just be careful next time." Heather smiled and went to get a broom and dustpan.

The other groups besides Heather and Leila's were quite a team too: The crew of the events, the other one for the opening ceremony, the booths and lastly: it's the pair group of Julie and Romeo working at the Peace Garden. They are having a bit of a hard time figuring out what "matching costumes" will they wear.

"Maid and butler outfits?" Julie suggested as she sketched a boy and a girl dressed as a maid and a butler.

"It only represents our class, Julie. Try another one." Romeo laughed and continued drawing Julie sketching in his sketch pad secretly.

"How about formal outfits?" she tried again.

Romeo just shook his head. She sighed and drew another one. And suddenly,

"I have an idea!" he exclaimed. Julie looked up to face him. He started drawing in his sketch pad.

"What?" Julie asked. She wondered what is his idea right now.

After a while, Romeo smiled and showed her a drawing of a girl dressed in a white polo covered with a black blazer and wearing a red necktie. Also with a black short skirt, knee socks and simple brown school shoes.

"So my attire's going to be the other Skyfall Academy classes' school uniforms?" Julie asked while pointing at the drawing.

"Not just that." Romeo replied. "Did you see the blazer and the necktie?"

Julie nodded and looked again to examine the drawing and something came to her mind. "Don't tell me you combined the two different uniforms for our outfit?"

Romeo nodded. "I also changed my uniform as well." He showed another drawing of a boy dressed in a white polo with a red necktie wearing black pants and the same brown school shoes.

"I removed the blazer so it won't look like the same as mine." he said.

"I must say, I'm impressed at your idea, Romeo." Julie smiled and Romeo blushed.

"I'm just doing my best." he said shyly.

They returned to their classroom and went to talk to Sir Johnny.

"Sir Johnny, are these outfits okay?" Julie asked as she showed Romeo's drawings to him.

He studied both the uniform and how they match. It took a while then he said,

"Magnificent! I love it! They represent both this class and the whole academy. Very well, the both of you may wear it. You can ask some of the maids to help you with the sewing and the designs."

Julie exclaimed and she and Romeo nearly hugged in front of Sir Johnny. They separated immediately and Romeo said,

"Thank you sir for agreeing on our idea." he said and left with Julie holding his sketch pad tightly.

After school, Julie was just packing her things and Romeo came to her desk and whispered,

"Don't forget our promise, okay?" He winked and left.

Julie blushed deeply and smiled.

"Seems like you two have been having fun lately."

She jumped to see Heather at the door with Leila. They were both grinning.

"Yeah, we did." Julie smiled and then her eyes widened and yelled "But don't get the wrong idea! We're just friends, that's all."

Leila giggled. "That's okay. Come on. Let's go back to our dorm."

Julie sighed and went to join her friends.


At the orphanage, Mrs. Sanchez was combing one of the orphans' hair.

"I hope Julie is doing well at her school." the orphan said.

"Yes." Mrs. Sanchez smiled and continued combing. "I bet she's with her friends, laughing and smiling right now."


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