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A Life Started with a Dream

Novel By: Lucy7102

This story is about that dreams don't just come from your mind and imagination, instead it shows what you really are missing and what you desired this whole time. And this girl is spending her life alone but in secret, she really needs friends by dreaming about what would it feel like to have them...Let's find out by reading this novel made by me....

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Julie along with Romeo ran and went to see Heather and Leila. They were wearing maid outfits and were the ones watching the cafe.

"How's the little cafe going?" Romeo asked Heather, sitting on one of vacant chairs.

"Oh, it's going great!" she said gleefully, offering him and Julie a glass of mango shake. "But I don't like this outfit though."

"Why?" Romeo and Julie asked at the same time.

"Oh well," she began, "it's getting tight and I can't squeeze myself to breathe but it'll loosen up later. Oh! And I totally love your outfits!" She leaned near Julie and whispered with a sneer, "And I bet you and Romeo did something that made the students totally happy and excited."

Julie stopped drinking her shake and choked. She coughed.

"What? No! Well, we did match outfits but we didn't do anything that's now inside your head." She blushed deeply.

They squabbled and babbled until Romeo cleared his throat to get them to his attention.

"So much of your girl talk and all that babbling but we better get going, Julie. We still have to let Heather do her job, not wasting her time for some conversation."

Julie sighed and looked at Heather.

"We better go. I'll see you later then."

"Yeah. See you."

Heather waved at them and continued working for the costumer's service.

Romeo and Julie again roamed around but they found a crowd blocking the way because it was leading inside the area where Skyfall Academy's classrooms are found (excluding Class 2 in Shows and Events). They tried to struggle into the crowd and make it to the other side. They made it but Romeo seems to be....wearing some masks, holding few foods and flowers. Julie was shocked and asked him,

"What happened to you? We just struggled our way to the other side, not get something."

"I don't know. I was passing by to a group of girls and when they saw me, I was confused why they were staring at me for a long while, and then,"

He pointed all of the things he's wearing and holding, "I got them in a blink of an eye. Uh oh we've got company."

A group of girls saw them and screamed. Romeo immediately grabbed the hand of Julie with his free arm and they ran to hide. They were finally safe while hiding behind the building. The girls were out of sight, still looking where they are. Julie sighed heavily and looked at Romeo.

"Whatever you did, don't do it again. Those girls might be your new fanclub now."

Romeo trembled to hold his laughter but instead, he bursted out laughing. He puts down the food and suddenly placed a rice cake in Julie's mouth. She was pretty startled but she then accepted and ate it. The rice cake reminds her of the one she ate on the night before she enrolled here.

I wonder how things have been working out in the orphanage, she thought.

"I had fun at the festival, thanks to you." Romeo said while placing a cat eared headband on her head. "You look cute in that ears."

Julie blushed deep red and touched the cat ears. "T-thank you also."

Romeo stared at her with, confused about why.

"For being a good friend and and hung out with me this whole time. No one has ever done that to me until now."

Now Romeo's the one blushing this time. "I requested you, didn't I? There's no need to thank me like that."

He hugged her softly and lets go after a while. They stared at the big blue sky and then, the festival has ended with a huge success.


In a very large mansion, a butler walks and opens a door. He stood there, bowed and said,

"Skyfall Academy's festival has just ended successfully, young master Jake. Are you sure I will tell the school principal and let you enroll there?"

The one he's talking to is a teenage boy with white hair and devilish red eyes. He stood up and said,

"There's nothing I like more, Alfred. I need to go to that school because I have to take what's rightfully mine."

"And who is is that you desire to take, young master?" Alfred asked him.

"Of course. That transfer student, Julie Romano."

Author's note: I transferred Jake and the others in a script named after the novel with the "characters and facts"


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