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Dying For A Chance To Live

Novel By: LunarEclipse

The zombies are on the rise and they're not the normal "BRAINS!!!!" ones either. They're faster, smarter, and much stronger than you would expect. They're on a mission too. They're looking for the human with the perfect flavor, the one which will destroy all thought of flesh and they can live their lives once more, well not live but continue their undead existences. They seem to think Shane is this one... He can do nothing but run, and run he must because when death is around, you must begin to survive. View table of contents...



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The sound of crunching leaves filled the silence of the secluded forest as a boy, around the age of fifteen, with bare feet raced across the cold forest floor. It was a day of first snowfall, but none of it mattered if the boy couldn't make it away from the accursed forest. He hadn't known where he was going, he just knew that he had to get away from his home. They were chasing him and he couldn't let them catch up. If he did, he wouldn't be alive much long after that.

He turned his head to look behind him, he knew that they weren't in sight but he had to be sure. If they were near him, they were hiding so that he wouldn't escape. These ones were Advanced, they had to be if they were moving that fast. The advanced ones were faster, stronger, and had too good of a sense of smell.

The boy, going by the name of Rave, just kept running. He had left his sister back in that house; he had left his dog, his mother, and his father. They were all doomed by now; if they weren't it would be a miracle. If he was caught, then the miracle was not so much that. If he was caught, he would turn and just go try to kill them as well.

Rave tripped over something hidden in the multicolored leaves and fell on his face. He looked up and pushed himself up in horror. A small skeleton, one most likely belonging to a child, lay underneath him. Everything was gone except for those bones, and scratches and teeth marks were even seen there. He quickly pushed himself up to his feet, needing not to stand there for much longer, otherwise risking the chance of being captured, or even throwing up from the sight.

He continued on, racing towards the way which he knew to be the way out of this doomed forest. No animals could be heard; no other breathing could be heard. Of course, the Advanced as well as the Normal had no need to breathe so there would definitely be none other than the air that poured from Rave's lungs.

Rave ran and ran and then ran a little bit more. Light didn't appear for what seemed like forever but when it did, it didn't please him. The silhouette lay straight ahead, but it was not noticed until it was too late. The Advanced raced forward and before Rave could turn a darkened hand grabbed him by the throat and held him against an enormous tree.

Rancid smell as well as the smell which could only be human flesh was inhaled by Rave. He struggled against the stronger being in front of him. A bird flew down from the tree above. It was a ratty old bird that looked as if it would die any time. It landed on the shoulder of the Advanced and made a noise that was closely related to a screech as the zombie that stood behind the Advanced moved forward to tie Rave up.

An hour later Rave was dropped back to the forest floor. The zombies had started a fire that soon was roaring. The flames shot up in the sky and the boy attempted to squirm away from the heat. Tears streamed from his eyes as the Advanced who had captured him lifted him up. The Advanced carried him to the fire and looked down into the boy's green eyes.

Rave could see something that resembled a smile on the zombie's face and then he was dropped. A high pitched, ear piercing scream was released from the boy as the fire engulfed him. The Advanced just watched as the smell of burning flesh drifted from the fire; they waited for the screams to stop.

They stopped relatively soon and the Advanced who had dropped the boy grabbed the foot which had been left out of the fire. He pulled the charred body out of the fire and then tied it to a tree. The group of four zombies then began their usual routine of deciding who got the first taste of the flesh and who would get to devour the tasty organs which resided inside the freshly killed body.

A/N: I'm getting tired of writing the same old stuff. So now I'm gonna work on this :D I can't wait to write more!!! xD


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