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Return of the Fallen Angels

Novel By: LunarEclipse

Lucifer's father was a demon and his mother was an angel and he was born a monster. There was nothing his mother could have done to prevent this fate, because she was drawn to his father by love. View table of contents...



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His father a demon, his mother an angel.
He was born with this terrible fate.
His father an unknown mystery which his mother,
would mention briefly.
But once mentioned,
it was obvious there was nothing she could have done.
She had loved him and nothing would have changed that.

Chapter 1

"Archangel Amber is being accused for having a child with a demon, Lord." Archangel Michael said staring up to God. "She has not denied the son and has even brought him with her. Another angel heard her talking about it with her son. Her son shows no signs of being a demon however-." He was cut off by a flick of the wrist from God. "She has slept with a Demon and has been heard by another angel as a witness to this. Does Archangel Amber have anything to say about this?" He asked looking over to where she stood, her son standing behind her looking out from behind her legs.

Amber's son's eyes darted between God and Michael. Although he was only four at the time he was very smart and could still tell that something was wrong. His mother usually was smiling and yet now she wore a frown. Her usual sparkling green eyes seemed dull. Her golden hair seemed dim. To him she had always seemed proud, she had never thought she was less than anyone else, and it showed. Now she seemed frightened and worry was evident on in her dulled eyes. Her pure white wings drooped. "I have nothing to say, for anything I would say only speaks highly of his father." She said looking down to her son, Lucifer. "Lucifer's father was not what you envision demons to be. They are just souls that have been led the wrong way, they can change, and they can love!" She yelled with a few tears falling from her eyes.

"Mother? Don't cry mother." Lucifer said quietly from behind Amber. He stepped out from behind showing himself completely. Amber smiled at her son, for she knew it would be the last smile he would see from her. "I'm sorry Lucifer, I'm really sorry." She said and fell to her knees hugging her son.


"Former Archangel Amber stands here before you today because she has committed an act against the Lord. She has given birth to the son of a demon and has loved him. For this you all must know the punishment. The punishment is death. Lord has ordered you to be here today in order to witness what happens when going against what you have been destined to." Leo said looking around to the other angels. Lucifer stood in front of the entire crowd, another angel holding his hand to keep him there. "As you know death is rarely the punishment, but for this it must be carried out."

With that Leo raised his hand and Lucifer saw an angel with snow white wings come forward. Without warning he pulled a syringe out and walked towards Amber. "This type of death is torturous. She will be injected with this and it will begin. It starts with hallucinations, then she will feel as if she is burning, and the final stage will be intense bleeding, then death will occur." The angel spoke. "Now you are all required to watch this take place for, it will teach you all a lesson." Leo said loudly.

Lucifer did understand what was going to happen but he could tell whatever it was, it wasn't good. He looked up to the man who held his hand and spoke. "Why's Mother standing up there in front of everyone?" He asked innocently. "She's going to be killed." He said coldly. "What! Why is Mother going to be killed? What did she do?" He asked looking at his mother, tears stinging his eyes. "She had you as a son." He said quickly. Lucifer thought about this for a moment. "She's going to die because of me?" He asked very quietly. "Yes." The other said.

When Lucifer looked back to his mother he saw her eyes widen. The syringe had finished injecting the liquid into her blood. That was when the torture began. Lucifer was forced to stand there and watch his mother's torture, to watch her death. It went on for over an hour and when it neared the end she looked all around, her eyes locked on Lucifer. "I'm sorry Lucifer, I love you." When she was finally dead, Amber was covered in blood, and Lucifer was covered in his own tears. However, this was not over.

"In order to rid Heaven of this impurity, her son will be sent to Earth to prove that he has no demon qualities in him. That he will not turn and destroy us all. This is what God has ordered and this is what shall be done." Leo finished and nodded to the man holding Lucifer there. The man picked Lucifer up quickly and began to walk him away from the scene. Lucifer didn't fight this because he knew that there was nothing left for him here. His mother was dead, and his father was a mystery. Amber had told him many things about Earth, he knew it was not good to be sent from heaven to there. If he was to be sent there, it meant he had done something wrong. He now thought that maybe he would be killed as well.

"If mother has been killed then where will she go other than heaven?" Lucifer asked once they were farther away the gathering which began to break up. "The only place she will be permitted to go, hell. She'll be able to be with that stupid demon which is your father." The angel said staring straight ahead. "Where will I go when on Earth?" Lucifer asked quieter than before. "That will be up to you, you're going to be fending for yourself there. Most likely you'll be dead though, unless you can hide your wings." He said to the boy.

His wings are what had scared everybody when he was first born. No one had been able to understand why he had been born with black wings. The other angel, his name being Lahabiel, thought. He doesn't look like a demon though. He looked just like any of us with that one exception. His hair must be his father's considering Amber didn't have black hair, anywhere in her family. His eyes are strange too. One is green just like his mother's, but the other is a very pale blue. I feel somewhat bad for the kid, but he is part demon so he must be gotten rid of. Lahabiel finished his thoughts as they neared the entrance to Earth. "This is where I will leave you, good luck." He said to Lucifer. Then without warning Lucifer was pushed through the exit to Heaven and the entrance to Earth. He was falling.

Lucifer's eyes filled with terror as he plummeted towards the Earth. Briefly out of fear he forgot he had wings. He felt the feathery wings flutter at his side and quickly spread them, slowing him quite quickly. And there he hovered. He looked up to where Heaven had been, but the entrance had been sealed, he was stuck on Earth. What made things worse was that it began to rain.

Lucifer let himself slowly float to the ground. He sat down where he landed and pulled his knees close to his chest. He rested his forehead against his knees and covered his head. He then allowed himself to once again cry.


After many hours Lucifer finally lifted his head. Instead of darkness from rain, there was the darkness of night. The moon which sat above him in the sky was much smaller than the one that he was used to. Besides that, there was only one. He remembered clearly that there had been two moons that he saw every night before sleeping. This fact made him feel even more alone. It confirmed that no matter how unreal it seemed, he was no longer in Heaven.

He looked around to take in his surroundings. He had landed near the woods, on the side of the road. Lucifer looked up and down the road and it seemed that it was completely deserted. He slowly stood up and made his way towards the road. He remembered that Leo had said he needed to prove he wasn't a demon. "But how can I do that?" He asked himself quietly.

He had been walking for a few hours when a light appeared on the road in front of him. He turned around to see a car stopped behind him, the door opened and a man stepped out of the car. Lucifer panicked, for he remembered the words of Lahabiel. Most likely you'll be dead though, unless you can hide your wings, echoed in his mind. He was going to be killed! Lucifer slowly backed away from the man. "I'm not going to hurt you." The man said quietly and calmly. Lucifer thought about it for a moment. "You're a human, I was told I would be killed if my wings were seen. Please sir, kill me so I can be with my Mother." He pleaded. "If I'm killed I will be able to see not only Mother but also Father." He said now walking back towards the car. "I'm sorry but I can't kill you because you are an angel, you are a child, and I refuse to kill anyone. Come with me, please." The man said and took Lucifer's hand before he could respond. He opened the back door of the car and had Lucifer sit there. After buckling the seatbelt he carefully closed the door so he wouldn't get Lucifer's pitch black wings caught in the door. He then got back into the front seat and shut his door. He then began to drive away from that spot.

"Sir, where are we going?" Lucifer asked after a little while. "I'm taking you to my house, you're completely soaked so you need to warm up. Also can you call me Avery please? Sir is not needed." Avery said to Lucifer. "Si- I mean Avery, why won't you kill me. I know you said your reasons but why won't you kill a punished angel?" He asked. "Well, I don't care why your punished I just refuse to kill you, no matter what you say." Avery said firmly. Lucifer stayed silent for a moment and then he spoke once again. "Even if I told you my father is a demon, making me part demon?" He asked very quietly. The car stayed silent for a moment. "Well I don't see how that can change anything. You definitely don't look like a demon and you don't act like one either. Plus you aren't even a full demon. It shouldn't matter whether you're only part or all. You are a living being too. I forgot to ask but what's your name?" Avery asked. "I'm Lucifer." He said quietly, still processing what Avery had just said. "Well Lucifer you can stay here for as long as you need." Avery said, pulling up to his house.

A/N: Ok so I found this in a random folder on an old user here on my computer xD I wrote this back near the end of July. I have about two other chapters done in a notebook(I wrote them while I was in vacation back in July) so as soon as I type them up I will probably post them ^ ^ Also the name is probably going to change soon...


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