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Silver Prophecy

Novel By: Madeline Waters

Luna Clarion is confused. She's been hearing a voice in her head, and she's also been seeing strange visions of danger. When she sees the girl whose death she saw in one of these visions, she decides it's time for some answers. The only problem- who will give them to her? View table of contents...



Submitted:Dec 3, 2011    Reads: 12    Comments: 3    Likes: 3   

I was running through the mountains, my breath coming in short little gasps. As I bent over, exhausted, a voice in my mind told me, "No! Keep going!" I ran still, but slower than before. Behind me, heavy footfalls sounded. He was gaining on me. As I reached out to brush away the pine needles that persistently tried to whack my face, I- felt them. "No," I thought. "I'm dreaming." Suddenly the scene was brought into sharper focus. I could hear the leaves crunch under my boots, smell the sweet mountain air, feel my hair as it blazed behind me. I looked back ever so slightly. My hair was blonde. "That's not right…"

A different part of me said, "That's not you, Luna. Observe." I, or the girl, whoever she was, kept running, though she knew she would have to stop soon. Her chest was burning and her eyes were wide with fear as she still sprinted through the rugged landscape. Every step she took made her feel as if a fiery knife was buried in her ribs. Suddenly, she felt a hand on her shoulders and looked back to see the weathered, cruel face of her would-be murderer. She fell to the ground, kicking her feet as though to ward of the man, who was undeterred. Her boot contacted hard flesh, and I woke up, safe in my bed, looking up at the ceiling. The pale moonlight streamed through the open window, and my fan rotated slowly. Everything was normal. Right?

My vision-voice spoke again. "You just witnessed a girl getting murdered. What are you going to do about it?"

My voice cut through the silence, sharp and clear. "Nothing. I don't know who she is, or where she is. And even if I went looking for her, she seems so… far away. Not just in a different land, but in a different time?" My voice curves up, turning my unsure statement into a question. First sign of insanity: talking to voices nobody else hears.

The slightest hint of a laugh, soft and catlike. "And if you could? What would you do then? If you knew she was important to the destiny of the world?"

This time, I laughed. "I would try. But what can I do against a creepface axe murderer?"

"You'd be surprised, Silver. Remember, history follows the same patterns. A different time, a different setting, perhaps, but the same patterns. Now, hush. The Day of the Moon is approaching. " The voice echoed, fading away, leaving me staring at my ceiling in the middle of the night. A chilly breeze blew through my room, whipping my dark hair around. "Silver. Moon. Destiny. Patterns…" I say aloud, then turn over and fall back asleep.


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