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Human Hybrid

Novel By: MadyBabe

****COMPLETED**** Maggie is a 16 year old girl with a messed up life. She doesn't go to school because her abusive mother thinks its a waste of time. Her father left when their dream house was built.

Maggie thinks she is bound to this horrible life. Lady Fate has other ideas. One day a moose comes and takes her away to let her see her father once again. But why did he lave in the first place, and why can this moose and other animals talk?

Follow Maggie as she encounters a new life,adventure and even romancee. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Dec 11, 2010    Reads: 358    Comments: 10    Likes: 3   

It was a happy sunny day. Hell who am I kidding?! For me it was a sad sunny day just like any other day.
My name is Maggie; I'm 16 years old with black hair and violet eyes. Yea you heard me right, violet eyes. Otherwise known as the witch eyes to my abusive mother. You might be thinking this chick is crazy, but honestly no I'm really not, or at least I didn't think I was.
My mom and I lived in on an ackridge in the middle of the forest, it was pretty nice to just sit up in trees and bathe in the sun, trust me I would know. Then again I didn't know much, all the stuff I have ever learned was from either T.V or internet. What about school? Well I didn't go there. My mom thought school was a waste of time and my dad wasn't here. Since we lived in the middle of the forest my mom thought no one would notice. Unfortunately for me she was right, no one has noticed. As for my dad, well he's the one that wanted to move out here. Funny thing is he left as soon as we were moved in. So I'm stuck with my abusive mother, named Lissa, for the rest of my boring life. Or so I thought.
Today I didn't feel like watching T.V or going on the computer, I just felt like chilling, and try to get away from the hag for the rest of the day. The hag was my mom fyi. My restful peace was soon disturbed however by the hag's voice.
"Maggie?! Where the hell are you?!" I groaned and rolled my eyes in annoyance.
"Up here!" I called as I started to climb down. Soon I jumped to the ground only to be slapped across the face by the hag.
"What is the matter with you, you stupid witch! How many times do I have to tell you to stop climbing trees?! you stupid girl!" She walked away muttering, before she entered the house she called over her shoulder, "There's laundry for you!" Then simply walked back into the house. I simply rolled my eyes. I guess I was used to the abuse.
"She must have been dropped on her head as a kid." I said and laughed at my own thinking.
Within five minutes I was in my small cozy room. I didn't mind though I like small cozy places. My room was pretty simple; my dearest mother didn't like to spend money on me. It had a light blue colour on the walls with a bed and a dresser. The only bonus about it was my beloved radio. I loved music and luckily for me this radio got awesome reception. Even in the woods.
Soon 'beside you' by Marianas Trench came on. I started to sing along quietly. Sometimes I wish I had someone like that by I wouldn't wish this misery upon anyone, by misery I mean my life. I sigh and shrug to myself. When I'm in the middle of the song a tapping starts from my window making me jump. I cautiously look over to the window to see the weirdest sight in my life. There on the other side of my window is a moose knocking at my window with his antlers.
I carefully study him to make sure he doesn't have rabies or anything. Hey, you can never be too cautious.
I must be going insane I finally decide. I slowly walk over to the window. I have no idea why but I feel like I should talk to it.
"Oh my god, can you take any longer?! The window is not that far away you know." The moose just talked! What the hell?!
"Did you just----?" I stopped where I was before going any closer. "Okay I'm going insane."
"No you're not." It talked again!
"Yes I am, considering moose's aren't supposed to talk! How the heck you do you explain that?!" If I wasn't so scared I would be rather smug.
"You know talking would be so much easier if you opened the damn window!"
"Yes because I'm totally going to open a window for a moose that could have rabies!" I said with heavy sarcasm.
"I don't have rabies!" Wow the moose actually sounded offended.
"How do I know that?" I asked.
"Oh my God! Open the damn window before I use the god damn front door!" He was practically bursting with anger, it was actually quite amusing.
"Wow calm down!" I said before going over to open the window. "This better be good."
"Well considering a moose is at your window talking to you then it must be! Honestly you humans are so dull!"
"Are you going to get to the point or do I need to get a shotgun?" I asked with anger in my voice.
"Calm down. Ok so I'm basically here to let you have a choice." It paused looking for a reaction.
"What is this choice exactly? What do I call you? I mean do you have a name?" I asked, I must admit I was tired of calling him moose.
"Ummm I suppose you can call me Andy? So the choice is do you want to stay here or go where you father went?" I stiffened instantly.
"My father?" I echoed. "Why is this just happening? I'm 16?! Why couldn't I leave earlier?!" I said outraged.
"Only at the age of 16 or higher can a human come."
"Come where? Why doesn't my stupid father that left me with an abusive mother I might add, come get me himself?" I asked now sceptical of this whole situation.
"If you give him a chance to explain you could find out." He said. Andy knew he was leaving me with no choice if I wanted to see my father.
"What if I don't like it there? Can I come back?"
"Of course."
"Alright." I sighed heavily. "Might as well go with the moose named Andy." I almost burst out laughing.
"It's not very nice to laugh at people." Andy said as he turned around.
"Where are you going?! I thought you were going to take me 'there'."
"I am I'm simply turning around so you can get on my back." Andy said in a 'duh' voice.
"You back. I'm not exactly light you know."
"Yes, I don't know if you've noticed but I'm a moose." Another 'duh' voice.
"Stupid moose." I muttered and got on his back. As soon as I got on he broke into a trot. My freedom was short lived however by a horrible voice. The hag.
"Where the hell are you going?!" I looked behind me to see her raise a shotgun.
"She has a gun." I warned to Andy.
"Just Watch." I turned back to follow his orders. Soon a red fox broke out of the woods. To my utter astonishment its thin graceful body leaped up and snatched the gun out of the hag's hands.
"Is that a friend of yours?" I asked as the fox ran to catch up with us, dropping the gun on the ground in the process.
"You can say that." He said with an emotion in his voice that I couldn't identify.
Soon the sleek red fox caught up to us. "Aww so you must be Maggie." I was even more astonished to hear it had a woman's voice. "I'm surprised Andy didn't scare you away." It chuckled.
"I do not scare people away!" Andy protested. "I didn't scare you away!"
"You almost did Andy." She said with a teasing tone in her voice. Andy just turned his head away and grumbled.
"Who are you?" I asked cautiously.
"My name is Scarlet, Scar for short."
"Where are we going? Andy hasn't told me."
"In time you will find out my dear." With that she raced ahead to lead Andy and me to the forest.
"I have a feeling my life is about to get interesting." I mused out loud.


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