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Dreams for All

By: magicofwriting101

Chapter 1, Hey lovlies! Here is a book I just started writing! I ot the idea out of pure thoughts... hope you enjoy! COMMENT AND GIVE FEEDBACK! THANKS! --Tana<3

Chapter One


Dreams. You gotta love them, right? Some so random, so fun, so  amazing.  Ever wondered about how your mind so called, "makes the dreams in your head, while you sleep?" Well, I'm here to tell you, dreams don't "come from your mind." They come from us. Oh, well "us" would be my groups minds.

That's right. Real people  make your dreams! Woo-hoo! Yep, that's us that makes your weirdo---no... hilarious  dreams, that confuse the living daylight out of you! That's us that make those breath taking dreams of you flying, or having super powers! That would  also  be us who create those love dreams... haha. Those love dreams with your husband, boyfriend, or crush. But don't blame me for making you feel happy about being with or doing something cute with your crush. Then waking up and realizing that that will never happen.... maybe. Keep your hopes up! I am...

But don't tell this to anyone, reader! Well... go ahead if you really want to, but good luck explaining that one! Now listen. I'm really dropping some matches telling you this story... oh well! You only live once.

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