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Incerpt: The man stood up, revealing his intimidating form. Massie wondered how she hadn't seen him, this dude was a monster. His golden eyes glared at her coldly, and his full, pink lips formed a growl. The stranger's bronze skin glowed beneath the store's light, and Massie would've totally given him her number had she not known he was angered with her. View table of contents...



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Dark Falls [1]


"You're so freaking gay." Massie Wilton hissed, eyes narrowing at her younger sister. "Who gives a crap if we're moving to a new school? Clear Valley was wack anyway. The boys were nothing special-pretty average if you asked me-and the girls were all goody-two-shoes. Do you know how annoying that school was? Nothing ever happened. Nothing!"

Massie's younger sister, Lydia, rolled her violet eyes, violet eyes that her older sister had inherited from their mother as well. "Clear Valley had good schools and was high on charts academically. I bet the only reason you say 'nothing' happened is because you never got to see a fight."

"As if any would occur. Like I said, the school is so picture-perfect it got on my nerves. Besides, Dark Falls sounds way cooler. I heard rumors that the place was pretty interesting."

The car did a sharp turn, almost hitting a driver ahead. The driver screamed profanities at her father, who in return said a few, calm remarks that made the man look like a fool. Her mother yawned and continued filing her nails, ignorant of the argument beside her. Massie and Lydia did just as well; this wasn't the first person their father almost crashed and got into an argument with.

"I checked it's academic status, it does not compare to that of Clear Valley."

"It does not compare to that of Clear Valley," Massie mimicked her sister, mocking. "Seriously, how are we related?"

"Haha very funny." Her sister deadpanned. Massie grabbed her headphones and jammed them into her ear so as not to hear her sister babbling about nonsense she didn't care about.

"Babe, I can see your lips moving but all I hear is: blah, blah, blah, blah." Massie closed her eyes and relaxed as Lydia complained to their mother about Massie ignoring her. However, to Lydia's dismay, Mrs. Wilton just shrugged and asked if she wanted some of her chocolate bar.

Massie smirked. This is why she loved her mother, she understood her completely and didn't annoy her with the useless things Lydia complained about 24/7. Jesus, the girl was 15 years old, in 10th grade, and she still hadn't found her rebellious side! The were the Wilton family for Pete's sakes! Known for either their wildness or whatever attitude. While Massie got both, Lydia got none, and was the no-life nerd type Massie hated.

Massie hoped she would be struck with something worth bragging to her grandmother, Nancy, known to be the person Massie worshiped most. As she grew up her grandmother would tell her stories of the great adventures she went through as a teen. Massie was highly entertained through each and every one of her Grandma's tales.

They were so wild, adventurous,and fun. Years of hearing them made Massie determined to have an equally exciting life, that way her grand-kids would be as impressed with her as she was with her grandmother.

Lydia, on the other hand, thought Grandma's stories gibberish. She believed all a person needed was a good education, an extremely well-paid job, and a proficient husband. Beyond that Lydia thought a waste of time. Massie would often tease her sister , saying she had the Wilton Curse, a curse Aunt Cecile had too, since Lydia basically had the same strict attitude as her. Poor Lydia, maybe Dark Falls will be good for her.


Massie opened her eyes to see the black sky with its blue-ish hue. No street lights were around them, only the moon provided light to see the road ahead and the many trees surrounding them. She guessed she had fallen asleep for quite a few hours. Beside her Lydia was sleeping soundly, and upfront she could hear her parents speaking in low tones over the song playing on the radio.

Ahead of the road she caught sight of Dark Falls. It differed from any other town she's been to before, and trust me, she's been to many. The town was a nice size, not so small there was barely any people living there, but not so big it was overcrowded. In the center was civilization with all of it's people, but after that it was miles of forest that seemed to stretch on forever.

As they neared Dark Falls Massie began to have this awkward feeling. . . it felt as if everything around her was alive with a spirit living within them. Something about the way the trees moved against the wind wasn't inviting-nor was it unwelcoming. It was more like a warning with a spark of anticipation, and the closer they got to Dark Falls, the heavier the feeling became.

Instead of being frightened Massie smiled slyly. She knew coming here wouldn't be a mistake. She wasn't sure what awaited her here, but something told her she would be in for a long, wild ride.


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