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The Last Day's of Peace

Novel By: Makorun5

Collin is a 14 year old orphan. At the age of 15 by Country Law he must leave his orphanage. Hard times has been falling upon him and two other friends. Along with strange dreams and nightmares,of Fallen Angels, Demons and Wars between the good and evil. Can Collin and his friends put the pieces of their occuring dreams together and find the connection between their home and the dreams they been having before it's to late? View table of contents...


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Submitted:Nov 25, 2011    Reads: 117    Comments: 31    Likes: 7   

Sorry for the 3 copies i deleted 2 :P

Chapter 1

Replacing the Memories

~Dreams that to
have been made~

~Dreams to have
been forgotten?~

~Things still
remain to be awaken~

~Can they truly be

In a computer room, a man draped in a purple scarf to
shoulder length stared, setting in a chair by a large computer screen.

"Seems to me that the boy has grown in the past year, not
only in his strength, but his stamina and most importantly his faith" the man's
voice was deep and intelligent. He turned around to a man cloaked in a blue

"That may seem so, but how do we truly know he's ready?"
the man asked.

"His heart will prevail and grow stronger with the remaining
days of his school year." The man in purple gazed at the screen and was amazed
at what he saw. "He has grown in the past minute dramatically; we might have a
chance after all. This week must be the week. We cannot stall any longer."

"He still will become what we want, it is his destiny. He's
still young; it is a big burden to put this on a kid of his age."

"The Great War did not happen by a mere coincidence and
the creator still came out victorious at the same. If the boy is the closet to a
god as we can come, he might just do what he did ages ago."

"But you're missing the point, the boy isn't a god, he's
a child."

"He's the closet we have to one," the man in purple stood up and walked to the
rooms exit doors. "The boy has always been ready; it was just that I wasn't
ready to admit it."

"We have to believe in the boy?" the other man said, "are
we really going to put our faiths in his hands?"

The man in purple let out a long sigh, "It is a challenge
that one cannot run from," with those final words the man in purple exited the
room, leaving the other alone.

~Thick fog covered the streets of a small town. The fog
was so thick not even the human eye could see through it. However, despite all
of this, still one house could be seen glimmering through the heavy coated
mist. It shinned its bright light down upon the streets, guiding the lost to
its sanctuary. But just as it appeared, it vanished. Within a blink of an eye
the house could no longer be seen. The last hope was swallowed by the fog.~

In his room a teenage boy began to awaken from his dream.
He rose up slowly from bed. His eyes still embedded in the dream he was having.
Yawning he turned around and started to come full circle. He looked outside the
window, revealing his light brown eyes. He looked towards the middle of town
and saw the schools grandfather clock.

"Seems like it's gonna be a good day for a change" he
placed one foot on the floor, then he raised up the other and slouched over.
Yawning once more he stood up and stepped on a tick. The pain quickly went
throughout his foot causing him to squeal and stumble over. After having fallen
to the ground, the boy took it upon himself to just gaze at ceiling, "I don't
remember that tick being there yesterday." He was gazing up at all the collages he had of
him and his friends. "I'm going to miss those days," he grunted "but I'm not
going to miss her!!!" he jumped off the ground and to his door. He cracked it
open to see if anyone was coming. "Usually Zavin would be out here by now, he
must be gone by now." The boy opened his door fully and walked out the door.

"It's funny, I feel sad, I'm going to miss walking out my
door, and that world in my dreams. As bizarre as that was, it still doesn't
make my life as better as it has been." The boy tightly pressed his back
against the back wall and started tip toeing down the hall. He kept his guard
up at all time, he was doing well until he came to the corner to go down to the
second floor. The boy peeked his head over the corner to see if anybody was
coming but the coast was clear.

"Sweh, for once
she forgot," he made one final effort and looked back at his friend's room. "Nothing
has changed since I remembered. Everything is always going to be the same. It's
going to be hard moving on," The boy slouched his head over before turning
around. Once he did he was caught off guard by a big pair of goggle eyes.

"Hi there Colly Cal!!!!" a girl said, she had brown
pearly eyes, and wore pink pajamas.

The boy screamed stepping back, "Why do you always sneak
up on me, you know I hate it!"

"Oh pipe down Colly Cal, why are you such a scaredy cat!"

"Am not!" he jumped back.

"Sure," The girl said folding her arms, she stopped
making her goggle eyes and laughed.

"Come on Madene you know how much that freaks me out,"
the boy said.

"I know the more reason to do it."

"No stop it!" the boy, brushed past her and went to walk
down the stairs.

"Um Collin…" Madene stuck her hand out to yank him back
but he refused to fall for another one of her tricks.

"Madene go away, you worst then the girl that cried wolf."

"I believe it was boy!"

"Really!? When did you become so smart?" Collin went to
walk down the stairs when he slipped over a skate. The last thing he saw before
he fell was Madene's wide grin. Collin narrowed his eyes and started squealing
before he went head first into the stairs and started tumbling down them.

Madene couldn't help but laugh with tears of joy, "Now
that's hilarious, it's so funny watching you make a fool of yourself!"

"I did that on purpose," Collin stood up as Madene
skipped down the stairs past him. Stopping after she passed him.

"So you planed to fall on your head? And to top it off I
did try to warn you."

"How am I suppose to believe you when you are always
making up lies?"

"Please Colly Cal, when do I ever lie?" She waved his
comment off.

"Stop calling me that!"

"How am I a liar? I tell the truth, you're the one that
goes around telling all the orphans that the orphanage is going to be attacked
by gerbils."

"That only happened once," Collin murmured out.

"And that was all everyone needed. You were a total
laughing stalk."

"Yeah at the orphanage but because of you the whole key
knows it! I have to take therapy, I was ruled mentally dramatic!"

Madene laughed even harder, "Okay calm down Colly Cal."

"I am calm!!!" he yelled out of anger.

"You always make a big deal out of nothing, we'll see ya
later Collin, chow!" Madene winked and went to walk away.

"No you don't! I get the last laugh I do! Ha ha ha!! Hhhhaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!"
Collin screamed from the back of his lungs causing everyone on the second floor
to wake up.

"Collin will you
pipe down, you'll waking up everyone again," another girl walked out from her
room. She had purple hair and on her right cheek, she bared a flower tattoo of
a dandelion she also wore a short t-top and
pajamas. "Come on Collin, does this have to be every morning?" she scowled him.

"Solei?" Collin narrowed his eyes "you're awake as usual
in the morning"

"Because of you smart guy, Madene stop making those
goggle eyes they aren't good for your face. And Collin stop whining when she
calls you Colly Cal."

"Your point is?" Collin clearly didn't get where the
conversation was going.

"Are you trying to irritate me Colly Cal?" Solei teased
him. Colly Cal was the worst nickname anyone could have, according to Collin's
Journal. Collin would have been ok if it wasn't for the orphans teasing him
about it every day. The only people who had never ever called him Colly Cal was
his two best friends: Zavin and Solei.

"How could you Solei, I thought you were my friend!"
Collin cried at her feet.

"Get over yourself, see I told you, you were easy to
irritate." Solei said rudely but calmly.

"I'm lost" Collin smirked "who's irritating who? You hate
being late for school and yet you are still here." Suddenly the tension in the air got stiff,
Collin grinned at Solei, as she just gave him a vulnerable stare. The staring
went on for several minutes till Collin gave in, "okay you win."

Solei turned around and walked down the stairs leaving
Collin with Madene. "Every time she gives me that look, it's as if I'm being
stabbed by the devil. Even worst it is as if my head was under the guillotine
inches from my neck and I just escaped."

"And you wonder why they ruled you mentally dramatic?"
Madene questioned him.

"I'll be down stairs Collin, you should start getting
ready." Solei giggled as she walked down the stairs.

It was at that moment when a sense of silence crossed his
mind, "I know we have to leave in a week." He sighed. Madene started to feel
sorry for Collin, even though they were the same age, she was still 11 months
younger than him. She still had a whole year left before she had to leave. It
was about time she face the fact as well that her times there would soon end.

"No silly" Solei
voice echoed up the stairs. Collin and Madene was caught off guard, they were
under the conclusion that Solei had already left. "Today is your exam."

"My exam?............. my exam!!!" Collin couldn't
believe it, how could he forget the exam that determines his training as a
Warrior? He needed to past that test or else he would have to repeat the 9th
grade over again and this time it would be with Madene and another orphan,
Komb. "I thought it was next week?"

"No, next week is the school's fest week, get your act
together Collin or you're going to fail." Madene pitied him.

"Why am I clueless about things?" Collin started
scratching his head.

"Is Zavin awake?" Solei was still standing at the bottom
stairs. Lately she has been asking about Zavin's condition, as if they were in
a relationship.

"I don't know, why do you care." Collin quickly covered
his mouth afterwards. The words came out
completely wrong, but they did express how it truly felt. He didn't want his
two best friends to go out.

"Um its nothing," Solei's voice started racing, "I'll be
down stairs!" she walked to the second floor. The orphanage was a three floor
mansion. The first floor was where the basics were. The living room, a bathroom,
kitchen, and a bath house out in the back. The second floor was where the girls
stayed; they each had there on bathrooms in their rooms. The boys stayed on the
top floor they had to share bathrooms. The boys are the one who usually took
bath in the bath house.

"Wow Collin smooth talking in the way you're heading,
Zavin is sure to be all hers. It would be for the best anyway, he strong, cool
and most importantly overwhelmingly sexy!"

"That's enough Madene, is this what you think about when
you're asleep?" Collin turned around and went off on her.

"Are you a jealous?" she asked him

"No" Collin fold his arms, puffing out his lips. "I'm
just concerned for them that's all"

"You are such a baby; you can't even read a book without
looking at the cover. I believe that's the smartest thing I ever said."

"What are you talking about" Collin teased her. "Everything
you ever say is either lies or an encouragement or your stupidity"

"Collin you meany I'm not stupid!"

"Get over yourself." Collin snickered.

"Collin you are such a lame, that's why Zav is going to
win Solei's heart."

"So why do I care?" Collin turned around.

"Why? You nearly fainted in her arms, when you were
hugging." Collin narrowed his eyes.

"Your point is? I fell to the floor! I was dying of
starvation! And she was helping me up."

"Face it Collin everyone knows you have it big for Solei,
she is popular because she's cute but she never thinks of herself as being any
better than any other girl. She's considerate, reliable, smart and has a nice

"She does, I knew that. I've seen her in a towel one

"I'm so telling Solei the way you spying on her, she'll
totally hate you."

"Huh? You can't do that! I was coming from my room to get
a midnight snack she happened to step out her door with a towel on one night."

"And you were staring!"

"No I wasn't, I mean it was hard not to I mean no!!! My
life would be ruin!!!" Collin fell to his knees.

"How do you say that word in Spanish." Madene had
magically pulled out a tablet.

"I don't know, I took French and I didn't learn a thing"
Collin sighed slouching his head over. "and what does Spanish have to do with
anything idiot?!"

"Oh that sucks you're even slower now, I was going to
tell her something in Spanish but there's no need anymore. Your hopes of
getting her is long gone." Madene mouth started to tremble, she couldn't
contain her laughter.

"I was never going to get her in the first place, she
likes Zavin like you said remember. Well see ya Madene." Collin got up and went
to the stairs. "Next time I see you, you'll be getting turned down by Komb and
lonely for life!" With a large grin Collin swayed away down the stairs to the
kitchen leaving Madene speechless.

"He wasn't kidding when he said he would get the last
laugh. What a loser."


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