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The Great Quest By R. V. Lawrence

Novel By: Malaxter

A great and powerful evil has arisen in the world of Thoril. Now it is up to nine champions to find and destroy this great evil before every land is ravaged by war. Will Goran and Gwendelynn, Braxtus and Brimstone, the high elf prince, Liethkorious, the wood elf princess, Kelethin, the mountain dwarf knight, Rumblebelly, the hill dwarf warrior, Razgar, the Halfling scholar, Hamfast, the human sorceress from Korynth, Breeza, and the human ranger from Cazic-Thule, Scar, succeed, or will Skavros the Slayer and his allies, Breithorne the Black and Braptus, Rewdabane the Red and Reidon, Pyros the Purple and Pyra, Ovvelisk the Orange and Ophil, Grimwold the Grim, Saphirra the Sinner, Mostra the Malicious, and Belthazorr the Bloodthirsty destroy the world? View table of contents...


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Many believe that dragons were the first being to inhabit the world of Thoril, but nobody truly knows for sure because dragons are merely one half of a whole. Every dragon is born of their wizard and every wizard is born of their dragon. Each is an immortal, timeless being. However, dragons and wizards can be slain, and if one of them dies so does the other. And so it is that dragons and wizards are always connected.

All the races have imitations of wizards from mages to sorcerers, warlock to witches, but they are but pale shadows of the real thing. This is because those that do the imitating use magic, but wizards are pure magic given physical form and life, thus they are born with and of dragons. Neither wizards nor dragons ever mate for neither can ever produce any sort of offspring. Nobody knows how or why wizards and dragons are born, it just happens. When it happens, the wizards and dragons are already fully grown.

Their strength, power, and intelligence are already determined as well. The appearance of a wizard and his dragon and the color of a wizards' hair, beard, and robes and a dragons' scale are how each is classified and ranked. The only way for wizards and dragons to change is for them to change their morality, in which case their names, color, and appearance change. It has been over six centuries since any wizard and dragon, good or evil, have been born, and nine centuries since any evil wizards and dragons have inhabited the lands of Thoril.

. . .

Goran the Grey was the oldest and second strongest wizard in all of the lands. Goran stood about six and a half feet tall and was very slender. His thick curly grey hair went halfway down his back and his thick grey beard reached halfway down his torso. He had bushy grey eyebrows, hundreds of wrinkles all over his face, and eyes the dark grey of storm clouds. Goran wore a grey conical hat and wizard robes, a grey cloak, and grey boots. As a weapon he wielded a staff the length of his body topped with four broken crystals. One of the crystals was red, one was blue, one was yellow, and the one in the center, the largest, was grey.

Goran's other half was a female dragon named Gwendelynn. She was ninety feet from snout to tail and twenty five feet talat the shoulder. Her upperscales were dark grey, but her horn, spikes, claws, and underscales were light grey. She appeared to be a younger dragon. Gwendelynn had one nose and two head horns and four spikes at the end of her tail. She had a sixty five foot wingspan. Her eyes, like Goran's staff, were an oddity. Her irises were red, blue, and yellow at the same time and her reptilian pupils were grey instead of black.

Goran and Gwendelynn were servants of the light. The leader of their order was Wyrmrewt the White and his other half, a male dragon named Whimbley. Wyrmrewt disliked Goran, so most of the wizards avoided him and Gwendelynn, leaving them with only two allies among their order. Braxtus the Brown, the only other living wizard who had lived during the Wizard Wars, And his other half, a male dragon named brimstone, counted as one of their allies. The other was Sylvanus the Silver, Wyrmrewt's twin brother, and his second half, a female dragon named Seluna. And so it was that when Goran and Gwendelynn sensed a great evil and called a meeting of all the great powers of all the hospitable lands that Braxtus, Brimstone, Sylvanus, and Seluna were the only wizards and dragons to show up.


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