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Titans And Heroes Book 1: The Temple Of Artifacts And Power

Novel By: Malaxter

The first in a trilogy about demigods in the modern world who must save the Olympians. In this one, the fifteen heroes are sent to retrieve objects so powerful that even the gods fear them. View table of contents...


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Chapter One:

Prophecies And Plans

"Gather the campers together," Perseus said. "I am about to do something that may destroy us all. So we need do vote on whether I make this decision or not. Do you understand Chiron?"

"Not really," Chiron, the centaur, admitted. "What decision?"

"Gather the campers. All will be made clear," Perseus responded. "Also... gather the instructors. Everyone should be present."

"Very well," Chiron said with a bow and left.

Chiron's horse half was a black stallion, but where the neck and head of the stallion should have been, there was the body of a man. He had long black hair and a rather large full beard, just like a mountain man. His brown eyes were very gentle and were always filled with love and admiration for his pupils, the campers.

Chiron was the archery and horseback riding instructor at a camp for demigods, children of the Greek gods of myth, Camp Half-n-Half. The camp was hidden within a valley filled with a forest, mountains, a river, and a lake. A five story mansion housed the instructors at the front of the property, and thirteen cabins, one for each major god and one for all minor gods, made a u in the center of the camp. The entire property was lined with an invisible barrier to keep unwanted humans and monsters from entering or seeing the camp.

Chiron rode through the camp and gathered the instructors and the campers. Among the instructors were Achilles, close range melee instructor, Pan, a god and instructor of music, Chiron, and Calypso, the magic instructor. There were other instructors for acting, hand to hand combat, forging weapons and armor, as well as various other things, but those were the only famous instructors from myth. Except for Perseus of course, who had been given eternal life as head counselor at the camp, just as Achilles had, to be the melee instructor.

Everybody gathered at an open dining pavilion in the center of the camp where large meetings were usually held. Perseus stepped in front of the group and everyone quieted, waiting to hear why everybody had been gathered. "We have gathered here to vote on a very important decision," Perseus said. "Our oracle has had a vision and has delivered a prophecy for a quest. We haven't ignored a quest before, but this is the most dangerous quest I could possibly imagine. We will vote on what to do, but first you will listen to what our oracle has to say."

A tall woman with blue eyes and long black hair stepped onto the platform. Her long white dress covered her from neck to toe, but it was see through, so every part of her body was clearly visible to all. She spoke to the crowd in a soft and beautiful voice that matched her gentle face.

"Fifteen heroes shall answer the call. To save Olympus or cause it's fall. Rivals bear arms and march to death. To succeed or take their final breath. Immortals rise and monsters stir. To end all life at his word," the oracle said. "This is a great prophecy. But it is dangerous."

"Can you interpret what is meant by that?" a camper named Robert Lawrence asked.

"Based on my vision," the oracle said after a moment, "The Titans are rising to take revenge on Olympus. In order to beat them, the strongest fifteen demigods in the world will have to fight on behalf of Olympus. But mind you... in order for the fifteen greatest demigods to work together, we will have to make peace and unite with the Romans."

"Impossible," several campers yelled. "We're sworn enemies!"

"That is why we must vote," Perseus chimed in. "Will we unite with the Romans and risk a quest in which our campers attempt to thwart the Titans, or do we ignore the prophecy and deny the quest?"

Perseus talked in front of everybody with ease. He was tall, around six feet tall, and he was very muscular. His brown hair went down to his shoulders and his blue eyes seemed to sparkle like the ocean. He appeared to be waiting for a response, but all he got was the camp dividing into two groups for a fight filled with yelling, fists, and everything else needed for a good fight.

Perseus yelled for the fight to stop, and the campers stopped fighting, although there were quite a few glares. "If we cannot behave like civilized demigods, then we will not vote like this. Everyone is to write down their vote and bring it to me. I will tally the votes and inform the camp what was decided tomorrow. Now, off with you all. You have until sundown to bring me your vote. No late votes will be accepted."

With that, the meeting adjourned and everybody went off. Robert, the camper who had interrupted the oracle earlier went up to Perseus and the other camp instructors. "Perseus, may I have a word with you a moment?" Robert asked the head counselor.

"Ah, yes, of course," Perseus said. "Please excuse us for a moment." After Perseus and Robert walked off, Perseus asked, "What was it you desired to talk about Robert?"

"I have a suggestion to make this ordeal easier," Robert said.

"Well speak up then," Perseus replied.

"Why doesn't each cabin send the head camper to make a vote for the entire cabin. Each cabin can vote privately and then the head campers have a meeting and give their responses. We tally those votes with the votes of the instructors and there you go," Robert told the head counselor. "That would simplify things."

"I like that plan," Perseus complimented Robert. "I knew there was some reason, other than your skills, that I made you Head Camper, the leader of the head campers. Spread the news of how the vote is to be done. Tonight, at sunset, we will have an official meeting as we usually do. Oh, and spread the word that the head campers have a new title now, the Cabin Representatives."

"As you wish," Robert said and hurried off. He was glad the title change had been approved. It was too confusing having him be the Head Camper, the camp's leader, while there were cabin leaders who were called head campers.

Robert spread the word and soon each cabin was having a meeting and casting their votes. Robert didn't need a meeting because he was the only camper in Cabin 3, Poseidon's cabin, because he was the only demigod child of Poseidon in the world.

Robert was sixteen and stood a little over five and a half feet tall. He had long brown hair and sea blue eyes. He was muscular and very handsome. Also, he was a very intelligent kid, one of the smartest kids at camp. Robert went to go see his girlfriend, Annabeth, before the meeting of representatives.

Annabeth, the leader of Cabin 6, Athena's cabin, was very beautiful. She had pale skin, black hair, and very intense greyish blue eyes that made Robert feel like he was falling into them. She was about Robert's height, and even more intelligent. When Robert came over to her she gave him a big kiss.

"Did your cabin make a decision?" Robert asked Annabeth when the kiss was over.

"Hmm? Oh, yeah," Annabeth responded. "And did you make a decision?"

"Of course," Robert said. "Do you even have to ask?"

"No," Annabeth replied. "I know you will vote to join forces with the Romans and battle the Titans. You enjoy battling too much to resist something like that."

"I don't enjoy battling," Robert responded after a moment. "I simply can't allow the world to be destroyed. And I really can't allow your life to end."

"You could if it meant saving the world," Annabeth assured him.

"I wouldn't be so sure," Robert honestly said.

"I am," Annabeth once again assured him.

"So what did your cabin decide?" Robert inquired.

"Athena is the goddess of wisdom and battle strategy," Annabeth told him. "We decided that no matter what we decide, the Titans will attempt to kill us. And it is wiser to go into such a battle with allies than to fight alone. Based on this and the fighting skills of the Romans, we decided to vote for unity. Better to die fighting than going quietly."

"We will not die," Robert said.

"I hope you're right," Annabeth said in a whisper. Robert was about to respond when a conch horn blew. "The meeting is starting. We'd better go," Annabeth said and walked towards the mansion that served as the living quarters for the instructors, the Big House.

The meeting was held in a large room around five ping pong tables. Those present at the table were Robert Lawrence, the son of Poseidon, Annabeth Ainse, a daughter of Athena, Freddie Demarko, a son of Hermes, Logan Cummings, a son of Ares, Laura Billington, a daughter of Aphrodite, Tyler Seltz, a son of Hephaestus, Sonia Castillo, a daughter of Dionysus, Tom Greenleef, a son of Demeter, Todd Mickenson, a son of Apollo, Frank Zimmer, the son of Zeus, Perseus, Chiron, Calypso, Achilles, Pan, and a few other instructors. When everybody was present, Perseus started, "We all know why we are here. It is time that we come to a decision. What will we do? Vote yes for uniting with the Romans and questing to stop the Titans. Vote no if your cabin wishes for us to have nothing to do with the Romans or Titans. Robert, how vote you?"

"I say we make nice with the Romans and put the Titans down for good," Robert responded.

"Miss Ainse?" Perseus continued down the line.

"Yes. It is the wisest decision," Annabeth said, looking at everybody.

"Freddie?" Perseus inquired.


"I see," Perseus said. "Mr. Logan, how votes Cabin 5?"

"To blood and victory against the Titans," Logan said with blood lust in his eyes.

"And I vote that we disembowel the Titans and hang their entrails from the perimeter walls," Frank said.

"How... nice," Perseus said with a forced smile. "Moving on. How does your cabin vote, Laura?"

"We'd rather not get down 'n' dirty, so no," Laura said like a complete snob.

"Ty?" Perseus continued. "How do you vote?"

"We'll be busy making armor and weapons over at Hephaestus cabin, but aye," Tyler reported.

"And you, Miss Castillo?"

"No," Sonia replied in a very thick Cuban accent.

"And you, Tom?" Perseus asked.

"I don't think so," the son of Demeter said.

"Very well," Perseus said with pursed lips. "How votes Cabin 9?"

"Yes," Todd said. "We will make Rome our ally and bring the Titans to their knees."

"I like your confidence," Perseus told him. "And I vote yes, just so everybody knows. Master Archer?"

"Hmm? Oh, yes. I vote yes," Chiron said.

"And you Calypso?" Perseus inquired.

"I should vote to fight," Calypso said. "Even if it is against my family..."

"Is that a yes then?" Perseus asked her.

"Yes. It is a yes," Calypso clarified.

"You, Achilles?"

"Yes," Achilles simply said.

This went on for a few more minutes. Then Perseus said, "It is decided. By my count that is twenty seven to five. Which means yes. Does anybody wish to disagree? If so, speak now." Nobody disagreed.

"If I may..." Chiron spoke up. "Tomorrow morning each cabin should present a champion to send on the quest. Then we vote on who the quest leader is and he selects his team."

"I like it," Perseus praised. "That is the plan. Tomorrow morning, after breakfast, the group will leave. Meeting adjourned."

With that, everybody went out and prepared for war games.


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