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Amy Nightheat, and Rowen Angel Star

Novel By: Meggie1495

Amy Nightheart ran away from her magical realm of Rula when she was sixteen years old, she ran away from her brothers death, a new baby on the way, and a arranged married she never wanted. When she escapes Rula, and to the human realm she smashes right into her destiny. Rowen Angel Star, is smart, funny, and everything a witch, and lover could want. But is Rowen her destiny or is it the handsome Daemon Star? And if she wants Rowen so bad, then should she return to Rula, ever? View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jan 27, 2011    Reads: 174    Comments: 3    Likes: 2   

This is a complet rewrite of Amy Nightheart; Princess of the Darkness, there is very little in common with the first writng of this story.

Chapter One

Rowen, and I sat down in the clearing listening to the wind howl a sweet song. We had our legs crossed, and were barefooted, that way it was easier to feel the ground beneath our feet, and how the earth moves.

We were silent as we tried pulling the magic from deep within our bodies, it was still hard to do, not being in a true magical world. This realm has many wonders, but the human have seemed to forgotten that The Goddess made this world, and the next for us to flourish in, not to destroy, and ignore mother earth's cry for help.

Finally getting frustrated I grabbed Rowen's hands to help me focus my energy, and my powers flow, I may be powerful, but I was still a novice. Rowen had grown up in this world, but kept the ways of her true world Rula. Her parents for some reason left her in this world, possible for protection, maybe because they didn't want a daughter to carry on their witch's name. Her full name was Rowen Angel Star, she always thought it may be an original name, but quite weird.

I personally would love to have a name like Angel Star, but that's her opinion.

"Amy your not paying attention."

"Oh. Ha sorry Ro." I went back to concentrating, after a few more minutes a circle appeared around us, and the ground lifted up. We floated on the round piece of earth in the air for a few minutes getting a hang on earth manipulation. I was wearing out quickly so I spoke up,

"Ro, I'm about to collapse, can we stop?" Ro nodded, and we lowered the amount of power we were using until the ground lowered itself back into the hole. Rowen open her bright hazel eyes, and smiled at me, her black hair was down, and she wore a big tie dye shirt with no sleeves, a white belt around her middle, and form fitting black tights.

I had red curly hair, blue eyes with speaks of silver. I was wearing a short off shoulder dress, it was white and billowy, underneath I wore ripped blue jeans, I thought I was pretty, but Ro always said I was beautiful. I knew she loved me, and not as a sister, I loved her too, we had been together for awhile, but it didn't work out, we were better friends. I always think about getting back together with her, but it would just bring more heartbreak.

"Hey, Amy. Where the hell are you?"

"Nowhere really, just thinking, but I thought we did pretty well with the magic control."

"Yeah, pretty decent. Are you ever gonna go back to Rula?" I bit my lip, and sighed.

"Yes, I am. Not now, but soon." Rowen looked up at me, and helped me stand up.

"Can I come with you?"

"Well of course you can! I would never leave without my best friend." Rowen smiled more, and pulled me into a hug. I laughed, and hugged her back, my heart ached at the thought that she wanted us to be together, but it just couldn't work that way. I loved her with all my heart, but I have a duty to marry the prince, and be the queen. I didn't want Ro hurt because someday, even through I ran away it would happen, it is my destiny. Marla my cat rubbed up against us, but I ignored her I just wanted to hug Ro.

My mind drifted back to the day I met Rowen.

Tears streamed down my face, I didn't want to be married, I didn't want my big older brother to be dead, but he was. I got him killed, my brother Wes was dead because of me, and my stupid actions. I was going to get married if I stayed here.

So I grabbed a bag out of my closet, throwing that on the bed, and rummaged though my clothes. I grabbed jeans, long sleeve shirts, a few sweaters, some hoddie's, and my winter jacket. Shoving all my bras, underwear, and socks into the bag as well, I zipped up the duffle.

I heard my Mom coming to my room so I closed all my drawers, and pushed my duffel bag under my bed, plopping down on it with my headphones in my ears, and iPod attached to them, I relaxed. Mom knocked on my door, and entered. My room was purple, with white curtains, black bedsheets, and a moon, and stars cover.

She looked around for a moment, then at me, we looked so much alike it was scary, Mom was tall, red curly hair, green eyes, but we had the same body type, small in placed, but our hips, and breasts.

"Hi, honey. How are you doing, do you need healing?"

"No," I sighed, shrugging my shoulders, "I'll live."

"Okay, how about what happened with Wes?"

"I'm not good."

"I thought so, do you wanna talk about it?"


"Alright we don't have to. I need to tell you something."


"Your the oldest now, and is expected to marry. We found a very nice boy, his names---." I cut my Mom off.

"I'm not marrying anyone. I don't want to, I don't know him, and I certainly don't love him."

"You could learn to love him..."

"Yeah, did you learn to love Dad?" Mom sighed.

"I loved your father in my own way, I tried making things work, but he cheated on me our whole marriage. Then he died, nothing I could do. Audi doesn't even know who her real Dad is, but you remember him?"

"Kinda. Mom, I had a long day, can I get some sleep?"

"Of course you can, but one more thing. I know this is bad timing, but I couldn't really control it. Your gonna get a little sister or brother."

"Oh. Coolie, night Mom."

"Night, love." Mom walked out of my room, lightly shutting the door. I jumped up, and grabbed my bag. I felt bad for leaving, but I couldn't stay here, something was calling to me, telling me to leave, so I did. Throwing on a black coat, I pulled on some sneakers, and shoved in a pair of sandals in my bag. After that, I opened my window, and looked down. The castle was five stories, and I was on the fifth floor, knowing how to control the air, I slipped the bag on my shoulder, and jumped off the castle out the window.

Air I call at you hold me, and descend me down safely. The wind howled, and caught me, bouncing on the air burst, I fell on my ass. Murmuring an ouch, I felt the air lowering me down slowly, until I dropped on my feet on the ground. I patted my pockets, making sure I had my iPod charger, and I hit my forehead. I forgot my laptop, it was in its case, on my desk. I called for my laptop, and it appeared in my hands in its case with a strap on it.

I slung it over my other shoulder, plugged my headphones in, and turned my ipod on. Singing under my breath the lyrics to an old song, I shoved my hands forward, feeling the seam of the next word, together like a fabric. Slowly, I ripped it open, and a hole before me, with white light pouring out. I stepped into the portal, and went through it to the other side.

I was surprised when I flew forward, and crashed right into a person, flying, I toppled over onto the person knocking her down. We landed on the ground hard.

"Oh my goddess, I'm so sorry, I wasn't watching where I was appearing to." A girl about my age looked up at me, and I heard the portal close. She had dyed brown hair, hazel eyes, and a very confused look on her face.

"Where did you come from?"

"Um, from that portal. Duh. What realm am I in anyways?"

"Realm? You mean like world? Well as far as I know this is the human realm. Where are you from.

"I'm from the Realm of Rula, or the magical world."

"Are you a witch?"

"Yes. I'm Amy, princess of Rula, and heir to the thrown."

"Wow, you don't met another witch let alone her being a princess everyday, I'm Rowen." I smiled down at the beautiful girl, and looked down. Oops! I thought, I was still laying on top of Rowen, I giggled nervously, and sat up.

"Sorry about smashing into you."

"It's fine I didn't mind at all." Somehow I thought she meant that in another way, but I wasn't sure.

"Do you want to show me around this world?"

"Sure! I'll show you a magical place, or as magical as it gets in the human world." She stood up, and helped me up as well. A hot sizzle went through my body at the touch of her hand, and I had a feeling that Rowen, and I would become very close.

"AMY! You went into your own world again." I was shaken back into the real world.

"Sorry Ro, I was thinking back to the first day we met." Ro smiled, and her eyes twinkled.

"Did you get to the part when we first kissed?"

"No, not yet, but I'm sure I will sometime today." I smiled back at her. "Wanna see if we still have that spark?" Knowing I was in bad territory didn't mean I didn't want Ro's lips on mine. I knew she was gonna agree, she nodded, and pulled me close.

"I still love you." I looked away from her, and sighed.

"I know." I brought her lips back towards mine, breathing hard, I teased her lips with my tongue gently before I crushed them to mine. We both moaned at the same time, heat shooting up our spines, my skin tingled, and I had an urge to bring Ro closer.

I slipped an arm around her waist, and pulled her closer, our bodies touched, breasts to breasts, belly to belly, we kissed harder, and longer not wanting to end the kiss, but knowing I must. I pulled away from Ro, and into her eyes, eyes --that I knew if I kept this up-- would contract in pain, and sorrow. Eyes that I loved, part of the woman I loved, but could not have. 


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