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The True Darkness of Lakewood- Book Two; Mated Forever

Novel By: Meggie1495

Ella Makyla is a 21 year old collage student in Lakewood,PA. But one night after a night out with her friends drinking at the local bar a handsome vampire appear before the innocent beauty. She is afraid that he'll kill her, she never knew vampires exist but that didn't bother her right at that moment. When the vampire turns out to be a complete gentleman besides the fact that he is a cocky SOB she is intrigued and he even tells her all calmly that he's kidnapping her. But the worse thing of all she likes him and he wants to sleep with her a persevere his race of vampires by creating a little one! Will Ella agree to this or will she be stubborn and not realize that Trent may be cocky but he's sweet. And the one thing that could seal the deal he may be the One.
Well i wont keep You waiting here is Mated 4ever...... View table of contents...


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Muhaha Ella's being a bit of a tease not nice! I hope you like this chapter this is the last chapter before the BIG CONQUEST OF ELLA. Yes im naming it something like that lol here it is.....

Chapter Fourteen
I was so tired, I had a eventful day keeping an eye on Dayton, cooking with my mom, and talking to Trent between everything. I had a feeling the day wasn't over just yet, as Sara walked up to me, she looked like she was about to burst with excitement.
"Alright so whats the big secret?" Sara looked around, Trent and mom were in the kitchen talking and Dayton was already asleep.
"Follow me." We went into my old room right next to Dayton's. Sitting on the bed I patted it down and she plopped down beside me. "Josh is alive." *I KNEW IT!!* My mind screamed at me.
"Really? Oh Sara that's great, if he's alive why didn't he come here?" Sara sighed and looked back at me.
"Your gonna think I'm insane."
"I already do, so you might as well spill it." Sara didn't look so impressed.
"Josh is...well...he's a vampire." My mouth dropped open. "I'm not crazy."
"Sara I don't think your crazy, I know vampires exist."
"How?" Was all she said.
"Keep a secret?" Sara nodded. "Trent's a vampire, too." Sara blinked then hit her head with the palm of her hand.
"Should have known too handsome to be human, how long have you really known him for?"
"Eh ha...four days."
"Have you slept with him?" I bit my lip and shook my head.
"Like I'd give him my virginity that quickly."
"Oh really? You weren't acting like that this morning." I looked up startled, and the re was Trent looking at me, quite angry.
"Trent that's not what I mean and you know it." Trent look very unhappy. "Trent don't look like that, I was not insulting you."
"I thought I made it clear that no one was suppose to know about vampires, Ella."
"Sara just told me my brother alive and a vampire, I didn't tell her like it was no big deal."
"Your brothers a vamp? What's his name?"
"Does he have blackish brown hair, about six foot three and grey eyes?"
"Yes, how did you know? Do you know him?"
"Well yes I do, I was there when Drake saved his life changing him."
"Wow. Have you seen him lately?" I asked Sara, and for once she blushed.
"Last night, he stopped by and I fainted. He was so very happy about the baby, you should have seen his face, he wants me after the baby's born to turn."
"Like to a vampire?"
"Yea, he wants to be together no matter what, he doesn't care about anything, but being with me. Such a sweetie." I nodded and yawned. "Oh I'm keeping you up aren't I? I'm tired too, so I leave both of you alone." Sara gave me a hug and a kiss before she walked out.
"Are you feeling any better?" Trent asked with concern. I shrugged.
"I can still feel his hands on me, but hopefully that will go away."
"You know I'm gonna kill him right?" I nodded. He kissed my head. "So do you wanna sleep?"
"Yea I just want to take a shower, I'll be back in a few."
When I came back, he was laying on the bed reading. He looked up at me and I was in a bathrobe with my hair in a towel, I walked over to my drawer and pulled it open.
"I have a lot of clothes still here so I should pack a bag while we are here." I said pulling out an old nightgown, it was short with spaghetti straps, silk and black. I grabbed a pair of underwear and pulled them on under my bathrobe, I untied the bathrobe letting it drop as I slipped on my night. I turned back to Trent he had his mouth dropped open and he was breathing hard. "Oh I'm sorry you weren't expecting that were you?" I said giggling.
"That and the very nice and short nightgown." I looked down at myself.
"Am I being a little mean? Well to bad, I get to torture you a bit and you get me back for it tomorrow." Trent bursted out laughing.
"Is my butterfly getting naughty?" I nodded as the closed door got a knock.
"Hold on." I called as I found my other regular silk black robe and threw it over myself tying it. I looked at Trent and he was covered up. I Pulled the door open and my mom was standing there with her brown hair down and her grey eyes sparkling. She looked very pretty even in old PJ bottoms and a tank.
"Your father gonna be home any minute now, so you should either hide in your bedroom keeping Trent safe for the night or just letting your father have a fit that his little girl has a boyfriend." I laughed.
"Is dad picking up the twins?"
"He better or I'll have to kick his ass back out to fetch them." I giggled more and looked back at Trent.
"You might want to put some clothes on or my father will have more of a fit if he saw a half naked man in my bed, babe." He chuckled.
"Don't think I could handle your dad?"
"You don't stand a chance. So put some PJ bottoms on and a tee." He groaned.
"I hate PJ's." He muttered. I rolled my eyes.
"I better put on some real PJ's too, Dad would freak completely if he saw the nightgown I'm wearing.
"Is it the one I bought you for your eighteenth birthday?"
"Yes, you thought cause I was an adult I should have adult lingerie." "Well, I'l get change. Hold Dad off from coming in here if he doesn't want to freak out more."
I said as I closed the door. I turned around and Trent was in a shirt, but looked frustrated. "Hold on I have some of my brothers old PJ bottoms, I used to wear them all the time. They should work." I threw them at him and quickly found a tank and pink princess hippo PJ bottoms.
"Babe gotta say I like the bottoms." I laughed and opened the door. I heard a car rolling up I jogged to the couch and sat down acting chill. Trent sat down next to me and started flipping threw the channels using the remote that was on the couch, I snuggled to him pretending I didn't hear anything.
The door opened up and there was my dad holding each one of the girls up so they didn't fall down asleep.
"Jovi, I need your help." My mom ran out and threw herself at dad hugging him. "Not that kind of help babe." He said, chuckling.
"I know the twins." My mom bent down and looked at each one of her daughters. "Sadie come here." Mom grabbed Sadie the only on the right and picked her up, she was light for a ten year old. They both carried the twins to their room in the attic, it was pink and insulated. Dad carried Emma and she was already sleeping.
When they came back they were holding hands and talking, I was standing in the living room and Dad looked at me.
"Elly, your home!" He grabbed me and lifted me up hugging me tightly, by the time he put me down Trent had stood as well.
"Hi, Daddy. Trent I'd like you to meet my Dad, Weston. Dad this is my boyfriend Trenton." Trent held out his hand.
"It's nice to meet you sir." He said with he usual formality, smiling. Dad looked taken by surprise by Trent and his manners. My Dad took his hand and pumped it.
"It's interesting to met you Trenton, but I hope you know your no even close enough to be good for my daughter." I rolled my eyes.
"Dad, be nice." Trent just chuckled.
"It's alright butterfly, yes sir I get that a lot. Some even have kicked me out the second they have met me. I'm use to it, people think I'm a scoundrel and I don't denied it."
"Trent I really don't think this is time for you to show your unbelievable ego and cockiness." My Dad itched his light five o'clock shadow and sighed.
"Honest, I think honesty is the best in a man. I hate to admit it, but I like you Trenton." My mouth dropped open and I looked at mom.
"Well, West you completely shocked both of us. Trenton is a good man though he even helped in the kitchen without complaint." Dad nodded.
"Good, well I hope he's good to you Ella, because if he isn't his ass is mine. So is my little boy sleeping?" Dad asked Mom.
"Yes, but he will wake up in a few for his midnight snack. You can feed him, if you want."
"Of course I will, I missed my Dayton. Is Sara around?"
"She went to bed as well in Josh's old room." He nodded.
"Good night Ella. When I'm done feeding Dayton, you better be in bed Jovi." Dad had a glint in his eyes and I gagged.
"I so didn't need to get that secret message, but I did! EW!" I said, shaking my head. My mom rolled her eyes.
"How do you think I had Dayton, Ella really." I shutter and said.
"The stork." I gave my Dad and Mom a kiss and hug. Trent laughed at me.
"How long have you thought the stork brought your sisters and brother now, butterfly?"
"Twenty three years next January." I said being funny.
"Ha ha, come on you need your sleep." He said that and I yawned.
"Night, mom dad." Trent wrapped his arm around my waist and brought me to my room. I plopped on my side of the bed and he shut the door gently. He crawled next to me and shut off the lamp.
We listened to each other breathe for awhile before I pulled myself closer, I put my face on his chest and smelt his relaxing scent. Peppermint and cherries, my two favorite scents.
"Yes, butterfly?"
"You promise tomorrow, right?" He chuckled lightly his breath caressing my hair.
"Yes love, after sometime with the family we'll go home. I have everything all planned out, your gonna love it. By the way what is your favorite flavor." I smelled him again.
"The way you smell like." Trent brushed my face.
"What do I smell like?"
"Mmm peppermints and cherries." He kissed my lips gently and pulled the covers over us incasing us in our world of each others breathing and their smells.


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