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The True Darkness of Lakewood- Book Two; Mated Forever

Novel By: Meggie1495

Ella Makyla is a 21 year old collage student in Lakewood,PA. But one night after a night out with her friends drinking at the local bar a handsome vampire appear before the innocent beauty. She is afraid that he'll kill her, she never knew vampires exist but that didn't bother her right at that moment. When the vampire turns out to be a complete gentleman besides the fact that he is a cocky SOB she is intrigued and he even tells her all calmly that he's kidnapping her. But the worse thing of all she likes him and he wants to sleep with her a persevere his race of vampires by creating a little one! Will Ella agree to this or will she be stubborn and not realize that Trent may be cocky but he's sweet. And the one thing that could seal the deal he may be the One.
Well i wont keep You waiting here is Mated 4ever...... View table of contents...


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HELLO! My wonder fans, this is it! To tell you the truth this is a chapter before the big u know, but dont worry i'm posting this chapter and the sex chapter together. They were too long together so i had to split it, ENJOY! :D

Chapter Fifteen
Swirling everything swirling, holding me he was holding me and the swirling didn't bother me too much. It felt as the world was moving quickly and my universe just containing its massive spin barley, by using all its might. I was held by Trent, but then his loving arms were gone and I was toppling on the ground unable to say still for the thing to keep me still was gone. Tears fell from my eyes splashing the ground and plants grew from the spilt tears tall and steady, my pain keeping them alive. I grabbed one tree to see if it hold me like my lover once had, but it didn't I was flung from the steadiness and onto the ground again, crying more. Then I knew nothing as the earth enfolded me in its core and I cried out as the light of my world and Trent's outstretched arms, were gone.
As the darkness disappeared I heard quiet murmuring and warm bands around my waist, I slowly felt to world coming back as the murkiness went back to once it came for. I opened my eyes to a softly lit room and Trent's well loved face, it was formed in worry and his eyes swept over my sleepy features, brushing my face lightly with the back of his hand Trent licked his lips as they were chapped.
"Ella, sweetie? Are you alright?" I numbly looked at him and sighed, rubbing my eyes.
"I think so." Trent looked at me, and a weird expression came over his face.
"You were having a very strange dream, are you sure it didn't upset you?" Now it all came back to me, Trent's arming the world moving and my tears growing the trees.
"Well, yeah it is kinda upsetting me, it was so weird, but I understood everything. It just came out of the blue."
"Maybe from all the stress you been having and when... when Frank tried to hurt you?" I nodded, agreeing.
"Probably, anyways what time is it?" He looked at the digital clock and back at me.
"What! And nobody has tried to wake us?"
"Sara put them off of it saying we have become night owls and wouldn't get up even if they woke us up. She's very smart you know." He got a strange look on his face. His throat constricted and he jump away from me quickly.
"Whats wrong Trent?" He was breathing deeply and his eyes were turning a more golden green. *Oops, I've seen this look before.* "Trent you really need to start taking care of your self better, come here and I'll give you some blood." He shook his head and pressed himself firmly against the wall. I frowned at him. "Trent either you come here or I'm coming to you, either way your getting fed." He shook his head again.
"I can't Ella, you taste so sweet I may over feed. I can't risk that." I rolled my eyes and stood up going to him. "Ella, butterfly please. Even this close..." He trailed off as I stepped up to him, I pushed my body to him and tilted my head to the side baring my throat.
"This is your blood too Trent, I'm yours so its only fair to share my blood." He looked down at me.
"If I hurt you, I'll never forgive myself." His fangs came out and lightly traced patters on my neck, sighing I arched my neck more to his mouth and he pulled me to the bed. Laying me down he licked my neck gently before, quickly inserting his fangs into me. I felt so pain just a nice pleasure as I gave him my life force for his health. He drank for only a minute, but durning that time I being very wet. I sighed again knowing he could fix that later tonight.
When he pulled back my eyes were closed and I was breathing evenly. "Ella?" He said my name, worry laced into his voice I opened my eyes and smiled up at him.
"I'm fine." But my lower anatomy wasn't it pulsed and throbbed, I tried to ignore it as best I could. "Lets go see how much mom has finished."
"Wait Ella." He bit his thumb a little tiny splash of blood leaked out and he gently placed two dropped on each of my bit marks. It healed slowly, like going backwards in time before it disappeared all together.
"Wow." I breathed out, amazed. "Now that was magical." Trent chuckled and kissed me fully on the lips.
"More to come butterfly, more to come." I smiled, and tugged Trent closer to me, giving him one last kiss. I opened my mouth without thinking and almost spilled my heart to him, but to hide my thoughts I grabbed him and threw him on the bed and sat on him laughing. "Well, well is my butterfly being silly today?" I nodded and nipped at his lip before I got up. I stuck my tongue out at him and opened the door leaving him wonder what the hell has gotten in me.
I practically skipped into the kitchen and saw Sara sitting in a chair cutting up some potatoes.
"Lazy today Sar?" She looked up at me and shook her head.
"No, if you must know my ankles have swollen up and I can't stand for very long without them killing me." I patted her head.
"Oh I'm sorry Sara, do you need anything?" She laughed.
"Such a giver, no I'm alright, I took some Tylenol. So it should decrease the swelling a bit." I looked over to my mom, who was happily humming and putting the cherry cheese cake in the oven. Mom had a glow on her.
"Why do I notice these things?" I asked somewhat mad. Mom looked at me strangely, then got what I meant. She started laughing.
"Darling I really don't know what to tell you." I groaned and looked around.
"Wheres Dad, Dayton and the twins?" Mom giggling looking out the window, I followed suit. Dad and the girls were having a snow fight, but instead of fighting each other the were throwing snowballs at, Trent! "How did he get out there? I didn't see him walk outside." Mom shrugged her shoulders, and Dayton waddled to Trent and he picked him up while dodging many snowballs. Dayton's face was lit in excitement and he was giggling as Trent gave him a small snowball and threw it back at Trent's face. I laughed and fell on the ground, still giggling.
"It started snowing around midnight last night and now its a good two feet." Mom said, shaking her head. "Could you tell them to get their butts in here to warm up so they don't get sick?"
"Yup." I said dashing for the door and just grabbing one of my old winter coats, not wanting to ruin my new one. I pulled on some gloves and jogged outside to the side of the yard to a war zone. There was snow flying in every direction.
"Mom wants you guys in, before you all get sick." I said, Trent put Dayton down and he waddle to Dad giggling he picked up a snowball and threw it at me. It landing square in the middle of my chest.
I grinned evilly. "Trenton Reed! That was your finale mistake this is now a WAR!" I said dodging for a snowball and chucking it at Trent's surprised face. He picked up two and tried to throw them at me, I rolled out of the way tumbling and grabbing another snowball and threw it at him all at once.
My Dad laughed out loud as it hit him square in the face, "Trenton your not gonna win, Ella is queen of the snowball wars."
"Ah so my butterflies a warrior queen? Nice!" He said chucking another ball at me, I stepped out of the way laughing. Realizing he was never gonna get me from a distance he ran across the yard and tackled me. I tried to rolled away, but he held on. I pushed him and rolled atop him, I gave him a huge whitewash and he sputtered. I wiped his face off and stuck my tongue out at him. He growled and pulled me down for a kiss. I let him and he took all my air out of my lungs.
"EWWW! Ella your kissing a boy!" Sadie said, Emma giggled.
"Not eww but ah I want a boyfriend like that!" Emma admitted. My Dad groaned. I pulled myself off of Trent laughing.
"So Emma's the big girly girl, huh? You like boys Emma." Emma nodded, enthusiastically while Sadie gagged.
"Boys are gross." Trent chuckled standing up he helped me up as well.
"Come on you two Mom wants us in." The twins nodded and Dayton looked some disappointed as we made our way inside the house.
* * *
I pushed my plate away from me groaning, I had just eaten a lot of food plus Mom cherry cheese cake and I couldn't eat another bit. Everyone was sitting at the table either finishing their food or desserts. Trent, nodded to something Sara said to him keeping his hand lightly on my knee squeezing it once in awhile. I sat next to my Mom and Trent, she gave me discreet glances every time Trent did something very sweet.
He helped Sadie cut her food, help Dayton eat his so everyone else could eat as well, he got up every time I started to, to get me whatever I wanted from the kitchen. We had dragged out the long table into the huge area in the living room and were eating there.
He was a complete gentleman even standing up when one of the girls stood up saying it was polite to sit while a lady was standing. He put my father to shame, but he didn't seem to mind it too much. When I was done he picked up my plate kissing my head before bringing it to the kitchen. I sighed and closed my eyes very happy.
When everyone else had finished eating Trent had picked up all their dishes and put them in the sink and started to wash them telling my mom that she had done enough for the day, she had cooked a wonderful mean. She had blushed and thanked him returning to the living room.
When Trent was done with the dishes he came out into the living room.
"Ella?" I turned my face up to him and smiled.
"We should get going if we want to catch Carla and Drake for that thing we were gonna do." I was confused until I got he was using Carla as a cover up.
"Yes, I suppose we should." I said, standing up stretching. Mom stood up and gave me a hug.
"We'll see you and Trent soon, right?" I nodded.
"Christmas Day." Everyone else gave me a big hug and Dayton held on to me knowing I was leaving. "I'll see you soon too, buddy be good." I kissed him on the head and gave him back to Mom. "Sadie, Emma try not to make Dad too insane, ok?" They nodded. I grabbed my new coat slipping it on with Trent's help and waved to my family Dad gave me a quick hug and we left. I climbed into Trent sexy car and turned it on, he climbed in and smiled at me.


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