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The True Darkness of Lakewood- Book Two; Mated Forever

Novel By: Meggie1495

Ella Makyla is a 21 year old collage student in Lakewood,PA. But one night after a night out with her friends drinking at the local bar a handsome vampire appear before the innocent beauty. She is afraid that he'll kill her, she never knew vampires exist but that didn't bother her right at that moment. When the vampire turns out to be a complete gentleman besides the fact that he is a cocky SOB she is intrigued and he even tells her all calmly that he's kidnapping her. But the worse thing of all she likes him and he wants to sleep with her a persevere his race of vampires by creating a little one! Will Ella agree to this or will she be stubborn and not realize that Trent may be cocky but he's sweet. And the one thing that could seal the deal he may be the One.
Well i wont keep You waiting here is Mated 4ever...... View table of contents...


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Chapter Sixteen
We got to our house quickly, he didn't comment on the fact that I sped a few times, being impatient. When we pulled up to house I parked it and tripped out of the car. Trent sped over and caught me before I fell on my face.
"Whats your hurry, butterfly?" I looked at him, and he just chuckled. We walked into the living room. "Stay here, love. I have to get everything perfect." He walked to a door by the TV, I thought it was a closet, but it was a set of stairs going down. *Must be a basement.*
He came back a minute later with two bags, one was a normal shopping bag the other was a lingerie bag. He gave me the other paper bag shopping bag. I pulled out a black bikini, I blushed.
"Trent, you really want me to wear this?" He nodded, begging with his eyes. "Why?"
"You'll find out." I sighed and told him to wait as I went into the kitchen and changed. When I came back he was already in swimming trunks. He grabbed my hand and pulled me to the basement stairs he kept the lights off, but there was a faint glow down further. He helped my down the stairs and at the bottom of them, I gasped.
There were candles all around me and they smelled like Peppermint, and I saw a hot tub with cherry blossom petals in the water, the steam was floating up and it smelled heavenly.
"Trent oh my god." I said with tears in my eyes I flew at him and gave him a big hug. "How did you mange it?" He chuckled.
"I'm a vampire also, I had Thea help me get somethings while I was with you." I giggled.
"Was she jealous?" His nose twitched.
"Probably. Enough talk of my horny sister, lets take a dip." There were wooden stairs and I walked across the plush carpet to them and climbed up them and into the hot tub. Sinking down I sighed with the hot water and bubbles caressing my skin and muscles.
He sat down next to me and pulled me close, with his arm wrapped around my shoulders. I smiled and put my face to his neck murmuring my approval.
"I'm glad you like it, baby." I kissed his chest and relaxed as his fingers traced their way down my back and up. He smiled and pulled away, when I protested he shushed me and swam over to a built in mini fridge. He pulled out two chilled wine glass' and Champagne. I looked at it and it was strawberry flavored.
"I couldn't fine any cherry flavor, sorry." I smiled more.
"Don't be sorry this is all so wonderful." His eyes twinkled.
"It will get better." He pressed a button on the side of the tub and a small TV popped out. It had a DVD player that could play CD's. He turned it on and hit play. Soft calming music pored out and then I realized it was my favorite band Evanescence.
"How did you know?" I whispered.
"I asked Jovi, she knew it was one of your bands you listened too. And I found I enjoyed it." He swam closer to me and we cuddled for awhile talking about things in quiet voices, about ourselves. We told each other our favorite color, he said blue and I said green. He chuckled at that, brushing my hair from my face. After an hour in the tub, he stood up.
"I'll be right back with some towels." I nodded to happy to care, I wanted to see what the rest of the night would hold. He came back with fluffy white towels and I climbed out, he gave me a quick rubbed down, which I didn't mind for it kept his hands on me. After I was mostly dried he gave me the other bag.
"After you put this on follow me to the bedroom." I nodded and he was gone. I dropped the towel, and looked in the bag. I pulled out a white nightgown, it was satin, with one inch straps, mid thigh length with trims of lace on the low cut of the dress and on the edges of it as well.
I pulled off the bikini and wrapped it in the towel I put on the nightgown and it was not so see through but you could see the dusky shadows of my nipples, sighing as it couldn't be helped I blow out the candles grabbing the towel and heading up the stairs.
I got on the first floor and there were more cherry blossom petals on the floor directing me to the stairs and to our bedroom. I threw my towel in the hamper in the bathroom first and stepped in our bedroom. It had more peppermint candles lit and Trent sitting there on the bed with jeans on, I cocked my head confused.
He held out lotion and grinned, it was a coconut and cherry blend, he must of been able to smell the lotion I used on my body.
"Come lay down on your stomach, butterfly." I sat on the end of the bed on my knees and gave Trent cheek a quick kiss before I complied him. Laying on my stomach and tried to relax, but I couldn't too much I was way too excited. I heard him opening up the bottle and softly squirting out the lotion. I felt him crawl towards me, and then his hands were on my shoulders softly messaging them, I groaned as he worked knots out of my shoulders.
He brushed my hair out of the way and started on the back of my neck, moaning as it relaxed. Heat flashed through my body, and I ignored it wanting Trent to work out all my knots. His hands stopped briefly.
"Babe, can you lift your hips so I can pull up the nightgown and rub your back?" He asked quietly and I lifted my hips slightly and he slid the satin up my thighs, butt and back. He placed it back down on my shoulders. I heard him get more lotion, warming it in his hands he started on my back, kneading me with his firm, yet gently fingers. After another ten minutes he pulled back and pulled down my nightgown.
I sat up and looked at him with wide and confused eyes. He smiled tenderly, placing the bottle on the table. He pulled me gently to him and brushed my hair. He looked into my eyes and smiled again. "Are you ready?" I blinked up at him and nodded, slowly. He pushed me on the bed and sat back drinking in my looks, I blushed and squirmed under his intense gaze.
He just shook his head and leaned down his lips came in contact with mine and I lost all my breathing ability. His soft hands roamed, over my legs, up my thighs, around my waist. I sighed as this haze grew around me and I became wet as his hand traveled to my breasts, he looked at my semi hard nipples and flicked them gently with his fingers.
I moaned out loud, and he descended his head to them and gently sucked on them, when he nipped them, I pushed his head away shaking my own. Frank's ugly face flashed before me, and Trent saw it as well. He kissed me again and started lightly playing with my breasts, caressing them through the satin, cupping them, and kneading them. His hands slipped under the satin and lifted it up, I sat up and let him pull it off of me, blushing a bit I crossed my arms over my suddenly cold and vulnerable breasts.
His gaze softened, pulling my chin to him he kissed me hard and I whimpered. I had another flashback of Franks hard lips pushing against mine. He pulled back, muttering. "Sorry, butterfly."
He nibbling on my lip and lightly kissed me again. I moaned and tugged on his silky hair threading my hands through it. I brushed my own hand down, getting a bit brazen as I felt for his button on his pants, I undid them and he pulled them off leaving us both just in our underwear. I panicked a bit and started breathing hard, Trent nibbled at my neck and collar bone and I relaxed again.
Trent laid me back down on the bed and started kissing my legs and thighs working his way up till he was face to face with my womanhood, I blushed a scarlet red and tried to push his head away, he chuckled and hooked his fingers on the side of my panties, looking up at me, I nodded.
He tugged off my wet panties and kissed every inch of my legs and thighs while doing it. I quivered, and he threw the panties down with my nightgown. He came to face my most intimate part of me again, closing my eyes I pretending he wasn't looking at me. He slowly and very gently pushed my thighs apart, my eyes flashed open as I felt his hot breath getting closer, I gasped as his mouth closed around my sensitive nub.
I cried out in all abandonment as he sucked on it, and flicked his tongue fast on my nub. I shook, my body on the edge of something, I pushed my hips to Trent seeking oblivion, searching for what my body was straining for. And I found it, screaming as my hips shoved to Trent's mouth I rocked on a flood of sensation and release.
Once I came down from that I was panting, and my fluids leaked from me, I still wanted more. I looked up at Trent in surprise and he nodded, understanding. He slowly pealed off his boxers and I saw his manhood poke out hard, long and wide. I gulped, afraid of him coming into me, yet worried he wouldn't. He threw the boxer on the ground with the rest of the clothes.
Sliding up closer to me, he nibbled at my lips, shoulders and I let him nibble on my nipples, but gently. His penis pressed to my thigh, white hot heat burned me, and I became even more so wet. He spread my thighs again very slowly and gently, trying not to frighten me. His fingers glided over my nub, making the petals of my sex open, he held them open and looked at me.
"Yes, Trent." I said the first words since we began, and he understood that is was most certainly time.
He slowly slid closer, slipping the head of him into me I tensed. He kissed me, relaxing my by messaging my nub again, I sighed. He slipped even more into me and with a gently thrust he torn into me. I cried out in slight pain and he froze. He gently kissed me and rubbed my nub in slow circler motions, tears slid down my face and he kissed them away. Murmuring his sorry over and over again.
The pain became no more than a sweet ache, and my lower anatomy loosened. I sighed in relief and whispered to Trent.
"I'm alright." He slowly nodded, and started with short easy thrusts, I moaned a bit and rocked my hips back and forth. Some sweet built up was coming and I welcomed it, he began a faster pace and I kept up with him as much as I could. I tensed in anticipation and a softer, but more intense release.
"TRENT." I cried out, and felt him shake and tense, he groaned out.
"Ella." And shot his seed deep into me.


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