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The True Darkness of Lakewood- Book Two; Mated Forever

Novel By: Meggie1495

Ella Makyla is a 21 year old collage student in Lakewood,PA. But one night after a night out with her friends drinking at the local bar a handsome vampire appear before the innocent beauty. She is afraid that he'll kill her, she never knew vampires exist but that didn't bother her right at that moment. When the vampire turns out to be a complete gentleman besides the fact that he is a cocky SOB she is intrigued and he even tells her all calmly that he's kidnapping her. But the worse thing of all she likes him and he wants to sleep with her a persevere his race of vampires by creating a little one! Will Ella agree to this or will she be stubborn and not realize that Trent may be cocky but he's sweet. And the one thing that could seal the deal he may be the One.
Well i wont keep You waiting here is Mated 4ever...... View table of contents...


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Hey this is it things start heating up and the plot starts to really unfold in this chappie, enjoy as always :D\

Chapter Nineteen
Trent came over to me, grabbing my waist holding me nicely, as I fit with such ease to his chest. Drake chuckled, looking at Trent with his eyebrows raised.
"When did Trenton Vantenio most sought after player of The New England vamps became such a... Sweetheart?" Drake asked, choking on the last word. Trent's face harden, and he growled at Drake, he looked pretty menacing with his face harsh and eyes cold.
"Trent." I said, sweetly. "Calm down, take a breath your not thinking." I knew exactly what he was gonna do, he was gonna prove he was manly and not a sweetheart by doing something he would regret. He looked at me with eyes so foreign, he wasn't my mate, my lover or friend at the moment, I would be hurt if I did anything sudden.
I slowly slid out of Trent's grasp and ran to hid behind Lena and Sam, scared out of my mind. Lena patted my head.
"It happens once a month sweetie, I think it like a brother kind of bonding." I nodded looking at the foreign vampire, Drake backed down shaking his head.
"Chill Trenton you win this one." Trent still looked mad and thats when a sort of frenzy came into his eyes when he looked at me, I gulped knowing he was thirsty. He ran to me without thought and grabbed me thrusting me up to the nearest wall. He didn't hurt me just got the air out of my lungs, his fangs came out, cold eyes staring at my neck.
He was hungry, I sighed knowing this madness would not stop till he got what he wanted, the others were afraid to move, to make him more upset. I tipped me neck to the side.
"Go on, it's alright." I closed my eyes hoping it wouldn't hurt, when nothing happened, I opened my eyes again and his eyes were softening understanding flooding them.
"Ella?" I nodded. "Wha-." I shushed him and he let me down gently, confused.
"Drake pissed you off a bit and you went a little wonky, but no big deal." I patted him on the check and pulled away from the wall with the others looking at me surprised.
"How did you calm him down?" I just shrugged.
"I just was gonna let him drink, and he started calming down. No big deal." Lena and Sam looked shocked at me. "What?" Trent sighed, coming up to me looking at me.
"I didn't hurt you right?" I shook my head. "Well, us vamps are very sensitive creatures, we get pissed off, happy, sad or just neutral so quickly and easily, but we never calm down unless who ever did it had some strong feelings to the vampire." My mind went into override. I panicked and laughed.
"Trent your my mate, it's not that big of a deal." I turned away from him and missed his look of hurt. I looked at the kids, they were playing with toys and laughing as the made games up, Lila gazed at me with baby interest. I went up to her she was still in Lena's arms and I smiled.
"Your very pretty, did you know that." Lila nodded, giggling, I glanced at Sam who was behind Lena hugging her. "Your daughter is gorgeous Samantha, by the way I'm Ella." Sam's face lit up.
"Well, you know my name already, but just keep it at Sam. Thank you, so much, Mommy's baby is a beautiful girl. You want to come here Lila?" Lila retched for her mommy, and I felt guilty for feeling the pang of jealously in my heart. Sam looked up at me, holding her little girl. "Do you wanna hold her, Ella?" She asked me, my eyes flickered in surprise, but I bit my lip and nodded.
Sam held out Lila and I picked her from her waist, I pressed her to my chest and she seemed to enjoy my warmth as she snuggled down grabbing a stray piece of my hair. She twirled it in her hand and placed it in her mouth experimentally before deciding it tasted yummy and held it in her mouth sucking on it.
"Aren't you a sweetheart?" She smiled at me, so gorgeous like and I snuggled her closer, she gave a baby yawn and starting to take a nap in my arms. He lilic colored eyelids swooped down, her mouth forming another 'o' shape and held the piece of hair in her tiny hand, with the tip lightly brushing her pick delicate face.
"She's never warmed up that quickly to someone she doesn't know before. I guess that just says something about you, huh Ella?"
"Hmm, yea I guess." I was still watching Lila, so peaceful in my arms, so angelic. I got another flash of jealously, and my stomach rumbled, Lila's eyes flashed open she looked somewhat irked for being disturbed. "Ha sorry Lila, is there any food around, I'm starved." Trent chuckled, looking cocky, he walked over to the bar and pulled out a bag of my favorite chips in the world. Barbecue. He also picked up a bottle of blood.
"Sam I think you forgot to do something." Sam looked over and gasped.
"Oh Mama forgot to feed you huh, Lila?" Lila nodded and retched for the bottle Trent had in his hand. He handed Lila her bottle. She smiled and started suckling, but she kept letting the bottle go so I just held the bottle for her. "I can do that Ella, then you can eat." I nodded and slowly handed Lila back to her mum.
I grabbed the bag from Trent, plopped down in a chair, ripped the bag open and began munching. I think I accidentally moaned, licking my lips I crushed a few chips in my hand eating the crumbs.
"Ella, you eat your food weird. Didn't your mom teach you not to play with your food?"
"Well, yes, but then I guess the same would apply to you, I'll eat food my way and you eat yours your way." I gave him a look so he knows what I was talking about, Trent gave me a surprised look, and a light blush ran to my cheeks, staining them.
"I guess the innocent Ella isn't no more hmm?" Drake asked, laughing as Trent growled in the back of his throat. Thats when Licia ran through the door.
"Drake, come quickly Frank's ripping downtown apart, he's gonna expose us all!" Drake went right to action, he threw on his coat, grabbed a pair of shoes and gave Trent a look.
"You head home Trent, keep Ella safe, who knows what Frank might try." I became immediately scared and sent Trent a distressed look. Trent came over to me and held onto me, rocking me trying to sooth me.
I stood up and kept my hold on Trent not wanting him to leave me for a second, I didn't want to be anywhere near Frank.
"Anything else Licia?"
"Frank has a little gang, some of the druggies that he must have turned into vamps, and I think he may be trying to finish the queen of Texas started. A full blow war, and to seize the kingdom." Drake spat out a curse and turned around to Sam.
"Sam your my first in charge I need to you find, Amy, Ned, Ray, Farley, and Della. We need the team of defenders, Trent your part of that, but you need to keep Ella safe, Frank may just be doing this so he can get Ella, and because she's your human mate you need to take care of her, understood?"
"Yes, Drake. Sam do you think when your done finding everyone can you find my sister? Send her to the house and tell her to be careful." Sam nodded, handing Lila to Lena she gave them and Deon and kiss before running out.
"Licia, stay here and help guard, wheres Julian?"
"Holding off the vamps from our shop, you need to go help him."
"I'll send him back here to help you, be careful everyone, Trent get going." Trent wasted no time, picked me up and ran to the car sliding in on his side of the car he put me on my side, and buckled me up.
"Hold on butterfly I'll keep you safe." Trent floored the car and sped off down to our house. When he pulled up to it, I jumped out of the car running to the door, Trent opened it up and gently got us inside. He turned on the lights looking around. "Stay right next to me till I know it's safe." I nodded and we walked to the kitchen, turning the lights on, I gasped.
Thea was siting on the floor, drink a bottle of Scot, which in its own right would be fine if A. She wasn't a vampire and B. If she wasn't crying.
"Thea, what's wrong?" I ask. Thea wiped her eyes and took another sip of the Scot.
"Just depressed." Trent got down on his knee's and made her look up into his eyes.
"How depressed, on a scale from one to ten?" Thea sighed.
"I'm not that depressed, Trent. I would have told you, I guess I'm a five."
"Well, it's better than your usual numbers." Thea nodded, in agreement and kept drinking.
"I'm kinda confused." Thea smirked.
"I'd be surprised if you weren't. In about 1990, I was finally diagnosed with sever depression and anger management problems. I've learn I had it since our mother walked out, when Trent and I were little. Our father died soon after, poor bastard trying to raise two half vampires and with a wife who left him. With one of them a messed up girl with issues and Trent with protection problems himself."
"How did you two survive?"
"Drake was five hundred years old and decided to raise us with his maker to help, his maker's Rain. They did the best they could and I suppose we turned out alright, right Trenton?" Trent nodded and looked good at Thea.
"You sure your ok?"
"Yea I'll live." Thea took another sip of her drink, then put the cover back on shoving it under the sink.
"Thea have you heard any weird noises while here?"
"Nope just my pathetic crying, but I may have missed something, why?"
"Frank's trying to finish what queen Anthea started, or it could be a ploy to distract us and get Ella. So you stay down here with Ella and I'll check the rest of the house." Thea nodded. Trent was out of the room and heading up the stairs in a second. Thea pulled out a chair, sitting on it heavily, she sighed, looking around the room.
"Everyone wants you." I pulled out my own chair and nodded.
"I'm trying to be brave for Trent, but it's all so hard and I'm scared."
"That's natural, some of our kind give fear very easily and enjoy it."
"That is sick." Thea nodded.
"Yup it is." I looked at Thea and I felt so bad for her.
"Thea I know you like me." Surprise flashed through her eyes and she sat up.
"If I could be good for you, if I could like you, I'd go out with you, but I'm happy with Trent I'm only good for him because he's the things I need and I'm the things he needs. I like Trent." Thea looked intently at me and her words sounded shaky.
"Your lying about liking Trent, you more than like him." I shrugged.
"It's true, that's another reason why I'm not good for you. Someday soon, you'll fine a girl who you like and she likes you back. You'll both be happy and you'll be thankful I didn't let us happened." Thea smirked, and chuckled.
"I've been waiting for over four hundred years for someone to come along and if your not it then I'm screwed, but I do understand that you don't like me that way. And for once in my life I suppose if your happy even if it's with my own brother I'm happy."


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