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The True Darkness of Lakewood- Book Two; Mated Forever

Novel By: Meggie1495

Ella Makyla is a 21 year old collage student in Lakewood,PA. But one night after a night out with her friends drinking at the local bar a handsome vampire appear before the innocent beauty. She is afraid that he'll kill her, she never knew vampires exist but that didn't bother her right at that moment. When the vampire turns out to be a complete gentleman besides the fact that he is a cocky SOB she is intrigued and he even tells her all calmly that he's kidnapping her. But the worse thing of all she likes him and he wants to sleep with her a persevere his race of vampires by creating a little one! Will Ella agree to this or will she be stubborn and not realize that Trent may be cocky but he's sweet. And the one thing that could seal the deal he may be the One.
Well i wont keep You waiting here is Mated 4ever...... View table of contents...


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You ppl have spoken and I have answered, you want something to happen? Here it is! Is it what you thought it be, hahaha have I ever given you exatcly what you wanted?

Chapter Twenty One

I ran down the stairs, excited, grabbing my shoes I threw them on, I still had on my coat.
"Come on Trent, your slow for a vampire." I heard his laughing from above and he came down carrying a box of Christmas decorating, he put the box down my the huge window next to the fireplace where a nice and hot fire was going, warming up the whole entire house.
"Alright butterfly, lets go out back and cut up a tree." I screamed and ran outside, he followed me looking amused I was jumping up and down. "Calm down, your acting like a little kid."
"And? So who cares?" He rolled his eyes and picked up the axe laying against the house by the stump where he cut up our wood for the fireplace. Holding it on his shoulder we walked to the backyard. The backyard was covered in three feet of snow and it never looked prettier. Just a clear and crisp color wiping the earth for another wonderful spring.
We walked toward a small amount of forest, it had some semi old oak, maples and lots of tiny pines, but we were looking for at lest a medium size pine tree. We climbed through the wooded area looking and after about five minutes I pointed out the perfect Christmas tree.
It was a good five feet perhaps more, with not too many branches, a ever forest green and with a healthy blanket of snow covering some of it.
"Trent the tree is just right, go chop it down." Trent chuckled, at my eagerness and went over to chop it. When he was done he picked up the tree like it weighed nothing and carried it over to the house so the branches wouldn't get broken being dragged to our home.
Trent shook off the snow from the tree outside the door and brought it into the warm house, I closed the door as Trent kept the tree up standing.
"Can you grab the tree stand in the box and set it down?" I nodded and went over to the box, and rummaged though it till I found the stand, setting it down I moved out of the way as Trent placed the tree in the middle of the stand. I got down on my knees and turned the little knobs on the stand, until it held the tree nicely, and steadily.
"There that should hold it." Trent agreed and let go of the tree, it held.
"Alright so lets decorate the tree and make this house festive." I squealed and dug back into the box. I found some gold and silver tinsel and different color bulbs, lights and a really old a pretty angel wrapped in a old news paper.
"Was this your parents?" I asked holding up the angel, it was white with golden hair a halo above her head and holding a star shaped gem.
"Yes, it was my mother's. She made it when she was younger before she turned into a vampire, she kept it till she left for good and I kept it safe for her always putting it up onto of the Christmas tree, I suppose as a thank you for staying as long as she did."
"Oh, Trent I'm sorry. Did I bring up bad memories?"
"No, most of them very nice. Lets finish the rest of the decorating and you can put the angel on top if you want to." I smiled gently at him.
"I would love to."
We put on two different sets of lights on, bright colorful ones and just plain white ones. The gold and silver tinsel, and the bulbs. Finally, it was time for the angel. I stood on my tiptoes to put it on, but I was a tad bit too small, I sighed in frustration, then I felt Trent's hands wrap around my waist. He gently lifted me up a good four inches and I set the angel on top in all her glory. As he lowered me down I whispered to him.
"Thanks." He nodded and pulled me to his chest, just to admire our work. "Man it looks gorgeous." Trent brushed my hair and murmured.
"It doesn't compare to your beauty." I blushed and snuggled closer to him. "So when am I getting my early Christmas present anyways?" I laughed.
"Not this early you goon, like on Christmas Eve you'll get your present." He made an aw sound. I shook my head and turned around to him, he was looking at me tenderly, I raised my lips to his and pulled down his head when I wrapped my arms around his neck.
He complied me, pulling me closer to him, I moaned feeling heat rushing from my toes, knees, between my thighs, it curled in the pit of my stomach and I tugged Trent closer. His hands grazed the back of my shoulders, my back and cupped my butt. Kneading it, I grounded against his front moaning and I tugged on his shirt murmuring.
"Take this stupid thing off." He chuckled and ignored me, he rubbed his hand across the flat of my stomach, down my thighs and in between them. I started panting, and shoved my hips to Trent's hand. He chuckled and lifted me into his arms.
"Lets finish this in bed shall we?" I nodded, too filled with lust to do more. He ran up the stairs and plopped me on the bed, I bounced once. I laughed and sat up on my knees, and started jumping. I was excited in the physical and mental sense. I stood up and watch Trent stripped himself of all his clothes except for his underwear, I decided to tease him and stripped slowly in front of him giggling and blushing the whole time.
Once I was in my bra and panties Trent growled playfully and tackled me to the bed, nuzzling at my neck, I felt his penis through his underwear pressed against my belly getting harder, I brushed my hand on the bulge in his underwear and he groaned.
"Ella. I want you." He groaned out, between breaths, I lightly giggled and whispered my need back to him. I pulled back from him sitting on the bed and got on my knees, his eyes became wide and his mouth slack.
"Could you teach me?" I asked innocently, having no idea how to do it, but wanting to do it for him.
"If your sure." I smiled, reassuring up at him.
"I am." I said and pulled off his underwear, he lifted his hips up to help me pull them off and I sat there waiting not sure what to do. He grabbed my hand and had me lightly wrap my small hand around his shaft. I stroked him slowly, up and down eliciting a moan of approval from Trent's lips. I continued and watched Trent's face morphing from pleased, to amazed, to out of this world. I bent my head down and gave him a tentative lick, his hips bucked off the bed and the movement caused me to take him fully into my mouth.
Gasping Trent gently pulled my mouth away from him. I looked up at him confused.
"I almost came, but its fine now, get you butt up here."
I giggled and unclipped my bra letting my breasts slid out firm and perky. He tugged me closer by my hip and fondled my breasts by tenderly massaging them, pinching and rolling my nipples between his fingers. I came even closer to him begging him to take my breasts in his mouth.
He slipped one nipple in his mouth laving it with his tongue and sucking on it, that got my knees weak and my vision blurring. I leaned on him and he continued with the other breast and I couldn't handle it anymore I collapse on top of Trent sending him back. I muttered a sorry, but he just chuckled flipping me over to my back and covered me with his own body.
His breathing was irregular which was abnormal for a vampire, he caressed my hips and slowly tugged off my underwear. I moaned, lifting up my hips letting him tugged them off, he started to tease me getting closer to my womanhood with his mouth blowing on it and retreating to nibble on my thighs and the place were my belly mets my pelvis making me jump.
"Trent, stop teasing." His breath caressed my sensitive nub and I cried out as if he had touched it with his tongue or finger. His head finally lowered to my nub and I cried out as my orgasm racked through my petite body ferociously. When my shaking subsided, Trent kissed my slack mouth, nibbling my neck and pushed my thighs apart to slid into me.
He brushed my hair out of my face, kneaded my hips and thrusted into me. I moaned and arched my hips up to his, he held my back and helped me push up to him. So the only parts of my body still on the bed were my shoulder blades and my head.
I continued throwing myself up to Trent's magnificent body, his face became harsher in self denial so we would come together, his breathing became even more labored, his fingers finally slipped between my thighs and rubbed fast. I jerked and he went on rubbing, his fangs slid out and gently bit my neck.
The wonderful haze came upon me and I didn't feel any pain this time when he had bitten me, I felt him slowly drinking my essence, and my mouth feel open my body jerked one last time and I screamed out my pleasure as Trent groaned, emptying himself into me.
* * *
I woke up a hour later to Trent still laying on top of me, still inside me and his breathing whispering hotly against my cheek. He was sound asleep. I chuckled, and tried to dislodge Trent from me without waking him up. I failed as Trent moaned, rubbing his eyes and looking up at me with his usual bright green eyes dull from sleep.
"Hey butterfly, what are you doing up?" I shook my head, smirking.
"Trying to get your fat arse off of me, what about you?"
"I'm a fat arse? I'll show you a fat arse." He pulled out of me, flipped me over and ran his fingers to my sides. It created the desire result as I screamed, it tickled!
"Stop Trent, no ahh!" He kept going his fingers worked from my sides, to my ass, and the back of my thighs. "Alright, I give, I'm sorry. Your not a fat ARSE!" I screamed at him, his hands instantly stopped and he flipped me back over.
"I love how your ticklish, so cute babe." I rolled my eyes at him.
"Off now." He shook his head wisps of his beautiful red hair covered his grassy eyes. Then I heard knocking at the front door, Trent groaned and buried his face between my breasts and nuzzle them. "Ok, now you really have to get off." Trent sighed and heaved himself up.
"Alright, lover. Let me get dressed and I'll answer the door." Trent rolled over off of me, stood up and swaggered to his clothes with a smug look on his face.
"Stop looking so satisfied, your gonna give away what we were doing."
"And? I like being satisfied thank you, and I can't help it anyways, are you sure your not a witch?" I snorted.
"I'm sure why?"
"You got me bewitched."
"Ha ha such a play on words guy you are, now go get the door before whoever is at the door, leaves." Trent sighed, again and grumbled as he pulled on his underwear and pants. He raced down, the stairs using his vamp sped and got the door. I rolled my eyes at his impatience.
"Ella?" Trent called up.
"I think you may want to come down." Confusing coursed through me, and I sat up, searching for my clothes I found my bra on a lamp, panties under the bed and my jeans crumpled, I sighed and pulled them on and looked for a T-shirt, I found a purple tank and decided it was good enough.
I ran down the stairs two at a time and gasped at what I saw, a woman blooded, dirty and oddly naked was on my living room floor with Trent pulling out a first aid kit. "Damn bitch just showed up Ella, I need your help." I ignored his cursing at the poor woman and fell on my knees.
"Why is she naked, was she like kidnapped?"
"No, most likely she was out hunting and got beat up. Here clean her arm with this." He handed me a piece of gauze dipped in antiseptic. Her arm was torn up badly, and it was dirty filled with dirt.
"Is she a vampire then?" I asked, cleaning the wound the woman stiffened and looked up at me with eyes filled with pain.
"No." I gave him a look but he ignored me. He pulled out a needle, and looked back at me. "Can you sew her up? I know your training to be a doctors of sorts, can you?" I nodded, threading the surgical needle and sew up all of her deep cuts. I cleaned them again and sat back on my butt.
"There she should be good, why did she just show up here?" Trent, just looked around the room and found his cell phone, he looked through the contacts and hit send. He held the phone to his ear and waited. I hear a hello, on the other side of the phone.
"I think I found one of your pups, Kira." I cocked my head at the weird terms. Words became loud and I heard the woman talking loudly.
"You found Belle? Please tell me is she alright, I can get a read on her."
"She's fine, I had my mate sew her up and I helped clean her up she showed up at my door somewhat hurt, dirty and very naked. What happened?"
"Belle was kidnapped by some rogue vamp named Frank, is he the vamp who tried to expose you guys downtown?" Trent growled.
"Yes, he's trying to get to my mate and he hurt her too. I'm gonna kill him." I looked up at him and sighed exasperated. Putting my hands on my hip I glared at him.
"Trent what the hell is this all about, who is this Kira, who this Belle and why the fuck wont you tell me!" Trent's mouth twitched at my swearing.
"Not to be detached, huh babe? Kira is one of my good friend's Alpha of the Della pack. Belle, Kira and her pack are what you call Werewolves."


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