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The True Darkness of Lakewood- Book Two; Mated Forever

Novel By: Meggie1495

Ella Makyla is a 21 year old collage student in Lakewood,PA. But one night after a night out with her friends drinking at the local bar a handsome vampire appear before the innocent beauty. She is afraid that he'll kill her, she never knew vampires exist but that didn't bother her right at that moment. When the vampire turns out to be a complete gentleman besides the fact that he is a cocky SOB she is intrigued and he even tells her all calmly that he's kidnapping her. But the worse thing of all she likes him and he wants to sleep with her a persevere his race of vampires by creating a little one! Will Ella agree to this or will she be stubborn and not realize that Trent may be cocky but he's sweet. And the one thing that could seal the deal he may be the One.
Well i wont keep You waiting here is Mated 4ever...... View table of contents...


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Alright so bare with me in this chappie, I've never writen about wolfs before, but I will improve I just need to do more reseach about the wolfs. So be paceint if you love wolfs and I say something wrong.

Chapter Twenty Two
"Oh." I said shocked. "Well, that would explain things. Do they really transform into wolfs?" Trent chuckled.
"Nothing bothers you does it? Yes, they do. Theres a wolf pack and a panther pack. The other species have been extinct for awhile."
"That sucks, so can I met more?" I asked, excited.
"Yes, if you wish it." He spoke back to Kira. "If you don't mind Kira, I'll bring Belle back to you and Ella gets to met you guys?"
"Sure, no prob. So Belle is ok?"
"Yes, Kira your little niece is fine. I'll have her back at the pack grounds soon." Trent hung up and looked down at Belle, she looked better and she wet her lips.
"Can I get some water?" Trent nodded, and dashed to the kitchen, I crouched down to Belle and brushed her head.
"Your gonna be fine, Belle don't worry about it." Belle nodded, and smiled trustingly up at me. I grabbed the blanket off of the couch helped Belle sit up and wrapped it around her small, but athletic body. "I'm Ella by the way." Trent came back with the glass of water and handed it to Belle, she took a tentative sip and sighed as it helped her raw throat.
"I'm Belle Ayla Della. I know long name all first names." I smiled.
"Same here Ella Mae Makyla. Don't worry about it, so your aunts the pack leader?" Belle nodded.
"She's a good Alpha too, doesn't need a male to help her run the pack, but the elders think she does. So your the famous Trenton Vantenio's mate. Well I hope you were much better off with this rogue vamp than I was he beat me up pretty bad and well he almost..." She trailed off and blushed.
"Sweetie I was no better off, if Trent hadn't been around the same thing would have happened, his quite sadistic." Belle nodded agreeing.
"I got away before that happened, but at a cost of a few scraps, I rather have these." I nodded.
"Ok Trent and I are gonna take you back and well you have no clothes. So I'll be right back and you can borrow mine." Belle looked at me and smiled.
"Your so very nice."
"Thank you." I said, before standing up and grabbing a pair of sweat and a T-shirt. I came back down and handed them to her.
"I hope the fit alright, they may be a little big." Belle rolled her eyes.
"The only place these are gonna be big in is the chest area, the sweat may even be too small for me." I laughed.
"If you think so, you can change in here and Trent and I will go to the kitchen." I grabbed Trent and tugged him along. Belle's black hair was in a wild fashion and she sighed, she looked less the beautiful right now. Trent sat down at the kitchen chair and looked at me smirking.
"Your jealous." He said. I blushed a bright red for such obvious show of trying to get Trent out of there.
"I am not." I denied, not giving him the pleasure of having that affect on me.
"Such a bad liar butterfly, you are very jealous. Ma petite fleur est jalouse, ne le niez pas."
"Non je ne suis et n'utilise pas de français sur moi!" I yelled at him.
"Hmm, le papillon susceptible. J'aime utiliser le français, faites vous croyez que nous pourrions lutter dans le français désormais?"
"Ce qui fait qui vous allument?"
"Un peu oui." *(All french translation are at the end of this chapter.)
I stuck my tongue out at him, and gave him a quick kiss.
"Belle, are you done?"
"Yes." I walked back out to the living room.
"You know fighting in french only works if one doesn't understand french." I blushed, and glared at Trent.
"It's fine, lets go." I said ignoring Trent. We walked out to the cold, and I helped Belle to the back of the sport car, she leaned back on the leather seat and sighed. I climbed in the passengers seat, and let Trent drive. We went passed downtown, and to the county side of Lakewood, there were farms and then woods.
We arrived at the pack ground, there were cabins, tipis, and a huge fire in the middle of the grounds. There camp grounds were surrounded by a wooded area with a lot of prey and fun hiding places. I stepped out of the car and helped Belle out of the car, I held her up with my arm under her shoulder blades and her arm on top of my shoulders.
Everyone looked at us and gasped,
"Belle your home!" A little girl in a pair of pants and tee ran up to Belle and hugged her leg.
"Hey Gwen, where's Dad?"
"Out looking for you, Auntie Kira should go call the search party back."
"She probably did already, so you miss me?" Gwen nodded. "Good, now where is Aunt Kira?"
"In the Alpha cabin yelling at the elders." Belle laughed.
"Mate problems I'm guessing."
"You know it, who are they?" Gwen asked, pointing to me and Trent.
"There the people who saved me." Gwen took a sniff.
"Their vamps." I smiled down at her.
"Trent is, I'm just a human. I'm Ella."
"You smell like a vampire."
"That's cause your nose isn't fully developed and can't tell she just hangs out with vamps." Gwen looked up at me.
"Thanks for saving my big sister. Your here to see Auntie Kira then?" Trent spoke up.
"That's right, little one. So we should get Belle up to her cabin and talk to your Aunt, why don't you lead the way." Gwen sent Trent a stunning smile and walked towards the biggest cabin in the middle of the camp, I held Belle and helped her to the cabin and up the stairs. Gwen knocked and came back towards the group, a beautiful woman opened the door her face flushed in anger and eyes tinted a dark honey brown flashing.
"I'm sick and tired of you old wolfs trying to run my life, get out I'm Alpha and if you have problems with it too bad." She looked surprise to see a vamp, a human and Belle at the door. "Belle?" Belle smiled at her Aunt and held out her arms, I let go of Bella as Kira grabbed her into a hug.
"Hi Aunt Kira, missed me?" Kira laughed, and held her close.
"Course I did."
"So your fighting with the elders again." Kira smirked.
"You know it, so you must be Ella." I smiled and held out my hand. Kira took my hand shook it and gave it a sniff.
"Ah I see why Trent's so protective of you, come in all of you." Kira sweep her hand in and we walking in with Kira holding Belle up. Three Were's were standing and glaring at Kira. They were all males, typical. One of them spoke up.
"You can't just kick us out Kiranna." He said her full name and she winced, her eyes flashing.
"I can and will. I order you out of my home and to never be able to come back with out a invitation." They gasped and growled, slowly backing out of the cabin.
"This isn't over Kira, you need to let your wolf take a mate."
"When hell's frozen over I just might." Belle laughed as the elders walked out growling more.
"So anyways where was I? Oh yes." She helped Belle sit on her bed and turned around to Trent, me and Gwen. "Gwen we are all good here, you can go play." She smiled, nodded and scampered out towards the woods.
"Cute little thing." I said smiling, Trent pulled me to his chest, chuckling.
"So Kira, besides you niece getting kidnapped, what have you been up to?"
"The Elders are bouncing me up the wall, and I see your life has changed dramatically in the past two months I haven't talk to you."
"Hmm, it has." Trent smiled at Kira. I looked between them, and my mouth dropped open.
"Great another reason for me to kick your ass Trenton Reed! You really need to tell me theses things, and don't you dare lie to me!" Trent looked at me and read my mind.
"Yea oops. Why didn't you tell me you and Kira had once been together. I'm not naive anymore nor stupid!" Kira laughed.
"He didn't tell you because it was a long time ago about three decades, this year. Besides he's a man and he doesn't like confutation."
"How would you like it if I showed up with an ex and told you after you met them that we had be together?" Jealousy flashed in Trent's face, and he groaned.
"Not very happy, and I'm sorry Ella I wasn't even thinking about Kira and me. We've been best friends for so long, that it just doesn't matter we were once's together." I sneered at him, and turned my back away from him not talking to him anymore.
"So, Kira if your ok with it, can I see you know someone turn into a wolf?" Kira laughed.
"Your a keeper, if you want I can show you." I nodded. "Alright follow me outside, if you need me Belle just howler." Belle nodded. We walked back outside, and Kira pulled off her shirt and her pants. I blushed and turned away. "Sorry to embarrass you, but I don't want to ruined my fav pants and shirt." I croaked out.
"It's ok, there just wasn't a warning."
"Ha out here, most of us are naked. It's just a thing you get use to when you live in a pack." She got down on her fours. "Probably best to back away, my wolf doesn't know you." I blinked and backed up.
A growl formed in her through and she shifted. Her bones reformed and her hair from her head spread to her body and then all of a sudden, there was a beautiful black wolf with brown eyes looking up at me.
She gave me a wolfish grin with her teeth and came closer to me, Trent whispered.
"Best to get on her level, until her wolf knows your scent." I swallowed, and got on my knees holding out the flat of my hand out to Kira's snoot, she gave me a quick sniff and gave my hand a lick before she jumped on me and licked all over my face. I giggled and petted her head.
"Very pretty Kira, and stop licking me it tickles." She just licked me more then got off me and ran in circles.
"She wants to play, babe."
"How do I?"
"Just like a real dog, find a stick." But Kira did the work for us and she brought over a good decent size stick and dropped it in my lap. "This is important Ella, she offering you friendship so let her play."
I nodded, and got on my knee's picking up the stick and threw it. She ran after it like lightening, and was back in mere seconds. She dropped the stick back in my lap and I threw it again. This time when she tried to get it a pretty pup ran out and grabbed the stick and ran to me, Kira's mouth was open and I think she was laughing. The white pup, came over to me and dropped the stick in my lap and sat down wiggling.
"Gwen?" I asked. The pup yelped and ran around in circles. "Man your so pretty." I said picking up the stick and chucking it, she ran over and grabbed it before Kira did. They both ran back to me. Gwen dropped the stick in my lap and Kira nuzzled my face and licked it again. She ran over to her clothes and shifted again pulling on her clothes.
"Ha that was fun, little scamp taking over my play time. Gwen be good and git." Gwen yelped, gave me a lick and rubbed herself on Kira's leg before bounding off towards the woods again. I laughed and Trent helped me stand up.
"Wow, I've gotta say I like this place, its so family like and if I wasn't with Trent I'd want to live here." Trent gave me 'I'm not impressed' look and Kira threw back her head laughing.
"If things don't work out your always welcome here, always a friend of the pack. Remember that, Ella." I smiled, and nodded.
"I will, thanks Kira." Kira smiled and pulled me into a friendly hug.
"You take care of her Trent or I'll hunt you." Trent snorted.
"That's what they all say to me, you should do have an affect on people, butterfly." I stuck my tongue out at him.
"Well, anyways thank you for saving my niece, Ella, Trent. I'll see you both soon." We walked back to the car and I climbed in the car.
"One hell of a day huh, babe?"
"One hell of a month, that's for sure. Let's go home before I died of starvation."
"Your hungry?" He asked, me trying to hear my stomach grumble.
"Not that kind of hungry Trent." He chuckled, and drove I think a tad bit too fast


Ma petite fleur est jalouse, ne le niez pas. (My small flower is jealous, do not disclaim it)

Non je ne suis et n'utilise pas de français sur moi (No I am not and do not use French on me)

Hmm, le papillon susceptible. J'aime utiliser le français, faites vous croyez que nous pourrions lutter dans le français désormais (Hmm, touchy butterfly. I like to use French, mabye you think that we could struggle in French consequently?)

Ce qui fait qui vous allument (What does it make you horny?)

Un peu oui (A bit yes)


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