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The True Darkness of Lakewood- Book Two; Mated Forever

Novel By: Meggie1495

Ella Makyla is a 21 year old collage student in Lakewood,PA. But one night after a night out with her friends drinking at the local bar a handsome vampire appear before the innocent beauty. She is afraid that he'll kill her, she never knew vampires exist but that didn't bother her right at that moment. When the vampire turns out to be a complete gentleman besides the fact that he is a cocky SOB she is intrigued and he even tells her all calmly that he's kidnapping her. But the worse thing of all she likes him and he wants to sleep with her a persevere his race of vampires by creating a little one! Will Ella agree to this or will she be stubborn and not realize that Trent may be cocky but he's sweet. And the one thing that could seal the deal he may be the One.
Well i wont keep You waiting here is Mated 4ever...... View table of contents...


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I'm sorry people to say this isnt the battle scene nor the one after this one chapter 32 is the battle. Sorry but I needed more detail for the next book you get to met someone you thought you never would, Allen, Kria's brother and Ellen Kira's beta

Chapter Thirty
Trent's POV
Two weeks later
FUCK! My mind screamed, that bastard Yoni Falcon is after Ella. He isn't stopping!
"Trent calm down. We are gonna stop him and Ena, don't you worry we did it once."
"Barley, Carla thought you were dead after you had been kidnapped. I don't want that to happen or for me to really die, not before I see my son." Drake patted, Trent. He knew how he felt. The army would be here by tomorrow and they were very prepared, but Trent had his doubts. "If I die Drake, will you please take care of Ella for me? And my son make him a man?" Drake sighed.
"Your not gonna die."
"IF! If I do will you?"
Of course I will. Trent their is something I should tell you."
"Which is?"
"You may want Ella." I looked over at my thirty six weeks pregnant mate, she was sitting on the Club's couch reading the little ones a bed time story cause everyone else was much to busy preparing for battle. The little ones were pretty much asleep as it was. I walked over to Ella as she finished the story and closed the book, she looked up at me and smiled.
"Is something the matter honey?" I shook my head.
"Everything is on schedule and as I can see you are as well." I said, rubbing Ella's cutely swelling stomach.
"Ugh, I'm a cow." I smirked.
"No, your not." I helped her stand up. "Drake needs to tell me something and he thinks you be a help." She nodded, and gave me a kiss on the cheek. We walked over to Drake, holding Ella up, she was getting weak in the knees.
"Alright Drake, spill." Ella said, her face scrunched up cutely.
"I've lied to you and Thea, Trent. Your mother left you because she loved you guys so much, but she wanted you to hate her so you wouldn't go looking for her. Lily, your mother Trent is a wonderful woman and she finally killed all the people trying to kill her and her children. She loved your father very much and was sadden greatly when he died. She asked me to take care of you and Thea. Do you know why?"
"Because she had no one else to turn to?"
"No, Lily bless her good heart is my little sister. Trent your my nephew." Holy fuck! Ella's eyes were surprised and she squeezed my hand looking up at me,
"Trent are you ok?" Ella asked, concerned.
"Not really, but I'll live." All this time I've resented my mother, all this time and she was a sweet good woman. "Drake is she still alive?" Drake's face bloomed into a smile.
"She wants to see you and Thea. She knows Thea had the worse time of it all with her depression and anger issues. She asks if you could convince your little sister to see her." Of course I can.
"I will if I can pull her away from Kristy, she is obsessed."
"Hey I heard that." Thea protested, as she walked in the club alone.
"Where's Kristy?"
"She has to be 'supervised' while we hang out till I'm deemed trustworthy to her Alpha. Piss head, I can't get laid till he gets his perv eyes away from us." Ella snorted.
"Doesn't that mean that your hanging out with her besides to be laid?" Her face softened.
"Yeah, Ella it means that. Little bugger wormed her way into me, and not in the yummy physical sense either." Ella pretended to gag.
"Come over here Trent has something to tell you." Thea cocked her head and strolled over, she smiled and gave Ella's stomach a rub.
"How's my niece/nephew in there?" Ella smiled, this was the first time Thea had called the baby her niece or nephew.
"Pretty good, though little bugger is alway awake and has been bothering me for the past hour with back aches." Thea frowned.
"What kind of back aches?"
"Kinda crampy, but not really more like little pokes. Why?" Thea's faces became very concerned.
"Ella you should sit down." Ella looked confused, but pulled out a chair and complied.
"Is something wrong?" Ella asked.
"I don't think so, but it's best to be sure." Thea mumbled as her hands hovered over Ella's stomach, Thea concentrated and sighed.
"I think Ella, you should rest a bit more this little one wants to come out a bit too soon, and if I hadn't caught it you would probably went into labor a few hours from now. But nothing to worry just rest and keep your feet up, you should be fine." Ella smiled, and gave Thea's hand a squeeze.
"Thanks Thea."
"No, problems." Thea turned back to me. "So what did you wanna talk about?" Thea seemed so happy and I didn't want to depress her out, but she needed to know the truth.
"Mom, didn't abandon us, she went away for our safety. Someone was trying to kill her and us, but their dead now. She wants to see us, tonight." Thea's eyes widened.
"Just when my life was going good and all seemed alright something from my past comes and bites me in the ass." Drake piped up.
"Your Moms a very good woman Thea."
"And how would you know?"
"Thea Lily is my little sister, I'm your uncle." Thea gagged.
"Great like I wanted to be related to a goon like you. Oh well beggars can't be chosers so, my little nieces and nephew are really my cousins. Well that is too confusing sorry Drake there staying my nieces and nephews." Drake snorted, he waved it off.
"I don't except you to start calling me Uncle Drake."
"Lest not till you piss me off, Uncle Drake." I rolled my eyes, my little sister never seemed to changed.
"So, how do we contact Mom?"
"I'll call her she will be in an few minutes." Drake flipped open his cell and dialed the number. Carla ran down the stairs with Dani, she was gurgling sucking on a bottle of blood.
"Is your sister coming?" Carla asked. Drake nodded, he smiled when Lily answered the phone.
"Hey, Lil. The kids are alright with you visiting, and my wife's is just as excited. Bet you can't wait to met your kids again and my kids." I listened to what Mom said next.
"Of course I am I can't wait to see my babies and of course my two nieces and nephew. How is your wife holding up after Daniella's birth?"
"Wonderful, she's back to her normal hyper self, and probably trying to have another babe already." Drake winked at his wife and she just smiled, giving him a kiss on his cheek.
"Oh, I doubt it Drake give her a few months then she'll forget the pain and tackle you again for another one." Drake laughed.
"Probably, well we will see you in a minute."
"Love you."
"Love you too, little sis." Drake hung up, and I took a look at Thea she was calm before, now not so much.
"Thea what's wrong?"
"What if she doesn't love me?"
"Why wouldn't she?"
"Because I'm a lesbian. What if she hates me for it, if it comes to that I'm grabbing Kristy and never coming back." I sighed, my little sister the strong and sturdy one was upset. I held out my arms and amazingly she slid into my embrace and buried her face into my chest.
"She will love for who you are, not who you love." She sighed and took a deep breath.
"I need a drink damn it."
"No, you need to stay sober and clean. You need to be in your top shape for tomorrow."
"Just one, please?" Thea hadn't asked me for anything in years.
"Do I have to call Kristy?" Thea nodded and pulled out her phone dialing her number quickly.
"Krissy?" Kristy groaned from the other side.
"Is something wrong sweetie?"
"My Mom's coming over for a visit in over forever I hadn't seen her since I was like five." Thea's voice was panicked.
"Thea calm down, it's just your Mom. She's your parent, is this about how she may not love you?" Tears slipped down Thea's face.
"Babe she'll love you because your tough, but sweet. Loyal and cunning also your the most beautiful thing to grace this earth she be so happy to see her only daughter a grown woman very pretty and happy." Thea wiped her eyes.
"You have a way with words, Krissy. Thank you, you've been a big help."
"Glad I could help, now show your Mom who you are and once your done come sneak in my cabin baby, I miss you." Thea laughed.
"I miss you too, see you soon." Thea hanged up as the door opened and in stepped Mom. She was still the same as she had been before she left, she looked tired, but happy. Her light red hair was in curls and her eyes a pale milky brown, she looked over at my first.
"Trenton." She said simply, I smiled and went over to her to elope her in a huge hug, she wrapped her arms around my neck squeezing me. "Oh I've missed my baby boy, but it looks like he's not a baby anymore."
"Nope, I'm not, but I'd like you to met my mate." I let her go, and I looked over at Ella she stood up and went over to us, she smiled.
"Hi, I'm Ella, Trent's mate. It's good to meet you." My Mom smile brightened.
"Well, now my boy has found a very nice woman to be with. And I see I'm gonna be a grandma now? Damn I'm too young to be that." Ella smiled, and she brushed my shoulder.
"That's what my Mom says, if she can have a baby boy only eighteen months then she is too young for her daughter to have a baby." Mom chuckled.
"Where's Atheana?" I pulled out of the way and Thea was looking at Mom like she was about to die, her breathing was hard. Mom bit her lip. "Baby are you alright?" Thea's eyes widened, she shook her head,
"I can't do this." She said backing up.
"Thea yes you can, remember what Kristy said." Her breathing slowed down a bit and she started to look less like a deer caught in head lights. Mom cocked her head.
"Well, hi baby. Are you all good now?" Thea slowly nodded. "Who's this Kristy, she seemed to have calm you down." Thea licked her lips and look at me.
"She will love for who you are." I said, simply. Mom watched Thea take a deep breath.
"Kristy is my girlfriend, and if you have a problem with that just leave right now, please." Mom slowly smiled.
"I don't have a problem with that at all baby, is that it?"
"Then can your mother get a hug from you? You've grown up to be very beautiful darling." Thea blushed, and walked slowly to Mom, she held out her arms and Thea wrapped her arms around Mom for the first time in centuries. She put her face in Mom's shoulder and started crying. "Shhh, baby its alright, I'm so sorry I had to leave. So sorry." Thea nodded her forgiveness and kept hugging her. When she was done crying she pulled her head away and smiled.
"It's ok Mom I forgive you." Thea looked passed me and frowned disapproving.
"Ella Mae what did I say about resting?" Ella giggled.
"I'm sorry I forgot, look I'm going over to lay on the couch." Ella walked over to the couch and sat down, Catty woke up.
"Aunt Ella why are we still down here?"
"Cause your father forgot about you guys." Catty's eyes blinked and she looked up at Drake.
"Daddy, that's not nice. Momma." Carla sighed, and went over to her holding Dani still.
"Come on love, we will get you to bed." Carla slung Catty up by her underarms and carried her up stairs. Drake sighed, and went over to Davie and Molly he picked them up and carried them after Carla.
Ella's POV
I watched Drake go up the stairs with the little ones when the babe gave a hard kick, I gasped and clutched my stomach. Trent was over in a millisecond, he got down on his knees, brush the hair out of my face and rubbed my tummy.
"Are you alright?" I was about to mutter yeah, fine, but the babe had other ideas as it kicked again harder and broke a rib.
"Damn, it. Ow." Trent's fingers found the broken bone.
"Thea we need you over here." Thea pulled away from Lily and came up to me kneeling down next to Trent, Lily came over as well and watched.
"Nothing too bad little one here broke her rib, but as an example Dani did that to Carla too. So let me heal it, and you should get some rest Ella we have a long battle tomorrow. And your gonna help me play nurse maid." I nodded, and felt Thea's hard gently rubbing my side and her hand started glowing as the healing began. Once she was done I sighed.
"Thank Thea."
"Sure not a problem, I should get going Krissy is waiting for me. You take care of yourself Ella and Trent watch her for any signs of cramping, throwing up a lot, bleeding or her screaming at you her lower stomach hurt. That's a sign she is in labor, try to keep her calm. Be a good big brother and call me to wake me up early, love you." Thea leaned over and gave Trent a hug he looked startled.
"Baby, you can heal people?"
"Sure can."
"Got your grandma's gift sweetie, but in a vampire form. Be good and get some rest yourself."
"Thanks Mom, bye." She gave her a hug and was off.
"Whats wrong Trent?"
"Thea hasn't told me she loved me in over four hundred years." Man, what a long time to wait, would I have to wait that long for Trent to tell me?

Hey people agian its Meg I have a question for the next book I need help deciding. Now I want to get Thea's girlfriend Kristy pregnant, There is two ways I thought of it, they have a threesome with Mark the Vampire Elder or Ella can get a cool vamp power and beable to get woman pregnant with the touch of her palm. What do you think? number one or two. Number 2 is my fav btw. :)


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