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The True Darkness of Lakewood- Book Two; Mated Forever

Novel By: Meggie1495

Ella Makyla is a 21 year old collage student in Lakewood,PA. But one night after a night out with her friends drinking at the local bar a handsome vampire appear before the innocent beauty. She is afraid that he'll kill her, she never knew vampires exist but that didn't bother her right at that moment. When the vampire turns out to be a complete gentleman besides the fact that he is a cocky SOB she is intrigued and he even tells her all calmly that he's kidnapping her. But the worse thing of all she likes him and he wants to sleep with her a persevere his race of vampires by creating a little one! Will Ella agree to this or will she be stubborn and not realize that Trent may be cocky but he's sweet. And the one thing that could seal the deal he may be the One.
Well i wont keep You waiting here is Mated 4ever...... View table of contents...


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Chapter Thirty Two

My breathing became non exist, as I watched the Vampire army descended on our territory, my pack and family sprung up to their positions and Thea looked happy as hell. She braided her hair up and rolled her sleeves up, panther Kristy came up to her and nudged her rubbing her face on Thea's pant leg.

Thea looked down patted Kristy's head and told her something in her ear, the panther nodded and walked towards Kira's group of wolves and her panther brother Jason. Drake stood up tall, and watched as the army stopped at the beginning of the field, Drake started to the middle of the field as did what who must be Queen Athena.

"Ena, I wish you to leave my kingdom in a peaceful manner, remember what happened last time?" Queen Athena hissed.

"It won't happen again, my spy Yoni has helped me even further than last time to rid myself of the powerful Drake Dragoon king of The New England Vampires. Where is your pathetic Mate, Carla is it? Is she hiding from the likes of me, scared again?" Drake snarled.

"She is more courageous than you ever will be, she is taking care of our children. Are you jealous? Just because our mating didn't produce any children, doesn't mean you have to try to take over my kingdom."

"I'm not jealous! I have a little boy at home to take over my place once I retire, I just want my revenge I always hated you. Now I could be graceful and deem your kingdom redemption from my on slaughter if a condition is made." Drake cocked his head.

"Go on Ena."

"Release the weak human Ella Makyla to Yoni hands and I will leave your kingdom and children untouched."

"I can't do that, she is already mated and is part of my family I will have to decline."

"Your making a mistake whats a humans life to a vampires and your children's?"

"My nephews mate and their child. They are together and mated I cannot bring myself to betray my family for the safety of them." Yoni's eyes glowed and took a look at me, he studied me and shrieked.

"Contaminated! Never mind my Queen. Let them die." Queen Athena took a look in my direction, and bit her lip.

"I see. She had's made her choice as you have, I'm sorry to do this, but I made a deal. My army massacre the fighters, leave the woman and children, alone! If one of them is hurt I will have your head. Even leave the wolves and panther females alone as well." Drake was confused by her request of leaving the children and woman, I could see it on his face. Perhaps Queen Athena has a heart.

At lest my baby and I will be safe for sure no matter what, but what about Trent? We have to win. Thea's eyes gleamed, she sent Drake a look and he smirked.

"Well Ena if this is your choice, but have you met my most feared fighter?" Thea ran up to Drake and smiled at the Queen.

"I'm Thea, but you won't know me by that name; how about Warrior Princess or The Leaping Tigress?" The Queen's eyes widened, her lips parted.

"Athena? I suppose you don't remember me, we fought in the Greek battle of Astern. I was called Lela back then." Thea groaned, he eyes closed.

"Damn it, why did you have to turn evil Lei? Damn this all to hell!" Drake eyes widened.

"Ex lover Thea?" Thea snorted.

"When have I ever had a woman friend who hasn't been a lover? Oh well, if your attacking my family Lei, I will still defeat your army. I'm sorry." The Queen nodded, brushing back her long white hair.

"That's fine. Army advance!" The huge army of forty vampires is like a human army of one hundred thousand human power. The front advance to us, they had malices and axes, she was sending in her brutal forces first, smart move.

Drake backed up a few steps.

"Kira, hold your pack back. Let our forces take down the hard core fighters." Kira howled in agreement, and Josh tugged me to the outside of the tent.

"Keep here stay away from anything, please." I nodded, and continued watching. Drake barked more orders.

"Lena bring your team up, to help Thea!" He ran back to our side of the field, yelling more orders. Lena had two doubled sided twin swords, while the rest of her force had axes and malices as well.

The ran up to where Thea was, and held a stance to wait for the army force to reach their lines, once they were almost upon them, Thea and Lena let out a cry and charged forward. They worked together as they became a tornado fast and hard. Lena was a spinner throwing her weight in it, rotating in circles as she killed four vampires at once cutting their heads off, they flew in all directions.

Thea on the other hand, sliced and diced them, cutting them so hard they became like diced cheese. She killed six of them in a little bit more time, but just as affective. The others in the force came behind Lena and Thea, they leapt over them and cut down the first set of tack force in a minute at most. The brutal force was kill in mere minutes without our force breaking a sweat.

Queen Athena looked very mad, she screamed for the next force to advance they were swordsmen and archers. The archers stayed back a bit and sent a hail of metal arrows, Thea and her force worked fast cutting the swordsmen down and evading the flying arrows aimed to them. Drake looked at Kira's wolf.

"Kira advance your pack and help the force, break the line and kill the archers!" Kira growled and howled. The two panther siblings and the wolves charged avoiding the arrow and leapt to the archers. They aimed for the archers throats and heads. Some of the swordsmen surprised Thea's group by retreating to the wolves to help the archers out.

One of the panthers weren't watching, and alway got cut, but the other panther leapt in front of the sword to save the other panther. I had no idea who had taken the sword for the other one until Thea growled out,

"Bastard!." She cut off some more heads and ran towards Kristy, she was wining on the ground and Jason was protecting her from the other swordsmen, until Thea got to Kristy, she began whimpering. Thea kept an eye out for her back and Kristy groaned as she Phased back.

Thea yanked off her jacket threw it on her and lifted her up and ran towards the medical tent where I was, I pulled open the flap and Thea ducked down in. There was a few cots and a table. Thea laid Kristy down on the clothed table and pulled away her jacket, she looked at the wound which went from the underside of her ribs to the top of her hip, she was bleeding pretty badly.

I rubbed alcoholic gel on my hands and pulled on rubber gloves, I came up to Kristy and took a good look at the wound, I quickly grabbed a couple of gauzes and held them against her cut, when the bleeding slowed down I grabbed a suture and thread.

"Kristy this is gonna hurt a bit, but I need to have it stop bleeding, so hold on alright." Kristy nodded, slowly and look at Thea, she was bitting her lip and brushing Kristy's hair. I pinched the skin together and stuck in the needle, I finished in a few minutes. She turned white from the pain, but all together was alright.

I grabbed some disinfectant wipes and cleaned the wound, I patched it up with some roll on gauze. "There, this is the best that can be done, rest a bit and don't move. Once we can I'll have you sent up to TVC and have you eat something easy on your stomach to regain some strength, like broth." She nodded again, so I found a blanket and threw it over Kristy, leaving them alone.

Josh was outside, he cocked his head and I nodded she was ok. I looked out and we were totaling winning, Queen Athena looked back and she finally screamed out.

"Seize this fight!" Everyone stopped and backed up to their own side of the field. Yoni wanted me still even if he thought I was 'contaminated'. Yoni walked over to the Queen, he whispered in her ear something. "Drake, how about we finish this fight like in the old days, grab the one Yoni wants Mate and have him fight for her." I sent a shocked look at Trent, he was covered in his victims blood, but all in all he was alright, his face became harsh.

He wanted his revenge to keep me safe, he wanted Yoni dead. I walked quickly to Trent.

"No, Trent don't do this." I said to him, pleading. He shook his head.

"I have to do this. Queen Athena I accept this challenge." Everyone vacated the middle of the field and back up to their area. Yoni strolled out looking smug, he thought he was gonna win just cause he was older, I hope what Kira said about him was true.

Trent looked down at me, and kissed my mouth for a moment and pulled away. "I may not come back Ella, so I want you to know even if you don't that I love you." He ran to the middle of the field without another word, my mouth had fallen open and I couldn't talk. He had finally admitted it, but only because he may die. I started shaking, I was so afraid. Thea came out of the Trent said something to Josh, he went in to probably watch Kristy.

"Did he finally tell you?" I nodded, with tears in my eyes, her hands landed on my shoulders and rubbed a bit. "Try not to worry about him too much, he's just as good as me. It's not good for your baby to worry so much." I nodded, again and watch Trent.

He pulled out his sword from his sheath, and swirled it around. Yoni also pulled out his sword, they began immediately their swords clashed and made noise. They started using their vamp sped, they kept slashing and I heard grunts as the blades made contact with one of them I wasn't sure who. Then finally they stopped moving, and I gasped. They both had their swords in each others chest area, Yoni fell first dead, and Trent groaned and followed him. I screamed, my worse nightmare had come true!

Then to make matters worse, the babe began moving hard and kicked, I gasped again and my water broke. I screamed out again from the physical pain and the emotional. Thea caught me as I fell backwards in a faint.



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