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The True Darkness of Lakewood- Book Two; Mated Forever

Novel By: Meggie1495

Ella Makyla is a 21 year old collage student in Lakewood,PA. But one night after a night out with her friends drinking at the local bar a handsome vampire appear before the innocent beauty. She is afraid that he'll kill her, she never knew vampires exist but that didn't bother her right at that moment. When the vampire turns out to be a complete gentleman besides the fact that he is a cocky SOB she is intrigued and he even tells her all calmly that he's kidnapping her. But the worse thing of all she likes him and he wants to sleep with her a persevere his race of vampires by creating a little one! Will Ella agree to this or will she be stubborn and not realize that Trent may be cocky but he's sweet. And the one thing that could seal the deal he may be the One.
Well i wont keep You waiting here is Mated 4ever...... View table of contents...


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Chapter Nine
Trent blasted the music in the car as he drove down the street closer to the bars and club in the deepest part of downtown.
"Trent?" He turned his sexy green eyes to me.
"Yes butterfly?"
"What in the world do we do when we get to the club? I have no idea." He chuckled, placing a hand on my knee he squeezed.
"We just have a good time, party, talk, and drink. It's not too complicated." His gaze swept to my cleavage. He pulled his eyes back to the road.
"You have to love a gentleman, such manners." He grinned.
"Your not mad at me looking are you babe?"
"As long as it's not too obvious and not too long, I suppose."
"Elly your just amazing." I blushed and pretended that the window was much more entertaining. *Such a sweetie. :) (Sure a hot one who'd you love to ****)* Ignoring my annoying inner commentating I sighed and pulled down the sun shielder. I looked in the mirror. My hair was messy again. I grunted as I threw my head down and brushed through it while it was upside down. When I flipped it up it was light and fluffy, and if I knew what sex hair looked like I'm sure this would be what it looked like.
Trent chuckled, and I bit my lip embarrassed.
"Goddess Ella are you trying to look seductive? Your giving me a hard on." My eyebrows rose in confusion. *What the hell is a hard on?* "Such an virtuous girl. A hard on is an erection you know that thing that happens so I can have sex?" I blushed and my eyes all on there own flew to his pants. Sure enough his pants were tight and bulging in the crotch area. I shut my eyes and the heat spread to other parts of my body. *My god was I getting turned on? (I wouldn't doubt it) O.o*
"Ella?" He asked worried. I took a deep breath my lungs had no air in them.
"I'm... Okay."
"You don't look it, do you want me to take us back?"
"No, no. I'm just being over sensitive to your um condition."
"How are you embarrassed by my body, yet can get my sister all felt up?" I gasped and turned my face to him. Angry flashed through my eyes.
"If your so unhappy with me, then I should have let Thea take me like she wanted to!" A single tear fell down my face. "I may be embarrassed Trent and more comfortable with girls, but did I let them have me? No Trenton I didn't and I never let it happen. Yet here I am trying to be at ease with you and your getting miffed!" Trent looked at me shocked and for once in five hundred years, speechless. After a minute of quiet he spoke.
"I'm sorry Ella, I got a little jealous of my sister. Getting that kind of reaction out of you and I haven't even gotten a hand job. As you can tell I'm a little sexually frustrated. I apologies, but it is nice to see you still have you fiery temper. I almost missed it."
I muttered under my breathe
"Hand job..." Trent shook his head. "Alright I forgive you, and I do not have a temper." Trent snicker, and I made a tsk tsk noise.
"If you say so butterfly, we're almost to the club."
"What is the club called?"
"The Spot."
"What kind of a name is that?"
"A crappy one." Trent drove faster down the street, sighing as he looked at the speedometer. When finally he slowed down he pulled into the parking lot. It was over flowing with people coming in and out of the club.
"Wow, for a lame name The Spot is the place to be." Trent chuckled.
"Well yes, humans come here for the mystery and the dark seduction, while vampires come here for free food, vampire company and of course no strings sex." Trent pulled into the parking spot. "Come to think of it the humans probably come here for the sex too." I nodded in agreement, unbuckling myself I flung the door open and stretched. Trent was beside me in a second.
"Remember our agreement, stay close to me, and we'll have fun."
"Yes, Trent." He wrapped his arm around my waist and tugged me along towards the front doors. It was a pretty nice club it had a line with red rope blocking the entrance and a body guard. I followed Trent passed the line and up to the guard. Trent nodded to the guard he gave a nod back and let us pass.
We walked into a room with black purple and red felt everywhere, strobe lights flashing around.
"Wow." I whisper. Trent chuckled, he searched around the room packed with people drinking and dancing until he spotted who he was looking for. We walked to the back corner with booths and vampires around the tables. I recognized Carla, Drake, Rain and Thea. The other vampire I didn't know.
"Hey Trent so you showed up after all."
"Told you he would Drake now you own me ten bucks." Drake rolled his eyes at his wife.
"I'm sure I can pay me debt some other way." Carla elbowed him and he grunted.
"Come sit down Ella, Trent. Oh Ella this is my dad Cameron, dad this is Ella Trent's um..." Trent chuckled.
"Soon to be mate. Come on butterfly don't blush." Trent flashed me his perfect teeth.
"I can and will." I sat down next to Carla and Trent slid next to me. I looked around and Thea caught my eye. She smiled at friendly like, and then her eyes started scanning the room.
"So hows my little niece and nephew?" Carla smiled.
"Catty and Davie are just fine, they have been missing their uncle Trent." I looked at Trent.
"What are you like every little kids uncle?"
"Well I'm not their real one, I'm kinda like an adopted brother."
"Oh Ella so you met Licia and her little girl Molly?" Carla asked.
"Yes, Molly such a cutie. Looks a lot like her dad. I met Julian, too." I felt Trent give my knee a squeeze. "By the way who is looking after the little ones?" I asked wondering.
"Oh Sam and Lena. They decided to stay in so their watching the little ones with their little boy Dion. You haven't met them yet, but you will their very sweet girls." I then realized Sam must be short for Samantha. *Oh so Sam and this Lena are together. Cute.* Rain and Cameron were deep in their own conversation, Thea was still scanning the room and Drake and Carla were holding hands giving each other looks.
That's when I notice Carla had a belly, alarm went through my brain also confusion. Carla sensed something and looked back at me. She saw my shocked face. She started laughing.
"Trenton do you not tell Ella anything about us?" Trent's face condensed in confusion until he look at Carla.
"Ah I see. Your already three days?" Carla nodded.
"Ella." I looked back at him my head tilted. "Vampire pregnancies are much faster than human ones and faster than halfling ones. Oh halflings are half vampire and half human. Vamp pregnancies are one day is a month. And halflings are one day is a week."
"Wow, thats a little too fast, don't you think?" Drake looked at me.
"That's what Carla said to me when she found out how fast she'd have the twins. Ah the good old days where I don't have to wait till the twins are asleep to have sometime with my wife." Carla tsk tsk him.
"Is that where you mind is all the time?" Drake looked Carla up and down.
"With the way you look sweetie it's hard not too. Also it helps that the twins gave you bigger boobs too." Carla for the first time since I've known her, blushed.
"Hmm, I guess I'm not the only one who blushes." Carla shut her eyes for a moment.
"I used to blush when I first met Drake all the time. Even more so when I was a halfling." Trent leaned forward and gave me a light kiss.
"You guys wanna see me embarrass Ella so quickly it make your heads spin?" I panicked and flung my hand to Trent's mouth so fast Carla and Trent blinked in surprise. I looked Trent square in the eye.
"If you say anything about what happened, I swear to goddess I will find a way to stake you." Trent laughed under my hand. I raised my eyebrows he sighed and nodded. I pulled my hand away from his mouth.
"That was a quick reflex Ella I barley saw it." Drake said, impressed. I smiled, but my smile faltered when another vampire walked up to our table. He looked and felt different from the others, he was bad news. And that's when I knew that this vampire would ruin a very good night.


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