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The True Darkness of Lakewood-Book Four; Forgotten, Lost, and Loved

Novel By: Meggie1495

Lucas Della Marts believes that woman are only good for two things, an occasional company, and sex. He feels nothing, and think love doesn't truly exist.

Madelyn Krissy Della is the opposite of her little brother, she knows love is real, look at her parents, over twenty five years, and still madly in love, and making more babies as Maddie speaks. She is also the prophesied Were child that many had been afraid of, and tried to have her not exist to begin with.

David 'Davie' Dragoon is the next vampire king, he has always had feelings for his best friends sister Maddie, but never would admit it.

Ally is an innocent girl, sweet, but a seductress, she falls for Lucas the night she meets him, giving him all she ever had, he walks away regretting the night they spent in passion. But Lucas leaves a reminder of himself that will always haunt Ally's heart, and mind forever.

Will any of them find love, will Ally forgive Lucas? And will Maddie have Davie? What is on the horizon that has always been there in the shadows, the problems that their parents had dealt with two decades before, but were not fully taken car of?

Will any of them even survive to tell the tale?

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Lucas's POV

"Hey, Luke what the hell, man?" My eyes widened, and I looked up at David. I had been staring again, all night long.

"Sorry, dude." David looked over at my direction, and his annoyed face turned into a leering look.

"She's hot." David commented, I looked back over, and sighed, yeah hot all right, more like fucking Goddess.

Long red hair, no cut style, small build, breasts that would knock her over if she bent down, her hips wide enough that is lined up with her breasts, and a waist which a woman could wrap both hands around, and fit perfectly. Her eyes were golden, with flecks of silver. I knew it then that I had to have her. I just didn't know in what way, yet.

Which was wrong, woman were good for an occasional company, and a good fuck session, but nothing more, and nothing less. They only brought heart ache, and sorrow, and in the end they'd dump you for another man.

I threw back my whisky, and stood up.

"Sorry David, gotta go have my meter filled." I heard him chuckle as I walked away, and whispered,
"Yeah, sex meter."

I walked up to the girl sat down next to her at the bar, and ordered a water. She turned to look at me, I sent her a charming grin, and she blushed brightly, before ordering a water as well.

"So what's your name?"

I asked her, she looked up at me after taking a sip of water, a dribble of water slid down her lip, and caught it with her tongue. Oh dear Gods in heaven, did she do that on propose? I felt stirring in my jeans, and kept my groan internal.

"Ally Gates." I gave her a grin, and held out my hand.

"Lucas Della Marts." She took it, and shook my hand.

"That's a long name."

"It doesn't have to be that long." I answered her, she blushed realizing what I just said, meaning that I could shorten it for her. To scream of course.

"What do you prefer to be called?" She asked, sipping her water causally. Did she know what doing that with her lips did to me?

"Luke, Lucas, it really doesn't matter to me. My mother usual yells my whole name only when I get in trouble." There it went again, another sexual innuendo of yelling.

"Has anyone called you Luca?" She asked, once more a blush staining her lovely porcelain skin.

"No, would you like to have the honor of being the first?" She grinned, and nodded.

"I like Luca, it's a very handsome name, gentle, yet strong. That's the sort of picture that the name Luca gives me."

"Oh, yes I can be both, in a very simulating way." She laughed, yet blushed again, she must be a shy girl. Yet there was a secret sexy girl under it.

"How old are you?" She wondered, probably trying not to think about my sex comments, I knew I would have her tonight, I just need to be patient, she wants to know me before thinking about sleeping with me. I love girls like that, not the sex craved whores.

"I'm just twenty two, what about you darling?"

"I'm eighteen." I lifted my eyebrows, she was young, so the term girl I gave her was correct.

"Really? Your much more mature than most girls then." She shrugged, and finished her drink.

"I've been told that, a time, or two before." I gave her the most charming smile I had, here it was, make it, or break I.

"Would you come with me somewhere where we could talk more, perhaps upstairs?" Ally frowned for a moment before standing up, and putting her water bottle in the recycling bin, she then shrugged.

"Why not, Luca." I looked at her standing up, she had a black clingy dress that wasn't slutty, but sexual none the less, I discreetly looked at her ass, what a sexy bubble bum she had. I held out my hand, and she smiled before taking it.

Ally's POV

Oh what the fuck was I doing? I'm going upstairs with a man I barley know, who told me in no uncertain terms that he wanted to have sex with me. Sex, a thing I know about intelligibly, but never had. Jesus, I'm fucking nuts. His hand was warmer than I was used to in anyone, and we walked up the stairs, and down one of the halls.

He went to one without a sign on the door knob, and opened it, he guided me in, placed a white sign on the outside of the door, and shut it before he clicked the lock so it locked. I looked around the room, there was a huge king size bed, a bathroom to the left, and a loveseat with a table in front of it. Luca walked over to a mini fridge, and pulled out two cold glasses, and champagne.

Luca set the glasses down on the table, and poured the champagne in each glass, he sat down, and patted the seat next to him, I swallowed, and walked over, sitting down, I leaned forward, took the glass, and drank half of it down, before placing it back down.

He chuckled, and sipped his drink.

"You look nervous, why is that?" I bit my lip, and shrugged, before admitting,

"I've never done any of this before, so I'm a bit nervous, yes."

"You shrug a lot, why is that?" I stopped myself from shrugging, and said,

"I'm indecisive, and a shrug seems to represent that without saying a word."

"Ah." Lucas hand came out, caught a piece of my hair between his forefinger, and thumb, he rubbed it.

"Why do you ask so many questions."

"I don't usually, but your different, you're the type that needs to know someone a bit, and I find that your intriguing, I'd like to know more about you."

"I may be naïve, but I'm not stupid, I know why you asked me up here."

"Oh?" He asked, like that surprised him. "I knew you knew why I asked you up here, and by naïve what do you mean?" I blushed, and turned away, drinking the rest of my drink before answering.

"Innocent in the physical sense." Luca's eyebrows jerked in surprise before he smiled.

"And I thought I was brave. This is quiet courageous of you." I shrugged once more.

"Well, I find myself attractive to you, so I'm hoping I picked the right first person to be involved with."

I had no idea why I was saying this, I wanted him, so badly, he was the first man I found myself wanting, sexually, and emotionally. I wanted him to like me, possible want me more than just a sex partner, and the only way I knew how to do that was to give myself to him, and willingly.

"Never met a fearless virgin before, aren't you afraid it will hurt?"

"Well, yes, but why linger there? I'm hoping you will teach me a few things, and give me pleasure doing that. I'm offering myself to you, for you to be my first." Luca then grinned, he swallowed the rest of the drink, he looked at me with lustful eyes, and cupped his hand to my head to bring my lips to his.

When our lips crashed together, I felt a heat explode in my lower area. I moaned into his mouth, and took it to the next level, I sat on my knees, pushing him back, and wrapped my arms around his neck. I tugged on the wisps of hair at the back of his neck, twisting them, and pulling gently. Luca chuckled at that, and wrapped his arms around my back.

His hands brushed at my back, feeling, his hands came down, and cupped my ass, he squeezed the firmness, and groaned in appreciation. Pulling his mouth away, he nibbled at my ear, swirling the outer shell of my ear with his tongue I shivered, having that sensation send shivers through my being. "Oh, Luca."

Lucas murmured my name, in a lusty voice, and lifted me up, I wrapped my legs around his waist to help him carry me, and we went to the bed, he dropped me next to the bed. Standing, he grabbed my dress, and shimmied it down, it pooled at my feel like black water, and I stepped out of it.

Dressed now in only my black lacy bra, and matching panties, I shivered, Lucas' gaze was intense his lusty eyes trailed my body like he was caressing it himself, and I wanted him to. I wanted him to touch, lick, and love my body into womanhood, and oblivion. I wanted him to want me, and not just in the sexual sense. He was going to be mine, one way or another.

Lucas smiled one of his charming grins, and pushed me back, I feel onto the bed with a bounce, and settled, he got down on his knees, and tugged off my black high heels. Once those were gone, he placed his teeth at my ankle, and nipped.

White hot flashes of intense heat, and desire rushed from that point, and up, going everywhere, but centering in that one spot between the apex of my thighs. If felt it throb with the beat of my heart, quick, and powerful.

Lucas swirled his tongue at my ankle where his just nipped me, soothing the harsh, but seductive bit. He pulled away, and gave the same treatment to my other ankle, a nasty nip, and a sweet caress with his tongue, amending the bit.

When Lucas looked into my face I felt like he knew to the extent my arousal was, he took a deep breath. Dear Lord, could he smell me? Lucas gave me a gleam, and I had a sneaking suspicion that he could indeed smell me. Lucas pushed apart my legs, and it felt like he sank his teeth into the fleshy part of my thigh. Leaving that spot I bent down to see that he had giving me a hicky with a possibility that it was slightly bruised.

Marking me, I could tell, I knew a possessive, and dominating male a mile away, and here one was right between my quivering thighs.

"You like that baby?" I moaned in answer, but let out a sharp cry when he flipped me over onto my stomach, and spanked me once. I blushed as that intensified the heat spiraling in me. "Answer me right."

"Yes." He spanked me again, but lighter.

"Closer, yes what?"

"Yes, I like it. I like that your biting me, marking me, hell even bruising me." He chuckled, and flipped me back over to unclasped the front of my bra, and toss it aside. He squeezed my breasts in his hands, smiling at them, they spilled over the cup of his hands.

"That's what I like, just slightly too much for my hands to hold." Lucas pressed his hard length closer to me, and whispered in my ear, "I always take more than I can handle, it's fun, and challenging. Let see…"

That was all the warning I got before he let go of one breast, and tried to stuff it into his mouth, when he did quiet manage that, he gnawed ever so gently on half my breast that he had put into his mouth. I screamed in delight, not knowing that I had been so loud.

"Lucas, no more, please end this madness." I begged him, he pulled my breast out of his mouth, spit soaked, and tender, Lucas stood up. I whimpered at him, and lifted my arms. "Come back down here." Lucas threw back his head in amusement, and gave a hearty laugh.

"I need to take my clothes off, to continue like you asked."

"Then get down here, and let me help." He kicked his boots off, and sat down, it was my turn to admire him. Lucas was the finest piece of a man I have ever laid my eyes on, and I'm pretty sure, ever will.

A cap of longish black hair that swooped in the emo style fashion that had been dead for almost a hundred years, light honey eyes that changed amber in the light which made them just a smidge darker. A chiseled chin, large, but not overly so lips that were the most kissable lips possible, and tasted of spearmint.

My hands came out, and ripped the black tee with a thin grey collar off. Like magnets they went to his perfectly sculpted chest, running along the strong muscles, and tan copper skin, he almost looked of Spanish decent, perhaps he was? "Your beautiful." Lucas gave a small laugh, and asked,

"Can a man be beautiful, ma cher ?" I grinned, and said,

"Oui, very." Lucas laid back on the bed, and smiled over at me, I loomed over him, and started to kiss his chest, marveling at how perfection could exist, kissing, and licking my way to explore him, like woman's curiosity. I found a little dip where his hips went, and nibbled there, only to been jerked away by Lucas' hips flexing up.

"That tickled, I didn't know I was even ticklish." I giggled, and kissed his lips. Scraping my nail down his chest I whispered,

"Say my name." Lucas narrowed his eyes, not liking I commanding him to do something. I bent back, and nibbled at his tickle spot again, he groaned. "Say my name."

"Ally, oh God, that tickles, and makes me want to bury myself inside your hot little body." I blushed severely at that comment, he hitched himself on the bed more in just his socks, and a pair of jeans on, knowing for sure he could look no sexier. Lucas twist while dragging me with him to lay his he on the pillow.

He had me lay next to his side, and pulled his socks, and jeans off. I stared at the budge in his underwear amazed that it could get so big. Not being afraid of him hurting me more than necessary, I smiled at him, and kissed his lips in a soft, and loving way. "Your ready, aren't you?" I nodded, smiling, and blushing. He chucked his pants off, and I stared at his ten inch cock with my mouth open. "I like that look on your face."

"I like the way it looks, even if it's a bit intimating."

"Your going to throw your legs over my hips, and straddle me, that way you can lower yourself down at your own pace."

"But, I don't know what to do." I said, frowning, what if I disappointed him?

"Just do that, and I'll guide you." Lucas grabbed my undies, and pulled them off, I blushed, I had never been completely naked before with a man. Taking a deep breath to steady myself, I swung my leg over his hips, and hovered my dripping core over him.

Gulping he took my hips, and guided me down on the tip of him slightly, then back up, he did that once again, but a tiny bit deeper. "Like that Ally, do it like that." He still held my hips, but let me take control. I took a steady breath, and pushed myself down on him a quarter way, I gasped as it stretched me. "Easy, Ally, you can't rush this." Oh, but I would, just perhaps not that quickly.

I worked myself onto him slowly, but gaining confidents, when he stretched me, and gently bumped my innocents, I lifted back up, seized a big gulp of air, and slammed myself down. I screeched in searing, tensed, but then forced my body to relax, Lucas lifted his chest up, kissed me, and murmured words of comfort.

When the pain dulled to manageable, I lifted myself back up, and let myself drop, I gasped, but this time only in slight pain, I did it once more, and we both gasped in ecstasy.

"Lucas, can't be up here anymore, too much, can you?…" Without a word he rolled over, and started to pump into me with earnest, oh I liked it this way, I lifted my hips up to reach his, and we finally found a rhythm.

Push in, pull out, push in roll my hips to the left, then pulled out roll my hips to the right.

"You're a fucking natural." I grinned in the confident boosted, and before we knew it we were grinding together, ruthless fucking, no more tender movement. Without warning I screamed, and shattered all over him, he grunted, and shouted as he splashed into me, with finally pumps.
* * *

Before we had fallen asleep we had seduced each other once more, and he took me on my hands in knee as animal like as it was it was amazing, before we had passed out. I woke up to find Lucas dressed, he was looking at me with a indiscernible look.

"Hi." I said, and smiled sleepy at him, his face form a frown. "What's wrong, baby?" I asked, I riffled my hand through my hair.

"I'm sorry." My face gave off confusion.

"For what?"

"We, shouldn't have done this." I gasped, and held the sheet to me, hurt gashed through me, and I choked on it.

"But why? It was wonderful. Did you not like it?" I as, tear starting to fall.

"I loved it, but I broke one of my rules, don't sleep with virgins."

"What does me being a virgin when we made love have anything to do with what your saying."

"Because of that. We didn't make love, at lest I didn't. I fucked you because we had a lot of things in common, and I wanted you. But I shouldn't have done it, hurting you is not something I'd want to do, but it's happening." Lucas sighed, and went to the door.

"Lucas, wait! Talk, don't go, please, Luca."

"I'm deeply sorry, I can't handle a relationship, you wouldn't want me anyhow."

"Luca…" I cried out his named, tears finally slipping down my face.

"Don't call me that, it makes it too personal Ally, and I can't do personal, I'm sorry for hurting you." With that he opened the door, and left shutting it quietly behind him.

And I was left there crying my eyes out, realizing I had been stupid to give my heart to such a man.

But what a man he was.

Sad right? Personly I was sad, and pissed off, but that's just me. Sorry took so long to update, had to have all my people comment, and this was a super long chapter 10 pages! Anyhow hop you liked it! :D


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