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Twin Demons

Novel By: Megstar1563

Maddison and Samantha Martin have been best cousins since they were young, so when one day they found out they share this great strength between them. They choose to put it to good use, growing up learning how to hunt and kill all the creatures lurking in the darkness. They never understood how this great strength came to be and had never much cared.
But Samantha yearns for a life outside the darkness, what’s to have a normal life for a change and no longer live the life of a hunter.
Maddison however lives for the hunt, tracking down and killing as many of those creatures to revenge her parent’s death, always looking out for her little cousin who’s still in school.
But these would become the least of their problems when they found out that the werewolves are not just killing and devouring innocent girls on the streets, but kidnapping them.
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Two girls walking alone on a full moon, what to do? What to do? They look so beautiful in their skirts. Black skirts. All the way up to their thighs. Beautiful skin. One is pale, very pale. Other is tanned. Too tanned. Looks like orange. The smell in my nose. Pale girl better. Better for eating. Now they are moving. Where they going? Not important. Food important, food is always important. Ears prick, listen to conversation.

"I just don't know what to do Hales. I mean, I think he likes me but I can't be sure."

"Girl, stop your worrying. It's not a life threatening decision. Just hit that thing."

Hit. Bring one's hand or tool or weapon into contact with someone or something quickly and forcefully. Signs of confusion. Signs of violence. Perhaps good for pack? Pack important. Tutan would be proud. Girls in pack. Good for mating. Good for many things. But so hungry. Must eat. Food important. Prick ears again. Listen to conversation again.

"That's your solution to everything. 'Girl hit that thing'"

"It works on pretty much everything and solves any problem."

Girls showing physical contact with another. Arms linked. Bodies warm. Meat warm. Meat good warm. Girls stop. Look at each other. Must make move. Too risky. Too many humans. Must get them alone. Must get them frightened. Ears prick. Listening.

"I'm just so confused."

"I'll talk to him for ya"


"Sure, if it'll get you laid."

"Thanks Hales."

Girls show more physical contact. Whole body embrace. Hug. Arms linked.

"See ya babe"

Tanned go inside. Other stay outside. Lick lips. So hungry. Need food. Food important. Girl walking. Heels clicking. Moon shining. Stomach growling. Hungry. Follow girl. Eyes locked. She's moving. Move to right. Continue walking. Going down ally. Darkness. Quiet. No humans. Perfect. Follow her. Run down ally. Teeth clenched. Heels clicking. Hair blowing. Smell tasty. Continue walking. Inhaling.

Following behind girl. Paws make sound. Stop. Hide.

"Is someone there?"

Girl confused. Girl scared. Can smell. Can sense. She turned. Looking. Can't find. Hiding. Continue walking. Must follow. Bump something. Make sound. Girl looking. Inhaling. Hiding.

"Who's there?"

Girl scared. Girl screaming. Girl angry. I upset. Don't want her angry. Want her tasty. Stay hidden. Girl confused. Heels clicking. Girl running. Breathing heavy. I shocked. I lunge. I run. Girl run. I chase. Girl flees. I growl. Girl screams. Losses balance. Trips. I run. I stare. So pretty. So tasty.

Must take back to pack. Tutan be happy. Pretty girl tasty. Must not eat. Only kill.

Girl screams. I lunge.

Girl dead.


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