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Novel By: Mei


Until the wrath of Karma is brought down upon those who succumb to his wicked ways. Ever alluring, ever seductive, ever persuasive. Using darkness and the forbidden Lores as his drive, he wreaks of terror to corrupt everything within the land.


Only she can stop him, the light to Karma's darkness. By containing power beyond ones control, she is the hope within the ebony that encases the land. A resilient woman, wrought with the deeds Karma has done.


The girl of prophecy. Stuck with a destiny that only she can unravel, through the harsh truth and flames that await her. Relying on her friends for moral support is not enough for the challenges that will present themselves to her. Only she can be strong enough to take the responsibility.


Through the darkness and dread lies a small speck of light. A story of hope, love and violence ensues as Sera begins to track down the remnants of her past and the real reason why Karma demands Hersonia to be wiped off the face of the world. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Apr 29, 2012    Reads: 75    Comments: 0    Likes: 2   

Prologue: Karma
There's a humorous debate when it comes to darkness, that it cannot survive without light. Almost like Yin and Yang, the surveillance of good and evil, and inevitably we come down to karma. Karma. It's rare you hear such a word in a good light, ironic too how the word light comes into the equation when most evidently karma is the epitome of everyone's terror. A hefty punishment for immoral deeds, some may take it down a much darker route, perhaps to sought out true ebony, succumb to its wrath, accept its sublime act of endearment. The Devil is close when such a word is muttered, but God is closer, almost in parallel conjunction to the feeling, the emotion, be what it may.
If a man were to take between his two callused palms the words good and evil, what indifference would there be? To accept all that perfection means to accept every imperfection, there is no fine line, there is no 'one or the other', there is only both, wrought with the embellished scatterings of death and life. There are so many definitions, so many intakes, everything wreaks of the feelings in an equilibrium when it comes to karma. Some may say the city of Rethos was a lost cause. Left to rot because of the false acceptance and tantalizing seduction darkness offered. They were so wrong. Rethos, Nevria, Sardoone and Sera, four of the eight cities taken in by evil, because of the promises that captivated those who fell under the spell for a second, it was the end before it was even the beginning.
Now only four cities survive, their ancient architecture and industry providing little protection against evils wicked ways. Felagar, Reis, Gordan and Vensth, bigger in size, but smaller in stature. The only hope of breaking the impossible barrier that good and evil offer, the shadows forever loom, close…too close. Obliterating what they can, no longer is there healthy livestock and greenery, perfect for the summer heat, the winter freeze. Only dust. Sand, woven, dust. It stings our eyes, reaps into the little food we have left and leaves us with little options. How long can we live like this, before we succumb too?
Karma, you destroy us.


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