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Eriko Kurokawa is sent to Pyx Academy, a prestigious school, because her mother is always away on business. Pyx seems welcoming, but it holds a secret: the students are gifted in more ways than one . . . View table of contents...


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My face was sweaty as I ran through the darkness.

I couldn't see anything, not even my hand in front of my face. I didn't know where I was. My voice was hoarse as I tried calling out for someone. Suddenly, I felt warmth, and a huge wall of fire exploded up in front of me. A breeze of intense heat blew in my face. I blocked the breeze with my hand.

Surely, since the heat was so hot, my hand should have melted--or at least been burnt. But it didn't. I actually stopped the breeze with my hand. I was able to hold it, it floating gently above my palm.

Then two large, red eyes appeared on the wall of fire. They stared me down, and the fiery curtain collapsed onto me.


Chapter 1

I sat up abruptly in my bed, my head pounding from the intensity of the dream.

I looked around. I was still in my bedroom. My eyes flew to the clock; it was 6:00 A.M.

I got up from my bed drowsily to prepare for the day.

My name is Kurokawa Eriko. I live in Tokyo, Japan, and I am 15 years old. Today is my first day of my new school.

My mother is currently away on business. I have to catch the 7:30 A.M. train to Tama, Tokyo-where my new boarding school is. Okaa-san (Mother) insists that since she will be too far away and will be gone too long, therefore will be very worried about me constantly. So, she is sending me to Pyx Academy.

Pyx Academy is a very prestigious and wealthy boarding school in Tama. I feel honored to be able to attend the school as a student.

Anyway, I got a shower and then, after drying myself, I got dressed. I wore a jean skirt, a red tank-top, and my jean jacket. I put on some red converse, and then I straitened my hair. My hair is black, but my bangs are crimson red.

Once I was dressed, I grabbed my suitcase, which I had packed last night. It had all my basic stuff in it. I went downstairs to get breakfast: rice and chopped yellowtail. I chewed quickly.

After I had finished, I cleaned the house up a little bit, wanting Okaa-san to be pleased when she returned in two months. Then, I realized it was time to go. With a heavy heart, I swiped my cell phone and left my house. I locked the front door, leaving a spare key under the mat. Okaa-san normally looses her key while traveling.

I took a bus to the Tokyo Train Station. I bought a one-way ticket to Tama with some of my own money. I checked the clock hanging on the wall; I still had ten minutes. I found a bench and took a seat, relaxing.

"Maybe Anju-chan messaged me . . ." I murmured.

Otomo Anju is my best friend. I don't have that many, but I'm not picky. Anju has long dirty-blond hair and is a few inches taller than me. I flipped open my cell phone, hopeful, but I found no messages. None. No texts. No missed calls. No one had wanted to wish me goodbye.

"Attention passengers. Train 215 to Tama, Tokyo is now boarding in Section C."

I looked up in surprise. Section C was very close to where I was sitting. Sniffling, I got up and went to Section C.

I was the first to get there. I got on the train, handing a man standing near the door my ticket. He broke it in half and handed me a piece. I got on board. The engineer acknowledged me with a nod. I sat in the first seat I saw; which was a three-seater in the front row.

I pushed my forehead against the cold glass of the window. Tears were welling up in my eyes, I could tell. I was hurt.

"Pardon me, miss, but are you all right?"

I turned my head around, my forehead numb, to see an old man looking down at me, his eyed wide with concern. He wore a caramel trench coat, a wooden cane in his hand. "Are you crying?" he asked softly.

I shook my head, wiping my eyes. "I'm fine," I answered.

He handed me a satinhankerchief and sat down in the two-seater across from me. I dabbed at my eyes quickly, flushing a deep red. "So," he started casually, "what's a young lady like you doing traveling alone?"

I shrugged. "I'm going to Pyx Academy."

The old man smiled. "Pyx, huh? How impressive."

"Thank you."

He glanced to the back of the bus quickly. "Well, I must go to my friend," he said. He got up and gave me a forgiving smile. "Forgive my rushing through the conversation. It was very nice to meet you. Good luck at Pyx." He wobbled to the back of the bus.

I sighed, facing the window again. I held my suitcase on my lap.

I remembered when I had gotten my acceptance letter. Okaa-san had actually been there, and she was ecstatic. In the letter, it said Pyx was sending someone to meet me at the station and to take me to Pyx. I wondered who it would be; more importantly, how I would find them.

I remembered looking Pyx Academy up on the computer. It didn't really give that much information. All I found were pictures of happy students, different rooms, and of dorms. Nothing of subjects or specifics.

It took an hour to get to Tama. I killed time by texting Anju-or at least trying. I also read some of a book I was reading, doodled absent-mindedly on a sheet of paper, and playing Eye Spy with myself.

Finally, the train slowly came to a halt. I noticed drowsily that the station appeared different here; it was brighter, cleaner, less crowded.

I stumbled off the train and immediately went to a bench, resting my suitcase on it. I glanced around the station, looking for my escort.

To my surprise, I noticed a sign high in the air. And it had my name on it. Holding it was a young man, about twenty. He wore a black suit and a shiny driver's hat.

I approached the man curiously.

He noticed me instantly and nodding, bowing to me. "You are Kurokawa Eriko, yes?" he said.

"Yes." I bowed to him in respect. "Are you my escort to Pyx Academy?"

He smiled. "Yes. Are you ready to go?"

"Ready as I'll ever be," I replied.

He smiled, gesturing toward the Exit/Entrance.

I followed him a few steps until he lurched up straight suddenly. "Oh! Where are my manners?" he cried. He turned around and grinned. "I'm Akihito."

I smiled. "It's very nice to meet you."

He led me out to the parking lot and pointed to a long, black limousine parallel-parked.

"Here we are!" Akihito said.

I gawked at the limo. "T-this is our ride?" I stuttered.

"Yep." Akihito looked excited.

"Wow . . ."

He opened the passenger door for me. I peered inside.

The seats were red, made of leather. The seats were like booths in a restaurant, facing each other. Under each seat was a mini-fridge.

"You like?" he asked.

"I . . . I like," I choked out. I almost jumped onto the seat.

Akihito laughed.

I sat still for a minute, absorbing the situation. Then, with a burst of excitement, I opened the mini-fridge.

There were cans of soda, candy bars, cold fruit, and bottles of water. Smiling with delight, I opened a can of soda, shut the fridge, and sat back in my seat.

Akihito rolled down the window dividing the front from the back. "You look pleased," he commented, chuckling.

I nodded. "Very!"

During the time it took to get to Pyx, I examined some of the manga comics I found in a compartment. To my joy, the mangas were mostly Konjiki No Gash Bell, my favorite.

After a while, Akihito rolled down the window. "We're heeere," he sang.

I looked out the side window.

Pyx's campus was huge.

The grass was dark green and cut to perfection, the school buildings shining in the wintry sun. There were four buildings, all square and similar. There was a baseball field, a swimming pool, and a tennis court.

Akihito parked in the main parking lot, opening the door for me. "Wow," I whispered.

"Pyx does have its perks," he muttered.

He led me to one of the buildings. "See that woman right there? The one typing on the computer?" he said.

"Yes," I said.

"Talk to her. She'll help you settle in." Akihito got close to my face, looking stern. "But listen, Eriko-chan. Pyx may appear beautiful, but I want you to proceed with caution. Don't take anything for granted. Understand?"

I nodded meekly.

His happy smile returned. "Then I bid you goodbye. I wish you great luck here at Pyx." Akihito bowed, winked, and left me in front of the Main Office.

I blinked, confused. Was he warning me of something?

I took in a deep breath and walked into the Main Office.

I approached the woman Akihito instructed me to. She was old with deep wrinkles. She looked up. "May I help you?"

"I'm Kurokawa Eriko," I said, bowing slightly.

She nodded. She rose, smiling sweetly. "Come with me. You must meet Principal Fuwanaki."

The lady led me to a door in the back of the room, knocking on it. The door opened a crack. "Yes?"

"It's Kurokawa Eriko, Fuwanaki-sama."

"Is she here?"

"Right beside me, sir."

The door opened entirely as she stepped in, with me scrambling behind her.

Behind a desk in the room was a man. He was young, with glasses and dark silver hair reaching his ears, sweeping onto his face. "Kurokawa Eriko," he said, grinning. I noticed the woman was gone from beside me. "Welcome to Pyx Academy."


Hope you all enjoyed the 1st chapter! :D If there's any Japanese Language errors, let me know so I can fix them! ^_^

Japanese Suffuxes:

-chan = Used for friends and family

Okaa-san = Mother

-sama = used for ones of higher authority, like doctors and teachers

*Eriko's first name is Eriko, but in Japan, you say your last name first. (At least, that's what I've been told. If I'm wrong, tell me. XD) So Otomo Anju's first name is Anju. :)

The following story and its characters (c) me under my name of MidnightQueen12. They may not be used and/or distributed without my permission and consent. "Pyx Academy" (T) and its following novels belong to me and no one else may take credit in this publishing year of 2009.


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