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Blood Knights

Novel By: MiinaK

He stares at me with his beautiful crimson eyes, once you look into it it just feels like you're looking right into the darkness itself which you can never turn your eyes off from.
I can feel needle piercing my heart, throbbing and thumping from the tension and nervousness. "What is he...?" I whisper to myself. Then there was a cold and swift touch behind my neck. Soft whisper that gave me shiver "He's a vamipre. Like me..." And that's how me and my master met, and how this whole madness started.
*heyyyy if you guys have any ideas, or any ways to make this better please feel free to comment. And please read my other works too; ) View table of contents...


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Blood Knights Chapter one. -the beggining

I looked at myself in the mirror, studying my hair, my makeup, how this shimmering white mini dress fits. I smiled approvingy, amber screamed. "Oh my godness you look so beautiful! Way prettier than those stuck up rich kids who thonls they look beautiful just because their daddy told them so. Pfft, not all what their parents tell them is true at all aha" Amber sneering and laughing slightly when I turned around. I smiled and giggled "ahaha aww thankyou, you look even more beautiful than me Hun. You look absolutely beautiful!!" She looked at me nervously "don't you think it looks like I gained 5 more pounds? I swear I look really fat." She looks are her dress in the mirror. I smiled softly?

"no, it looks amazing. Don't be sillie amber you arent fat and you know youre one of tye prettiest girl in our school. You look beauts in anything,but that dress is like wow!! Its like it was made for you!!" I went next to her and smiled into the mirror. It was true, beautiful light and sky blue mini dress with beautiful and dazzling rhinestones and other jewely typed stones on her dress was sparking which brought out the shine into her beautiful ocean blue eyes. Her curve was showing and the way she had her Long honey blonde hair down and curled the end looked amazing. She was beautiful, any boys would look at her twice and turn around to her on the street. Sure people do turn around to me and stares at me as well, people do call me pretty and asks me out. But compared to amber in my eyes. She's way beautiful, and she looked like godness tonight. Amber looked at me, and got some kind of box from her purse. It was a dark redish box with a lock on it, she turned to me and handed it to me. Shoving it on my hand. I looked at her. "you mean hell lots to me Mia, you been my best mate since like forever. And i seriously dont know how I would've been if it wasn't for you supporting me and looking out for me. Thankyou" I looked at her, "I cant accept this amber, it looks really expensive!!!" amber laughed "I got it for you and I want you to wear it for me Mia, today's my birthday so please listen to my request??" I looked at her and nodded with defeat. She squeeled and jumped about.

"What is this? Did amber proposed to mia or something?" Imy came into the room and came straight to me ignoring amber jumping about. Amber stops celebrating and looked our way "I'm not a lesbien thankyou imy!" Staring at imy and pouts. "but I would become lesbian if it's for Mia, she would be the only way for me to be a lezzie." amber laughed and imy made faces. Imy finally looks at amber "my bad, what's up with this box anyway though? You cant open it without the key for the lock?" Amber smiles and came to us, rustled into her shiny purse again and searched for the key. She takes out a necklace with a little key on it, dangling and shining in the lights. "Here it is! Hurry and open it Mia!!!"

Imy looked interested, she placed her dark brown hair out of her face and placed it behind her ears. Her long brown hair falling beautifuly like chocolate waterfall And her beautiful dark blue long cocktail dress looked amazing too. she studied the box and pointed out. "Why is the box so old and rough but the key looks like it was made like hours ago?" She was right, the box had some scratch marks, colour faded in some places and the Metal parts around the lock was bit rusted. Amber shrugged and handed the key to me, "I bought it from this new antique shop by my grandmothers house, it was all so mysterious and Gothic and so so super coooooolllll! You would've loved that shop imy! " amber turns around the mirror and fixes her lip stick and gloss it.

After amber finished her lips and pouting and making faces to the irror she resumed. "Apparently there's this romantic and super cool legend behind it, its about vampires!!!" She giggled softly and exitedly. Imy and me rolled our eyes, "here you go about vampires again" imy said sarcastically. But obviously she's exited to hear about the vampire romance. Amber smiled at imy and made faces, both imy and amber laughed and imy giggled.

"So the legend is that there was this vampire prince and human princess. They met without knowing who they actually were and fell in love. Vampires existed then, a lot of them. And the clans seperated to supernatural beings and human beings. Obviously they found out who they were but their love didn't wither but grew bigger and small love became true love, they met eachother secretly and learned each others clan cultures and spent lovely times togerther. A bit like Romeo and juliet to be honest, their clans found out and they were seperated. But when they met eachother secretly. They decided to go to this witches house an turn the vampire prince in to human being and run away togerther. And so they met next full moon, gave up everything. Families, parents, friends and their future as heir. And went along to the witches house....." amber stopped, and looked at the box. Imy looked at amber. "Well? Whatever happened then to them after???" I stared at the box in my hands.

"Not both of them but one reached to the witches house Only the human princess with a bite mark on her neck made it to the witches house. The vampire prince was hurt by the ones who was chaising them. She gave him her blood to heal, and prince told her to go a head before him. And the princess went to the witches house and witch heard the story of them. Took a pity on them and let the princess stay with her and they waited for the prince for days, week, months and years but never came. The princess became depressed, she wouldn't eat and cries everyday thinking about her rince so the witch made this pact. Just for those two who loved eachother desperately and passionately. Witch made this pact that in their next lives they will meet eachother and fall deeply in love, and again and again till they will be living happily ever after togerther." Amber's eye shined.

"but that's not all, the witch found the vamire princes blood and made it into a Necklace and gave it to the princess. Apparently that necklace keeps the process and princes bond togerther!!! Its so romantic!!!!" Imy yawns, "so you're giving mia a necklace made by witch in agent time which is made out of vampire bood?" Amber nods and starts giggling. "its still really romantic anyway!" I opened the little box, there was a necklace with silver-platinum chains and small crimson red coloured heart with a little wing shaped metal on the back. It was cute and beautiful, imy looked over my sholder "necklace charm made out of vampire blood.. great, why dont we try checking DNA? Maybe we can clone the vampire prince and amber can marry him."

amber smiled "omg that'll be great!!!" And we all just laughed. Amber put the necklace on Mia and three girls went out to town, me, amber and imy are going out to the club Heavenly Hell to celebrate amber's birthday. Going on limo? It was amazing, everyone stared and whistled.

We were able to get straight into the club Coz we knew the door dude and the person who owns the place. it was all amazing, great music, insanely cool dance floor andbars, insanely hot guys And lots of yummy food!!! I loved it and so did the girls. But I just couldn't stop fidgiting and feeing like someone has been staring at me since we came out of the hotel.

I told imy about it but she says I'm just thinking too much cause amber told us that story. And that I should have some fun, maybe I WAS thinking too much. I looked at imy, dancing now and instantly having hotties around her and wraping them around her fingers. Then I looked at amber who was snogging different boys every five minutes. I guess i should have fun, we came for some fun anyway. After dancing with imy, amber and few boys. All of us three took at break and drunk some cocktails and shandy. amber drunk too much and felt a little bit sick so we went to the toilet. While Amber was in the stool, I fixed my make up and stared at my reflection. People always called me pretty and cute. I had largish brown eyes, mid long brown hair and curvey body. I guess im popular but I was never bullied. Amber was beautiful, but she has been bullied a lot. Imy was bulied Too. People always told me I'm bit weird, like they can't see through me and can't understand what on thinking. I think I'm pretty much normal.... When amber came out of the stool she looked like death just warmed up.

Ofcouse she was still pretty, but she looked worned out a Bit. Amber looked at her self in the mirror and thanked me for taking care of her. When she was doing her make up.

I heard a voice, whisper in my ears "ive found you" I freaked out.

Asked amber if she heard it but only looked at me like i was joking and was trying to scare her. I got creeped out and hurried out of the toilets and amber followed. As I went deeper into the crowds of people dancing and snogging I felt myself feeling safer and secured. We danced and drunk, although the music was really loud and you can hardly hear your friends when they talked, I kept on hearing whisper like voice by my ears soft and clear. "I found you" "I missed you" "remember me" so many times.....

the voice sounds so sad and desperate. It was almost a famalliar feeling, the voice had some loniness, hint of desperation, some sadness and love in it. It made me feel numb and weak. Before I realised, it was already midnight. And i felt this weird vibe. I didn't like it at all, I wanted to get put of here and leave. So I convinced imy and amber and we decided to go after i go to the toilet and fix my make up. After ive finished I went down to the dance floor...

Half of the people lay on the floor, I looked carefully at them. They were dead, not breathing but bleeding.

I hid behind the wall. What happened to them?! I peeked a bit, there were people standing absolutey still. And people who lay still on the floor.. dead. I saw imy by the bar, she looked over at me and cried and pointed at the crowd.


Amber stood in the crowd, stood still and emotionless like a maniquin. And there was five people, looking at the ones who stood still up and down. One of them stood on the stage and looked down on them. Holy..... their eyes are red. Fucking red!!! Is that a cosplay?Or..... no no no, vampires dont exist! This must be some kind of a joke. One who was standing still among the crowds twitched, thdude on the stage pointed the finger at the man who twitched. And the group of red eyes aproached the man. They were all really good looking, red eyes I mean. The Guy on the stage must be their leader. He's really hot. He had silky silver blonde hair with piercing red eyes. Toned body and perfect face comlexions. i had never seen anyone so perfect and beautiful in my entire life. others were similar but not good looking as him. The man who twitched got on stage and faced the beautiful man on stage.

And in a flash of a moment, the mans head fell pff. It took us quite long time to catch up on what happened.

Girl screams.

All the red eyes looked, my mouth open wide gasping.

Imy screamed. and now all the red eyed phycos know about her, shit shit shit shit! I looked at imy, she turned to me. Looking at me with horror.


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