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A Misunderstood Pegasus

Novel By: Miranda Reyes

For centries, black pegasuses have always been the outcasts of the animal kingdom for they represent the war horses of the demons armies. They are part of the long fight between light and darkness.

Midnightshadow(Shadow) was a black pegasus that grew up in solitude because of her night black pelt. Though she was not evil, she was still treated as if she was.

Diablo was one of the Heaven's war pegasuses. He watched as all his friends died in battle. Now, he has left the horrors of war to seek his own adventures.

It was fate that brought these two pegasuses together. One night, they sat together and watched as a beautiful Northern lights appeared from the tip of the mountain and dance across the sky. When Shadow wonders why they always appear from the mountain tip, Diablo promises to take her there to find out. Little do they know that they'll be put on an impossible quest that promsises not only danger, but having to face theirpainful pasts. View table of contents...


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The next morning Shadow woke up before Diablo. She was thrilled that he had actually stayed with her the whole night! Her excitement returned as she remembered their mission of the day. Fly to the top of the mountains and see what's been causing the northern lights. She trotted over to a nearby field and began to graze as she waited for him wake.

Diablo's breathing was heavy as his wings flapped a bit in his sleep, only to swat some flies off his black coat in pure daylight.

Much to Shadow's dismay, a thick fog started to roll in. She cast a glance over at Diablo and saw that he was still sleeping

Shadow looked over at her friend who was still passed out. She had grown anxious since a fog had just rolled in and was growing thicker by the moment. She snorted and walked back over to Diablo. "Diablo, are you awake yet?" she whispered into his ear.

His eyes shot open, quickly getting to his feet he shook his head and snorted, surprised. He turned to see Shadow, sighing in relief. "Yeah, what's with the fog?" he turned his head skyward, watching it roll in.

Shadow shied away when he woke up. "I don't know, it wasn't there earlier. How can we fly up to the mountain if we can't even see an inch in front of our noses?" Shadow asked not even trying to hide the disappointment in her voice.

He narrowed his eyes; they change color slowly, spreading his wings as he flapped them slowly. "Well, you haven't met my eyesight then. Just follow my tail." he smiled at her, wanting her to live her dream.

Shadow squeaked excitedly. She opened her wings and flapped them in time with Diablo's and followed behind him.

Diablo speeds through the fog, making sure Shadow is behind him every second. He looked ahead, his eyes piercing the fog like it was just a minor defect in light. He soon slowed down, seeing something and turning his head as he sniffed. "Your. Not in heat right..?" he asked curiously.

Shadow tilted one ear to the side awkwardly. "No. Why?" she asked.

He looked forward, nodding and sighing in relief. "Because, we might run into some stallions in this journey." he says, speeding up.

Suddenly, a white stallion Pegasus appeared out of the fog with an amused smirk on his face. He had been following the Pegasus's for a while now and he thought that now was the perfect time to announce his presence. "Indeed you might," a deep voice boomed from behind Shadow.

She screamed as the stranger latched onto her mane and tried to knock her out of the air. "Let me go!" she cried desperately, the pain in her head increasing.

Morgan laughed as the little mare tried to put up a fight. He snorted and tried harder to seduce her. He chuckled and whispered into the mare's ear. "Just give up and the pain will stop."

"Never!" Shadow screamed and tried kicking him or beating him with her wings. "Diablo Help!"

Diablo quickly turned around, his teeth grabbed the stallion by the neck and dragged him down, spiraling into deeper fog as it is now almost completely dark, giving them both advantages. From the fog he screams "Run!" as his wings flap hard, his heavy body hard to get by and his quick wits almost unbelievable.

Shadow was terrified and hovered where she was. Her eyes wide as she watched Diablo and the strange horse plunged into the fog.

Morgan neighed and kicked out with his back legs. "Oh, is she your mate? My, my, that makes raping them all the better when they know that their precious lover was unable to defend them," he taunted.

Diablo grinned, his teeth sinking deeper as he slammed the stallion into the ground, hard and heavy as his hoof pressed down on his two wings to hold them down as he slowly expands his own to keep the Shadow from seeing. "I will, destroy anyone who touches, her. She's my, only friend."

Morgan lay gasping on the ground. The force of the impact had broken two of his legs and fractured one of his wings. "You both are black Pegasus's," he rasped. "It's only a matter of time before the darkness will overtake you."

Diablo pulled his teeth back, ripping out the Pegasus's vocal cords and wind pipes, his teeth tainted now as his eyes narrow. "Just cause we're a black color, doesn't mean we can't shine in the deepest nights." He looked up, his wings still covering the corpse as he makes sure Shadow isn't watching.

Shadow watched from high in the sky. Diablo was blocking her view of the fight but she knew that he would teach that stallion a lesson. She looked over at the setting sun. It didn't even occur to her that they had been traveling all day. "Diablo! Is everything alright?" she called down to him.

Diablo leapt off the ground, his heavy body still blocking her view if the dead corpse as he licked away the blood around his mouth. "I'm good!"

Shadow tries to look past Diablo. "What exactly did you do to him?" she asked curiously.

He swerved as Shadow tries to look, thinking quickly. "I made him faint," he responded with a serious look.

Shadow didn't sense any unusualness in his voice. "Okay," she said simply before turning away and taking the lead. "Come on, I want to make there before nightfall!" she called over her shoulder.

Diablo followed, smiling as he then reaches up to her side, his eyes darting around for any other typical dangers. "I vow, to protect the weak and cute the injured, and fight for those who love," he whispered to himself, his eyes closing.


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