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The Amulet Bearers: Awakening

Novel By: MissChildish

COMPLETE: Alyssa grew up in the bustling city of Torvic with her loving mother and caring step-father. That all changes the night her sister is born. Suddenly orphaned and in charge of a wailing baby girl, Alyssa is shiped off to live with her step-family.

Ally grows up as a maid, working day in and day out to provide a comfortable life for her younger sister, who had quickly become her whole world. Childish dreams of travelling and adventure, of meeting Elves and Dwarves and taming dragons are pushed to the side as she is forced to mature.

But, suddenly Indi is taking by a nightmarish monster. Ally is forced to set out to save on sister on a journey that will change her forever. Will she survive it?

When darkness engulfs the light
Six shall be called to begin the fight
Red, the leader shall be
Gold, shall follow thee
In Brown, strength you’ll find
In Blue there’s strength of another kind
Green’s gift is the healing charm
Grey’s is wisdom and the calm
As darkness spreads across the land
No single race, alone, can stand
Unless they can join together as one
Following what the six have begun

(I've been editing this story over the past few weeks, and have changed most of the minor characters names. So if you ever see that a character has been called two different names, or a name comes up and you have no idea who it is, please leave me a comment pointing it out.) View table of contents...



Submitted:Oct 14, 2009    Reads: 625    Comments: 29    Likes: 10   

Hey Guys,

I feel so horrible doing this, I always told myself I would never, but I'm leaving Booksie and taking down Amulet Bearers.

I know, I know, I'm a terrible person and I deserve all your annoyance and frustration. However, you may or may not have noticed, lately there hasn't been much in the way of any updates on Amulet Bearers. That's simply because I've lost my steam. I have NOT given up on the trilogy, I will continue this to the end, if that ends next year or next decade I don't care, it'll always be something I do.

This is because of a, possibly childish and likely will never come true, dream of one day publishing the trilogy. Now if I do want to make this a reality it means I have to put my best into every sentence I write. The way of Booksie doesn't really support this. I feel rushed to get each chapter out, even if I'm not one hundred precent happy with it. This is simply because I feel horrible keeping my (two - friends don't count, they're obligated to me feedback) readers waiting.

So I feel it will be best if I take the story down, so that the pressure of getting out each chapter is taking from me and I can really put my best into every chapter. It's just not realistic that I can keep up the passion and enthusiasm for a single story and group of characters going constantly for multiple years (I'm only fifteen). My muse is going to come and go and I don't want to string my readers along when we all know my breaks between chapters can last months.

I just want to thank everyone who's left a comment on all of my stories over the past two years. I have grown so much as a writer on this site and that's because of all of the wonderful feedback and encouragement I have found on here. I have learnt so much from so many talented writers, which I will keep with me forever.

I will continue to read the stories I am currently reading, though I'm not taking on anything new. I might not comment on every one of your chapters like I've done in the past: life and school are getting busier, but I'll make sure to touch in every few chapters.

Once again, thank-you to everyone and I am very sorry.


P.S To Brian and Bobgirl, if you so wish you can give me your email address and I'll continue to send you each chapter as they come out (be warned there is likely to be months between them). You've stuck with this story and you deserve to see it continue. However I know not everyone's comfortable putting their email out onto the internet, so if you do, I will delete your comment after I've seen it so it doesn't stay up. Thank you to you both; I truly feel horrible doing this to you.


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