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Alexandra Butterfly Queen(Booklover9216 Challenge)

Novel By: Mistress of Word Play

This is actually a long short story. I wrote it for Booklover9216's Fantasy Challenge. I used the picture from the Costume Challenge because it inspired me to write this.
Hope you like it. Susan :) View table of contents...


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Submitted:Dec 15, 2009    Reads: 144    Comments: 19    Likes: 34   

She fought her way out of the silken cocoon which she had survived in through the cold, bitter winter months. She used her razor sharp teeth to bite her way out of the sticky white shield. This had been her birth chamber and now if she did not labor quickly it would become her death trap. As Alexandra emerged from her cocoon warm bright sunlight came to rest on her delicate frame. Her hair and wings which were still moist quickly dried as the warmth and sun pulled the dampness up into the spring air. She stood on the dried up rosebud just below her now abandoned shelter. Alexandra stretched and smiled. Her long flowing rainbow colored hair swung freely behind her and from time to time made contact with her wings. A soft light radiated from her pale white skin and she cautiously started to work her translucent multicolored wings to dry them completely. Above the tiny moth maiden hovered her overseer and guardian.
"Ah," the giant moth exclaimed, "good I see you escaped your cocoon. Well done little princess and welcome!"
Alexandra nodded her head at her companion and took a deep breath of air into her lungs. She rotated around on the shriveled up flower she was standing on and smiled.
"Hello," she chirped sweetly to the moth, "are you the one who will teach me what I need to know."
"Yes child I am," the moth buzzed back, "I am your guardian and my name is Cleome."
"I am so glad to meet you," Alexandra replied taking in her surroundings.
Alexandra scanned the area around her taking note of the greenery that was just coming to life. A few early spring flowers adorned an area nearby and with childlike curiosity her mind reeled from all the images. A gentle breeze caused her dress to stir and caused her skin to tingle. The sights and sensations made Alexandra slightly dizzy.
"Is all well?" Cleome asked as she had seen Alexandra stagger slightly.
"Yes," she answered in an uncertain tone, "I think so."
"Here climb on my back," her guardian offered, "we have much to do."
Still feeling out of sorts Alexandra did as she was instructed and climbed onto Cleome's back. The two were soon airborne. Alexandra watched as her overseer flew across this new world into which she had arrived. Everything was just so beautiful. Trees and shrubs were in bloom and tiny blades of grass were emerging. Alexandra spied a flock of birds below and shivered audibly. Her tiny hand instinctively tightened its grip.
"Ouch!" Cleome exclaimed in pain, "Goodness child must you pinch me?"
"Sorry," Alexandra said loosening her hold a bit, "those creatures below us look so formidable."
"You must never go near them dear," Cleome replied with a hint of fear in her voice, "they are birds and they will have you for supper if given half a chance. I had a brother once and a blackbird caught him off guard. Needless to say the filthy animal swallowed my poor dear brother whole."
"Oh my," Alexandra exclaimed, "I am so sorry that must have been horrible!"
"It was." her overseer answered, "Take care you are not a victim of the loathsome things."
Alexandra watched in awe as they flew across a thick forest. She spied tiny people in and among the trees. They were strange little creatures. Alexandra noticed they were about the same size as she was and they too could fly, but their wings were different from her own large colorful wings. Their dress was odd as well they did not have on the colorful clothing which adorned her slender form.
"Those people there below," she asked Cleome, "they are not as I am?"
"No," Cleome chortled, "those are fairy folk. We have nothing to do with them. Years ago we lived among them but our descendants soon grew tired of their mischievous ways and broke away from them. We have little or no contact with them. It is forbidden to speak to them or seek out their companionship."
"I see," Alexandra answered.
They had flown for only a short distance when they came upon a tree of some sort which had the most exquisite pink blossoms. Bees flew in and around the tree collecting the treasure contained in each of the flowers. Cleome gently landed on a limb at the top of the tree. Others such as herself flew in and out of a hole in the uppermost part of the tree's trunk. Alexandra watched in wonder as the tiny figures seemed to be extracting nectar from the flowers and then taking it into the tree's interior. Alexandra stood next to Cleome and began to flutter her wings slowly then faster until she too was flying freely in the air.
"Ha! Ha!" Alexandra called excitedly, "I can fly!"
Cleome let out a joyful chuckle and then becoming airborne as well leading her tiny charge into the kingdom of Butterflies.


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