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The Sacrifice (Alternate World)

Novel By: Mistress of Word Play

The story of Cape Town, Africa in an alternate world. A story of war and political upheavel and the men and women who believe that freedom is worth paying the ultimate price. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Mar 19, 2010    Reads: 101    Comments: 18    Likes: 30   


What price for freedom I ask of you?
What would you forfeit or chose to do?
Would you give your life dear friend?
Would you fight until the bitter end?
Celine walked deep in thought beneath the muted light of Terra's twin moons. The strong spring breeze would occasionally whip her short black hair across her youthful somber face. Her blue eyes sparkled brightly as she made her way down the avenue. The fabric of her loose white shift caressed her body and caused Celine's light brown skin to tingle. Feeling the cold on her skin, Celine pulled the cape around her slender form. There had been peace in Cape Town for over twenty years. She had been born toward the end of the Fifty Year War. Celine could not remember any of the events which took place, but her father and Tristan Celine's older brother made her aware of the details when she was older. Her mother Amalia died shortly after Celine's birth. Celine and Tristan's father never remarried. Heartbroken he took on the care and upbringing of his children with love and devotion. Celine still regretted the fact she had never known her mother. A special bond had formed between Celine, Lester, and Tristan because of Amalia's tragic death, but there were times when Celine felt alone and longed for her mother's presence.
Celine's father Lester was leader of Cape Town's fast growing population. It was the only democratic city left on Terra. In fact there were no other major cities left on Terra, at least none that she was aware of. There were a few outposts and settlements outside of Cape Town, but most of the major townships and cities had been destroyed during the war. The residents of Cape Town had rebuilt the city and most of the war's survivors lived within the city's perimeter. Though Lester was Cape Town's leader the government was democratic. A High Council was elected to share the responsibilities of making and enforcing laws to govern the people. Every five years an election was held and all residents of Cape Town voted. No one ever ran against Lester so he remained in office.
Celine and Tristan were for the time unique; they were a new and different generation of children. Lester had married Amalia during the war at a time when their marriage by society was considered taboo. Lester was born of the darker skinned race while Amalia was fair skinned. It had been hard for the two star crossed lovers, but they had endured and gone on to produce two offspring. Celine at times was uncomfortable with her bizarre and unconventional lineage; she was however very proud of her parents. Celine's father went on after his wife's illness and death to become a hero of the Fifty Year War and eventually he became the first leader of Cape Town.
Celine had learned at a young age from her brother that Terra was once populated by many others, but as the planet became more and more overcrowded the environment suffered from polluted skies, soil contamination, and water pollution. Once the damage was done to the atmosphere Terra's inhabitants suffered severely, as land mass began to disappear beneath the mighty oceans and seas. A melt down of the ice caps had taken place because of the green house affect which occurred due to excessive pollution. As the land disappeared food and shelter became more and more scarce. The people who did not die from starvation or disease soon meet their end when the war broke out. Millions of people were slaughtered as the rich and powerful planned a new world. Lester and others who were not content to sit idly by as more innocents perished, gathered together as a group of resistance fighters and soon rid Terra of the conquerors, or so they thought.
A handful of the former aristocrats and rulers escaped to the Western lands of South Africa and started to regroup. Peace and all Lester believed in would soon be in jeopardy once again. There was an uneasiness Celine began sensing inside her heart. As Celine continued her evenings outing she remembered something her father would often tell her.
"What price do you put on peace and the welfare of every person? I tell you daughter no price is too great to have that peace." Lester would say to her with firm conviction.
Celine thought of many things as moonlight settled softy on her face. She knew what had to be done if need be. Celine was after all her parents' child and believed in all the things they had taught her. The night air began to make her shiver. Clouds began to gather overhead as Celine continued her walk. An uneasy feeling had manifested itself in Celine's mind. She had hoped her stroll would have banished it, but nothing seemed to rid her of what plagued her inner peace. Tired and irritated, Celine made her way back home.


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