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Frost fire's fate

Novel By: Mistyfang

On a cold tundra morning, a Snow leapard is born. She lives with her litter mates in peace. But she is taken by something just after her eyes are open with new scents and new sounds. Strangest of all is the new Cats. A voice in her ears wisper that she has a destiny, as with the other four kits. But what? View table of contents...


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Submitted:Nov 8, 2012    Reads: 31    Comments: 6    Likes: 1   

Purrrpra prrrrpra prrrrrrr

"My little ones, how beutiful you are," a newly made mother Snow leapard purred proudly to her new kits.

It had been a hard litter to carry, especially since Chaunce, her wonderful and brave mate, had been killed about two weeks before she delivered. hunting had always been hard on the frozen plains, and was almost impossible to do while her kits developed inside her. But she was a survivor, and she had pulled through.

It had defenitely been worth it, in her eyes, andnow she found it hard to advert her gaze from the two tomkits and the single shekit. She decided to name the largest tom Syrial, the smaller tom kitsun (kit-sewn) and the she kit Frost fire.

Frost fire was an unusual name; for two-parted names were usually given to pheonixes, or else Night mares, with they're gleaming black pelts and flaming manes. But this kit was special. She could feel it in her heart and soul.

"now, now, don't squabble. there is plenty of milk," she chided softly as the newborns clambered over one another in search of warm milk. She set herself to the task of grooming them, simiuntaniously picking out special traits and wondering what element they would have. If they had any,that is.The number of elementals were dropping by day, due to poaching, lack of prey, and other Great cats hungry for power.But she herself was an ice elemental, and Chaunse favored both light and earth. So why shoulde'nt they be elementals?Either way, it would be reavealed within a few days time. All kits that held elementsdiscovered them quickly. In fact,She thought wryly to herself,The last litter reduced the den to ashes in only three days time! She chuckled at the memory.

She thought that Syrial might be an ice type like herself, what with his frosty grey-bluefur and perfect array of soft little paw-spots in his fur, still not fully formed. And surely little Kitsun was a dark elemental, With his night covered pelt and deep grey pinpricks of color swirling through his pelt.

But what of young Frost fire? She was the same size as Kitsun, maybe a bit smaller. Her pure white pelt shone even in the Scarce-lit den. She had not grey, but silver, spots that trailed in a symetrical arch over her eyes, drawing back across her shoulders and meeting in a point between before going in a straight line down her spine to her tiny ringed tail.With that noted, there was also a light,undefined but almost perfectly symetrical scattering of silver star spots across her fur. she was beautifull, no doubt, but there was no hints of what elemet she would be.The Mother Cat sighed. she would simply have to be patient. It wasn't long before the suckleing sounds and small squeaks of her Kits lulled her into an exausted slumber...

"Alune. Look at me," a voice commanded.

Hearing the sound of her name, she Shifted and looked up. A great golden Tom stood before her in the spacious den. With a mane of golden light around his head, and the purest of gold pelts, She recognized him immediately, although she coulldnt quite belive it.

"Katshi Renu?!" she adressed the cat lord from a low crouch, eyes wide.

"Yes, My dear kit. I have a favor to ask of you," he murmured, though his strong voice made it sound commanding.

"Anything, my lord! I live to serve you."

"Precicely why you were chosen to give birth to these miracles." He nuzzled each kit in turn, lingering on The she kit, who he gazed at fondly.

"What do you mean?"She questioned. she knew they were miracles, as all kit mothers knew. But why had The cat lord chosen them?

"You know they are elementals, and the number of elementals in the cat race are dwindleing. This kit, whom you call 'Frost Fire', is particularly special, in ways that would soon be revealed to you, when the time comes."

" So what do you wish of me?"

The Cat Lord gazed thoughtfully at the tiny kits, and replied,"Care for them. Protect them. There are some that wish nothing but to Capture her and the other kits, and try to asume their power."

"Will it work?" Alune asked, horrified.

"Not for frost fire. she is too powerfull, and they will be angered when they find out. They will atempt to murder her."

Alune gasped, and then feirce determineation turned her eyes to chips of ice."No one will bring harm to MY kits!"

The great Cat lord chuckled."You have kept to your faith in me even in your hardest times, and for that you are rewarded with this task. Accomplish it, and paradise awaits you."

No sooner had he said those words than the vision began to fade into brighter, but not quite happier dreams...


Frosted fire squirmed against her mother's stomach. She Did not know what would happen when she discovered her powers, just as she did not know she had a name, or that things such as sight, sound, or even Cat gods existed. Such was the way of Kits. She was happy and content with the world as she percived it: she didn't know she wanted change, for she did not know of change yet. But she would, and soon. For she had a great path with many shadowed times ahead, so Mind blowing that even great warriors would flee from it. And yet, she was not afraid. Tucked among her family, she suckled on.

How am I doing guys? I didn't really plan this one at all. I saw a picture (Thank you, faux clove!) and it popped into my mind. Dont worry, I will still be writing about Misted fang, But this gives me something to work on when im not. Tell me what you think!


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