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The White warrior

Novel By: Mistyfang

The white warrior wolf, Misted fang, Is the top gaurdian and beta wolf of her adopted pack.She Can control the elements of Katrasen, And her abilities make her a target to the evil core of the Dark side. Will she rise as a great alpha? Or will she fall under the weight of her past? View table of contents...


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Submitted:Sep 1, 2012    Reads: 44    Comments: 8    Likes: 3   

Chapter one- Nightmare

"Go, Moon shadow! You have to run!"

"I won't leave you! They'll kill you!"

"I don't care! go!"

I whirrled to face our attackers. They had caught up to us right on the border.We had been so close...

I snarled and leaped at the closest Smoke wolf, sinking my fangs into his scruff as hard as I could.He counter- attacked, throwing me off.I dodged between his paws and scored my claws into his flesh, trying desprately to distract him from moon shadow. I knew it was pointless. It looked like The entire dark side was here.I leaped at a blood wolf, relizing to late who it was, to late to rear back or change direction. I was pinned under his paws, and his beta lifted his claws to my shoulderblade, where I felt pain stronger than anywhere else. That was when I heard her scream, saw her fall, blood flying from her heart where the bullet had peirced her...

I jumped awake, Eyes wide and fur bristling.

" Misted fang?" A familiar voice asked. I turned to face My closest friend, Sun Streak.Her sky blue eyes met mine, filled with concern."are you having nightmares again?"

"No.I'm fine," I snapped,ears flat.

"Did I ever tell you that you're a terrible liar?"

"yes," I sighed. Sun streak could see right through me.

My name is Misted fang.

I have had nightmares, well, the same nightmare, ever since I came to this pack, And she still won't leave me alone about it.

"why won't you tell anyone what happened? We're your family," She pushed,spreading her wings as she streached.

I Ignored her and padded out of the den, with her right on my heels.I was here now, and the past was behind me. Protecting my pack was all that mattered now. I shoved the dream from my mind.To dwell in the past was a weakness, and I would not tolerate it.

In my pack, we have the hunters, scouts, weponholders, and warriors. A gardian is all of these and the most respected wolves in the tribe, second only to the alpha.

I am the sixth gardian and the beta of my pack.

I have never told anyone about my past. I don't Like attention and I hate sympathy. And If I ever told anyone, both are garenteed, especialy from Sun streak. I ponder this as I trot over to Alpha Thunder strike, Who is surrounded by warriors and prey-hunters.

"Ah, There you are, Misted fang. I thought you would sleep till Moonrise!" He teased.

"Good Lupus, That sounds tempting. What are my duties?"

"Border patrol. One of our scouts sent word that the Wolf-hunters are planning an attack. Those humans get on my nerves."

"Well, all the Dark siders get on my nerves.Which border?"

"Norh eastern. Take some warriors and a wepon-holder or two.It might come to a fight..." He trailed off.

I knew first hand how ruthless the dark siders were. Not that he knew that, though.I bared my teeth in a grin.

" Thats What I'm Hoping for." I dipped my head respectfully before leaving. I go to the Wepon-holder den.

"Night shade! Border patrol! " I bark over the sound of grinding metal.She turns away from her Sword making and nods, turning back to clean up.I go to the Warrior Den and call out Fire frost,Ember spark, Dark shadow,and Echo leaf. Night shade joins us, with a sword and a few daggersattatched to her special harrness.They nod to me and we set off toward the border.

Therebound forest is calm andquiet.Flame-leaf has just arrived, The Fire wolves favorite season.I made surethat I hadn't brought out any Icewolveson the patrol. Fire frost was part ice type... but also part fire type, a rare opposite. She had two enemy element wolves,fire and ice, as parents. Ember spark was a pure fire type and loved the hot weather. Dark shadow was a dark wolf,like Night shade,and Echo leaf was an earth wolf. I am A mistic all-element wolf, able to control every element, Favoring mist.


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