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An Urban Fantasy

Novel By: mizzic89

This story is about a guy that lives a relative normal life until strange things starts to happen to him. Why does he have different eye color when he is angry?

A girl I never have seen before bend herself forwards and kissed me on my lips. I felt her soft lips touching mine. I blushed. The girl slowly moved back, but continues to look at me.
“I tried to make him blue, but I only succeeded to make him red” she said and she left.

“Have you got contacts?” My locker neighbor asked me after the lecture.
“Then you got really cool eyes.”
“What, are you a fan of ordinary brown eyes.” It sounded a lot harsher then it was meant to.
“Brown? You have light blue, no ice blue that is a better description.”
I now started to think she was the one that were joking me around.
I walked to the bathroom and looked in the mirror.
“What the hell.” I shout out in chock. My eyes had shifted to a ice blue color.
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Chapter 8 A lot of information

When we were back in Jack´s room we decided to look for more clues from the other tattoos.

"I have one more on the chest." I showed Jack the tattoo.


"That one I know without looking up, that one is a symbol of the Celtic tree of life. So now we know that you are going to transform into a werewolf that are going to live long and love the sun. There goes one myth down the drains; I thought that werewolf liked the moon not the sun."

"Or you could be totally wrong let's go translate the text on the inside of my right forearm." I started to be a little pissed Jack thought that this was a funny game. I would rather do it alone right now, but I am not as searching for information on the web as Jack.

"I was going to get that tattoo there. Now I can´t thanks to you, we couldn´t walk around with matching tattoos, that would made me geeky."

Vestri preteritus ero ostendo sum quod succurro partum

a novus quod perspicuus posterus.

"Let's just write the text in and see what hit we get." The language was Latin and the text said: Your past will be revealed and help create a new and brighter future.

The next one is on my wrist. I know that they are runic, but I don´t know what they means."


"The first one means sun and the second means man therefore they will together mean the Sunman. It is not so strength that you have been in the sun much lightly, you would transformation seem to have something to do with the sun. That is a good thing."

"Why is that good?"

"Now we know that you will not be a vampire and I will not have to worry that you will drink my blood when I sleep over in your apartment." I couldn´t resist to laugh. "And you will not be as depressed as Edward and Louis." Jack continued with a big smile on his face.

"That is from Twilight and Interview with the Vampire, right?" Jack just nodded.

"Where is the next one?" I was still sitting on the bed. I had hoped that I wouldn´t need to take of my trousers. I started to take of the socks just to make sure that there weren´t anything there. To my surprise there actually was one tattoo on my foot. A small one only a half inch long. It was a ladder. Like all the other tattoos this was also black.


"I remember that I have seen this one before on one of the sights that I was looking through before. What a moment I will be able to find it soon." He looked through some of the pages and found it. This symbol were also an Adinkra Symbol and it was called OWUO ATWED, that is translated to the ladder of death, but the meaning of the symbol were mortality.

"Does that mean that you are dying? I don´t want you to did because of a couple of tattoo´s." Jack looked worried.

"I don´t think so, the Celtic tree told us earlier that I would live so I think that this one tells us that I will not live forever."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean that I am not immortal, like a vampire."

"Oh…But that would have been so cool."

Now there is only one tattoo left. I took of my shirt.

"Can you see it, I can´t see anyone?" I asked Jack.

"If I can…It is over your hole back for crying out load. If I was British I would have said BOOLDY HELL."

I walked to the mirror to take a look.


"I hope that I can take away these tattoo´s later. So I don´t think that it is the hole tattoo that is giving us the information, just the part in the middle."

"I think that you are right. Who ever that gave you the tattoo´s is very caring. He or she don´t want you to look to rediculas."

"So what does this means?"

"This is also a West African symbol and it means independence."

"That sounds good to me because I don´t want to change my life because of this. Jack how mush is the clock? Don´t we have to go to school soon?"

"Oh, shit." He ran out of the room, which told me that we where late. I ran after and in ten minutes we where our why to school.

We missed to first period, we had to wait around for the next period to start. I some math to catch up with after missing a couple of days, so I didn´t mind.

I acctually got a lot done during the day and nowI where going to meet up with Annie and the other girls from the cherleading team. I don´t know what I where going to tell her about all the tattoo´s and how they got there. I was always wearing a linen when I was training so they would be easy to spott and I couldn´t always hide them, at least I wheren´t striped like a tiger. I laughed at the thought, that would have been really hard to explane.

"Hay Jasper, long time no seeee…...When did that happen?" Annie saw the tattoo´s just as I expected. Sadly I had not jet come up with a good explonation.

"The day before yesterday and don´t ask me why I have them, please." I beged her, but the look on her face told me that she wouldn´t dropp it that easy.

"Of coursse I have to ask, I am a frend after all." That was when the rest of the girls arived.

"What is Jasper going to tell ussss….WOO. I never thought that you where intressted of that sort of thing." One of the other girles said. They all started go around me lite predators did to their prey. They started to touch the tattoo´s to see if the where real.

"Did it hurt?"

"They are real tattoo´s."

"This is so unexpected."

"Ok, enouth. They are real and it doesn´t hurt." I toled them.

"If you all back of a little and give Jasper some breaving space he will tell us why he got the tattoo´s." Annie told them with a smile on her face, I know that she was trying to help, but now I had to come up with a story. Annie and the rest of the girls sat down on the floor and was waiting for me to tell them a story, just like children.

"I acctually never had any plans on be tattooed, It was kind of an acident." I started my little story, so far was everything tru but now I had to come up with the rest.

"I was spending weekend at a friends house and we drank together with his brother. The brother is now studding to become a tattoo artist and thanks to that both my friend and the brother had tattoo´s. They wanted me to get one so that the brother could practise some more, I said no of course. We continued to drink and they continue to ask the questing through the evning. And in the end of the evning I have to admitt that I was kind of stupid. I never said yes, but I got so drunk so that I lost consciousness in there house. The next morning as I woke up on their floor, and I had tattoos all over my body.When they wolk up they had no memory of doing it at all. The apologised the hole day. I wasn´t really angry at them, that would not do anything good, but I will not drink at there house anymore that if for sure." They just looked at me for a while, before they understood that I was finished. Then one of them said:

"That is a horible story. At least he was a good artist." They actually seemed to belive my story, I most be a good story teller.

"Ok, time to do some training." Annie tried to get the girles attention so that we could use the rest of the time for training the routines.


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