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Its been 23 years and no one's told the truth for Rachel Donovan. The death of her parents, her siblings whereabouts, her uncle's abusive behavior, or even if her best friend Isabelle Porter is a lesbian or not. But one thing that no one has evener spoken the truth about is a ring that Rachel has that was once her mother's. A ring that lets her cheat death. She dies, she comes back to life only if she has the ring on. But with such a great gift come consequences. Rachel starts to go mad, hallucinations become a part of her daily life, she starts to get homicidal and suicidal forcing her to be kept in an institution. But it gets worse. View table of contents...


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Maybe it was the way my alarm blared in at five in the morning that got me so upset, but I roused in an angry mood. The apartment reeked up cigarettes and the stale alcohol smell still lingered in the air, reminding me of what an awful night I had; friends came over, we drank and smoked, talking about good memories, then my ex showed up. What a pleasant surprise, right?

The pounding in my head stuck with me as I stumbled as I stood. I didn't dare check my phone, instead I let it keep buzzing away on my end table next to the bed.

Who was I kidding? I couldn't go to work. Not like this. But I couldn't go back to sleep either, so there I was at five in the morning with nothing better to do but wallow in my own hungover misery. I laid myself on the couch and did just that, my dog coming to greet me by licking my face. She probably just tasted the sweet wine that was still on my breath. "Tensley, no." I scolded and pushed her away, and she went back to her slumber in the kitchen.

Time was going by a bit quicker now, I've been laying here for a while. I should try to get some more sleep.

Right when I closed my eyes, there was a knock at the door. I groaned fiercely and managed to get myself off the couch to get up and open the door.

A professional looking man stood in the hall, nice suit and slicked back hair. "Rachel Donovan?" He asked.

"Yes, me." I stood a bit straighter. I must have looked like a wreck with my smeared eye makeup, and messy hair, and cloths that stank of last night's actions. Honestly I was embarrassed for myself at this point, but what could I do?

The man cleared his throat. He looked goofy, with his glasses crooked to one side, a scrawny little thing. "I have to give you this, from Mr. Feller."

A puzzled look appeared on my face as I stared at the piece of paper he handed me. "Mr. Feller..." Then my eyes widened, this paper was an eviction notice. "No, wait! I can't get kicked out, I have nowhere else to go! Please, don't do this." I found myself begging, looking pathetic.

The man shook his head. "I can't give you the final say on that ma'am, I'm just his assistant. Mark Soloman." He stuck out a hand for me to shake.

I stared at him with fire in my eyes then shoved the paper back against his chest, "I'm not leaving this apartment, especially if your boss isn't man enough to come kick me out himself."

Mark was starting to get nervous, I could tell he wasn't really a fighting type of guy. He took the crumpled paper with shaky hands and fixed his glasses. "He-he told me he was g-going on vacation and wouldn't have t-time to give you t-this. You have until next mo- month to f- find a new p-p-place." He started backing away from the door, noting how pissed I was getting.

I gritted my teeth and slammed the door, yelling as I did so; the neighboring rooms starting cursing loudly at me, but I didn't care.

I looked at my dog who was laying on the floor with sad eyes. She could tell when I was upset. I out my hands on hips and looked around, thinking if there was anywhere else I could go to stay, just until I could afford my own place.

A thought crossed my mind and I rushed over to the phone to call Isabelle.


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