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I Didn't Know You Were In Love With Me

Novel By: mohsina alam

When dancer Kate gets the chance to be part of the one direction tour, she's ecstatic! Having just gone through a terrible break-up, she figures this is the best way to really start her career. But when a certain Mr. Styles wont stop flirting with her, it's gonna be pretty hard... View table of contents...


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Kate's P.O.V:

Walking out of the hotel was not an easy process. Always, there would be fans or paparazzi lurking around, trying to get a picture of the boys or something like that. This time was not any different; as I stepped outside to meet Liam, Danielle and Niall, dozens of screaming girls crowded in a big huddle, around them. I couldn't really see any of them, only tufts of hair sticking up in the midst of the group. Cameras were constantly flashing and every once in a while you could hear crys from a young teenage girl, overwhelmed at the fact she's just met One Direction or another few screams. I kind of felt a bit out of place, so I sat on the steps of the hotel, Reading the newest text from Nick. It read

'I know I made a mistake. But I'll always love you. And you know in your heart you love me too. I'm not giving up, Kate. I won't stop until I can prove to you that you belong with me.'

A few weeks ago, I could've kidded myself that we could have gotten back together. We could've forgotten everything, and moved on together, happy to be starting again. But now, I'm almost glad that Nick made his mistakes. It showed me how much of a different person he was, then when we first started dating. I needed to be with someone honest, someone who treated me like I deserved.

After a while, the crowd started to fade, and the sound of Danielle's voice crashed my train of thoughts.

"Kate, come on!" She laughed, "Let's get going!" I quickly snapped back to reality and looked at her. Smiling, I stood up and brushed down my dress, "Sorry," I said, "Let's go!"

"Sorry about all those crowds and making you wait Kate," Liam said.

"It's no biggie," I replied, "They're your fans, I totally get it." We hopped onto the California beach bus, taking us into Melrose and Rodeo Drive. I took pictures of all the scenes we passed, it was all so fascinating. I loved L.A, and I would be sad when we moved onto St. Helena, but again, I'm sure that'd be really great.

When we arrived, me and Danielle ran into all the department stores, making an awful mess. We tried on practically the whole store, and even the ugly things just for fun. "You look gorgeous," I giggled at Danielle, who was wearing an olive-green velvet vest and a pink fedora. "I know," She replied sarcastically. Then she looked at me, "Ooh you should get that top Kate," she said pointing to the little blue ocean-printed crop top I was holding. "i don't really know," I replied, "Could I get away with wearing this just with shorts?"

"Honey, you have an amazing body," She stated, hands on hips, "Of course you can!"

We looked around for a bit more and then went to the other shops. We practically raided those as well, while Liam and Niall had gone to Abercrombie and Fitch. We popped into Libertys, Selfridges and a few vintage shops, buying A LOT along the way. One of my favourite shops was probably Forever 21, just because of the amazing range in clothes and jewellery. Needless to say, I picked up a lot in there! Before finally seeing were Liam and Niall had got to, we went into Sephora.

"Wow!" I exclaimed, "Look at all that make up!" We calmly walked over and had a look at there range. We were probably in Sephora the longest, even though we were only supposed to be there for a little while. I brought some perfume and a few blushes and 2 eyeliner sticks and then, strangely enough, a fuschia pink and Bright red lipstick. Those colours were totally not my style, but Danielle convinced me that they'd look good. What can I say, she brings out the dare-devil in me.

Nialls P.O.V:

"Liam c'mon man!" I yelled, "That's enough shopping for one day!" He quickly put back the snap back he was looking at and walked in my direction. "Sorry," He muttered, "I just liked the hat."

"Snap-backs are more my thing dude," I laughed, "and we need to go meet the girls now." We walked into the little fountain place in the middle of the square where we were at, and saw Danielle and Kate laden down with bags.

"Woah! That's a lot of shopping!" Liam commented, "How did you get so much?!"

"We're girls, it's our profession" Kate laughed. We all sat at a table and had a bit of a chat, enjoying the warm sunshine. I'll tell you this, everyone that walked past us looked like celebrities, even just casual shoppers. It was so weird.

"Hey," Kate began, "There are market stalls over there! Can we go have a look?" Danielle frowned.

"Really? Market stalls are usually so expensive, and not even that nice. Can we go along to the arcade down over there?" Danielle asked, pointing to a little building at the end of the road.

"What about you go there, and I'll go to the market stalls, and we'll meet up afterwards? Hmm, that sound alright?" Kate questioned.

"Ok then, Liam do you want to come with me, and Niall with Kate maybe?"

I grinned, "Sure." Liam nodded his approval and then we set off our seperate ways.

"So, why market stalls?" I asked. She shrugged.

"In Brighton, where I'm from, Market stalls came every summer. It became tradition that me and my parents would all go. But when they split up, we stopped going. I guess, it'll be nice to see all the indivual pieces you can pick up again." I listened carefully, but I didn't really take much in. I just wanted to hear her voice. We looked around for a bit, and me and Kate both bought our fair-share of bits. "Shall we call Liam and Danielle now?" I asked.

"Um yeah sure. Go ahead," She said. So I dialled Liam then.

"Hello?" He answered.

"Liam! Mate, are you guys done yet?"

"Um," he hesitated, "We kind of left already."

"What?! Why?" I asked

"Danielle thought we should give you two time alone, you know, so you can make your move," He laughed.

"For gods sake Liam. Oh ok then bye." I said before hanging up. Kate walked towards me, smiling. She looked so pretty, the sun making her skin glow, and the breeze making her hair look all beachy. I thought about what Liam said; I knew I had to make my move soon. I wanted Kate; I wasn't going to deny it. "So where are they?" She asked.

"Yeah, about that. They kind of left without us," I began. She smiled, and then spluttered with laughter.

"Why?! Are we too nerdy for them or something?"

"I think they were just bored, and wanted to get going," I lied.

"Oh it's alright. We'll just head home together, doesn't really matter." I smiled. We started walking and just talking about her rehearsal and mine, about how amazing the fans and the tour was. Normal stuff. She was walking a little in front of me and swinging her arm slightly, her bangles making the most irritating sound; so I swung my arm to grab hers, and before I knew it, we were holding hands. She looked up at me, slightly confused. "What, Your bracelets were annoying me!" I protested, "And I thought you were going to hit me."

"Scared I'm stronger than you?" She teased. I laughed

"Look at you Kate, you're tiny! There's no way you could be stronger than me."

"Well, I'm a dancer, my bones are made to be strong. All you do is sit around and sing all day."

"There's more to it than that, but yeah fair point." I replied. It was silent then, yet we were still holding hands. It felt good, sort of special. "You know, we should be careful. People might think we're a couple," She said, warily.

"Is that a hint to say you'd be ashamed of me if we were going out?" I questioned. She smirked

"Mm, because a singer in a world-famous band isn't anyones type," She said sarcastically. I laughed, and then thought about what to say next. She always had me stuck for words; as she was so witty. My heart was racing, and pounding so loudly, "So," I began, "Are we counting this as a date then?" She half-smiled.

"Well, you never technically asked me out," She said.

"Fine. Kate, will you go out with me?" I muttered.

"Gladly. You can pick me up at 7." She smiled, before walking into the hotel and leaving me dumb-founded.


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