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A star in the night sky

Novel By: Molly Genine

Jasmine is a young girl that has had a crush on the star of the football team, and her best friend, named Cade but when he goes missing for a few days and comes back he is acting different. Cade now hates the sunlight, but he can stand to be in it, and he can never seem to quench a deep thirst. Will Jasmine ever find out what happened to him, will she start to fear him, or will she fall even deeper in love than what she already is? View table of contents...


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The final bell rang to let us out of school and we all jumped up out of our seats and ran for the door. The hallways were full of students either stopping to talk or rushing to get to their bus or cars. I readjust my backpack on my shoulders and turn toward the parking lot.
"Hey, Jaz, wait up." my best friend calls out to me.
"Hey." I say as he catches up.
"I have algebra homework tonight." Cade tells me.
"So do I, do you want to come over and work on it together?" I ask this question daily.
"Yeah." he replies.
"Do you have to get anything from your house?"I ask as we get into my car.
"No, we're good today." he mummbles.
I start up the car and he starts messing with the radio; we sat in the parking lot for a minute or two to let the car warm up and listen to the music. I turn to look at him and see his dark brown hair falling into his light brown eyes and smile to myself. His complection is perfect, the light skin to contrast with the dark hair and the light brown eyes seems to balance it all out. He's always been strong but never really looked it. He was, in a few simple words, what I thought of as perfect for me.
Once the car was warm I turned on the heater and pulled out onto the road toward my house. Cade starts to rummage through the glove compartment, where he knows I keep all of my favorite cd's, and pulls out a Savage Garden cd. I smile and watch him put it in to the radio then smack his hand away so he won't change the first song. I wait for it to start up and start to sing along with the song I knew I loved you. After that song I turn the radio down and glance over at Cade.
"Hey, Cade." I say and wait for his response.
"Yeah, whats up?" Replied Cade.
"I think Jake is back from college." there was a warning in my tone.
"Oh, um, ok well we have homework to do." he sounded upset.
Cade and I just listened to music for the rest of the trip to my house. When we got to my house Jake came running out of the front door. My brother had always thought he was so cool because he was the star of the football team when he was in high school and again now in college. He was average height, but he looked like a body builder. He had really short brown hair and my eye color, blue. He drove me crazy everyday. Thats because every day that Cade came over, Jake would try to get Cade to play video games, or some kinda sport.
As Cade got out of the car, my brother rushed to his side. I could faintly hear Jake telling Cade about the new video game he just got. He was trying to be quiet so I couldn't hear because I always yelled at him for trying to get Cade into that stuff.
"Jake, go play video games with your own stupid friends! We have algebra homework to do!"
Cade of course didn't want to get into the middle of all of our fighting, so he stayed quiet. Jake looked at me with a huge smile and said, "Ok, if you two love birds want to play school, I won't get in the way." I think my brother could tell I was mad. It may have been my blood red face, my clinching fists, or maybe a twitch in my eye, but he jumped into his convertible and left. It took me a minute to calm down and Cade and I went inside and sat at the kitchen table.
"Can I get you a snack or something to drink before we get started?" I asked.
"No, if I want something I can get it later." he replied.
After that the only communication he made to me was to ask for help on his homework and so I sat quietly off to the side working on my own homework. I had finished a lot earlier than him but pretended to have some left just to sit there and admire him some more; I loved the way he looked when he was concentrating really hard. I finally looked up at the clock and realized it was time for me to start cooking supper.
"Cade, your staying for dinner so what do you want?" I asked him.
"Your famouse taco salad." he said without even looking up from his homework.
I turned to the refridgerator and got out all the ingredients I would need and started to cut up the lettuce, tomato, and onion. I put the hamburger meat in a pan to start frying and got down four bowls and placed the lettuce, tomato , onion, and cheese in those. I then grabbed the salsa and placed it on the table.After that I had to find the taco seasoning and season the meat. All that was left was for the meat to get done, drain it, and put it in another bowl.


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