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A star in the night sky

Novel By: Molly Genine

Jasmine is a young girl that has had a crush on the star of the football team, and her best friend, named Cade but when he goes missing for a few days and comes back he is acting different. Cade now hates the sunlight, but he can stand to be in it, and he can never seem to quench a deep thirst. Will Jasmine ever find out what happened to him, will she start to fear him, or will she fall even deeper in love than what she already is? View table of contents...


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I chuckled slightly and turned toward my house. We listened to the music the whole ride home that day and I stayed absorbed in my thoughts. Every last one started and ended with Cade. I knew that everything was going to be different from here on out but I knew I would always love Cade. I would keep him closer than ever now that I got him back.
We pulled into my drive way and got out of the car heading into the house. I threw my backpack on the table and turned to face Cade and see if he was ok. All of a sudden he pulled me into a hug and burried his head in my neck. I was shocked and I wrapped my arms around him. All of a sudden there was a pinching feeling on my neck but Cade wouldn't let me budge and so I figured I was imagining it and then it felt like he was sucking on my neck. I knew I had to be going crazy so I didn't say anything and just held him close. Cade would never suck on my neck, he didn't like me that way.
Cade finally pulled away and he wiped his arm across his mouth. Instinctively I put my hand up to my neck and I felt something wet. When I pulled my hand away it had blood on it and I looked at Cade in disbelief. He had bit me and brought blood and I couldn't figure out why he would do anything like that. Cade had regret in his eyes and he kept looking at my neck like he wanted more.
"I'm sorry." his words came out sounding strained.
"Why did you bite me?" I almost screamed.
"I don't know, Jaz, please don't hate me. I just smelled you and I wanted it; I had to." he seemed lost but he was making no sense.
"You bit me hard enough to bring blood and besides you don't like me that way there was no reason to bite me or put your face in my neck." confusion flooded me.
"Jaz, I think we need to talk about something." he said looking around.
"What do you want to talk about?"
"I have been feeling different since I showed up on your doorstep."
"Different how?"
"I can hear things better and things that are far away, I can see better too and smell better and I'm faster and stronger. I have a thirst or hunger really that won't go away and I just bit you now because I was craving your blood."
"You make no sense."
"Jaz, please keep an open mind I need you to believe me."
"Ok, let's say I believe you, there is no reason your senses could have improved and craving blood is just gross."
"Jaz, I can see the dust particles flying in the air around you and I can hear your heart speeding up as I tell you these things, I smell your blood pumping through your veins and the apple cinnamon candles in your bedroom and to top it all off I just drank your blood."
"Oh wow, you were telling the truth weren't you?"
"Well, I don't know what it could be."
"I think that maybe I've turned into a... a vampire."
A part of me wanted to laugh but another part of me knew he was being serious, the Cade I knew hardly joked about these things. My heart started pounding in my chest, I had no idea what to do or say to him. Fear surrounded my heart and confusion took my mind the only things I could trust were my eyes.
"So, you dissappeared for three days and show up as a vampire that wants my blood." I asked getting light headed.
"Pretty much, I mean I have no other explanation for it." he looked away from me.
"Cade, vampires can't be in the sunlight remember; they explode." I knew even considering this was insane but at that moment everything was insane.
"What if that's just a myth and I really am a vampire?" he sounded as confused as I felt.
"Then I guess you may be a vampire." I whispered back.
"Do you hate me now?" I could hear the desperation in his voice.
"I honestly don't know how to feel right now, give me time." the words hurt to say.


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