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Midnight Mythical

Novel By: Moonlightwritter

Do you believe in werewolves? No. Sixteen year old Kira didn't either but once she start attending Midnight school for the supernaturals she made best friends with one. Normal teenagers try to surviving high school but Kira Have to try to stay alive. Can Kira make it alive at her first year of Midnight? *COMPLETE* View table of contents...


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The sun light brightens my dimly lit room. I cast an anxious glance around my room before ducking out the door. Mom practical beats me up if it isn't spotless. All the uneasiness I been feeling leaves my body when I see the door. Family Guy blares out the living room TV, I peep into the room to see if my mother latest boyfriend is asleep. My nose wrinkles in disgust as I watch the man snore in our recline chair with a spilled bottle of beer beneath his feet that I'm going have to clean up when I get back. The front door opens with a loud squeak which I'm sure would have woken any suitable parent, but pervert boyfriend snores can still be heard.
I don't waste any time leaving the apartment complex. My grumbling stomach pushes me on when I feel like stopping. If I don't get food soon my stomach is going to shut down. A crippling pain goes through my midsection to remind me. What's it been five or six days since I last had something to eat? Has it been one or two months since I have a full meal? The convenient store comes in view and my pace quickens. My mouth waters thinking of the Debbie cakes I can steal. No one notice me when I entered the store. They were too busy speaking in their foreign language to pay attention to one little girl. I stuff my pockets with Debbie cakes and Slim Jims. My eyes look around too make sure that no one saw what I just did. I see a boy fast retreating figure, and by his fast steps I know he saw. My feet react before my mind does. My feet take off; light as a feather and quick as a cheetah. One moment there is a clear path to the door and the next a huge bulky man snatches me up.
"Stop it. I ain't done nothin'." My mind goes to the hidden food in my pocket. As if he could read my mind, he reaches down and raids my pocket pulling out all the stolen goods.
"Then I guess this was in your pocket before you came here. I get tired of you and the kids coming in here stealing; now tell your sorry story to someone who will believe it because I don't. Joseph, go call the police." The lanky boy hurries into the back room. The man pushes me down on the ground next to the cash register. Unlike most kids I'm not afraid of going to jail or juvenile delinquent center; at least I will be away from my mother.
It takes twenty minutes for the police to get here; and the man whose name is Jerry tells them so. After taking a report they cuff me and put me in the backseat. Not that many people stared as they lead me to the car. The police talk quietly between their self's. The only time they glance at me is when my stomach growl could be heard over the radio. Soon we arrive at the police station. They place me in a room with a table and two chairs. I place my head on the table as soon as they leave and try not to focus on the pain in my stomach. After a while someone comes in and I smell food. My head snaps up to see a woman holding a box of doughnuts. Without a word she pushes them towards me. I have only one thing on my mind and that filling the empty hole in my stomach.
"When was the last time you had something to eat?" she questions. I take my time before answering her.
"Five or six days ago I had two slices of bread."
"Where are your mother and father?" Her voice didn't show concern nor did her face but her eyes did.
"I never met my father and my mother is at work."
"Where does your mother work? Do you have a number we can reach her at?" She stares at me; which is kind of freaky.
"My mother is a prostitute she doesn't have a number but if you want to find her you can go and search the corner of McCray and Yearling she might be there." I lean back into my seat.
She stands up and moves towards me. When she draws near my hands flies up to cover my face. All I'm thinking is please don't hurt me. I close my eye not wanting to see her face when she strikes me, they always do. I don't hear her hand connect with my face all I hear is a loud thud. My eyes and head snap up to see her sprawled out across the room. The next moment people are rushing in to carry her out no one looks at me. I stare at the place where she was lying a moment ago. How did she get there? I back up till I hit a wall then I sink down with silent tears rolling down my face.
What feels like an eternity a woman comes in. She is what you would call a goddess. I avert my eyes to the ceiling. My mind is blank I have been numb since I saw the police woman on the other side of the room. The beautiful woman comes near before she can come close to me I leap up and run to the other side.
"Don't come near me! I-I hurt her and I didn't mean to. I swear I didn't." The tears come back as I rock back and forth on my heels.
"You won't hurt me but if you like I will stay over here." Her voice is soft and reminds me of a spring day. I nod my head instead of answering. "My name Caroline what's yours?"
"Kira." My voice comes out low and unsure.
"What a beautiful name. Kira do you mind telling me what happen?"Caroline sits down and motions for me to. I sit down but I don't look at her.
"I don't know. Seriously I don't. I thought she was going to hit me I did. I shielded myself from her but she never hit me when I looked up she was across the room." Unwanted tears come once again.
"What were you thinking Kira?" I look up at her to see if she was mad.
"Nothing but I didn't want her to hurt me." Now they're probably going to lock me up in a mental institution.
"We aren't going to lock you up in a looney bin." What the hell?
"How did you know what I was thinking?"
"I'm a mind reader Kira. I'm unique like you." A smile spreads on her face.
"A mind reader? Can I read minds too?"
"No you can't Kira but you can do much more." Caroline studies me.
"Well what can I do?"
"I don't know but I do know you're special. If you let me a can take you to a school where they can help you." Her eyes melt any resistance I might have conjured up.
"Okay" I give her a weak smile.
She doesn't waste any time getting me out of there. We didn't speak when we got in the car or when we boarded a plane. Once on the plane she falls to sleep and I let my mind wander. Most kids would be scared but I'm happy. Caroline promised no one else would beat me and I believe her. When Caroline wakes up I ask her the question that's been on my mind.
"Is that police officer okay?" I ask. She studies me for a moment then respond.
"You posted a powerful protection wall up and when she invaded that wall it shut her body down and threw her against the wall. She will live but she won't remember what happen none of them will." She spoke gently.
Our plane lands an hour later. I stumble out so bad that Caroline have to hold me up.She doesn't have any bags and neither do I. A sleek black BMW is waiting for us. She gets in the front and I get in the back. As soon as we pull off I close my eyes and go to sleep. For once I dream good dreams and not nightmares.
"Kira wake up." Caroline shakes me gently. I get out the car squinting against the bright light. Caroline guides me up a walkway. Soon a huge castle comes into view. My mouth falls open and Caroline lets out a sweet laugh.
We approach the castle faster than I expected. Caroline doesn't give me time to study the interior of the castle before she all but pushes me down a hallway. I don't keep up with how many lefts or rights we make. Just making sure I don't fall on my face takes a lot of concentration. Finally we approach two huge oak double doors. She knocks then the doors swing open. She pulls me in. If it wasn't for the woman sitting behind a desk I would assume she lead me into a small but beautiful library. The woman eyes never left her paper but she spoke.
"Caroline what have you brought this time?" I cringe into Caroline from the power her voice had.
"I don't know. Matt called me and said they had a freak accident at the police station and told me to come and check it out. I found a girl who had blown an officer across the room." The woman head snaps up and observe me.
"She doesn't look like a Vampire. You didn't happen to leave out the part in which she transforms into a werewolf. So how did a mere girl blow a fully grown officer across the room?" Caroline tensed up.
"She casted a protection spell." Murmured Caroline. The woman gaze left a burning sensation on mine skin.
"So you think she's a witch?" The woman smile which resembled a grimace more than a smile.

"Yes Gina I do. That's the only possible explanation." Carolina voice didn't give away any emotions.
"Fine I trust your judgment plus I can see her aura." Gina said. Anyone would have believed her but I saw something in her eyes that screamed I'm not telling you everything.
"What kind is she?"Caroline curiosity could be heard in her voice.
"Damon will you show Kira to the Witches dormitories."A man step out of the shadows and scared me half to death. Damon led me out the room. He turned and grasps my hand, for a moment I didn't feel anything then we were standing outside a brick house. I did a full circle to make sure I wasn't dreaming. Damon smirked at me then turned and left.
I stared at the house then walk up and open the door. It smelled of cinnamon and forest. I walked down the hall then turned into a living room if that's what you would call it.The wall had five flat screens TV and the floor was litter with bean bags and blankets. There were two sofas and two tables. The room was litter with teenage girls but they paused what they were doing to stare at me.
"Um can one of tell me where my room is?" I ask.
"Outside with the dogs." A black haired girl said.
"Stop being a bitch Beckah. You know she's my roomie." A cute girl jump up. She came and took my arm and dragged me down the hall and up some steps. She glanced at me before pushing the door open. The room had two double size beds one of the beds was bare while the other one had white and green covers. On both sides was an armoire. I walked to my side and open the armoire to find it filled with clothes. A sticky note was on the door. I thought you could use some new clothes Good luck. It was signed Caroline. I pulled out some jeans and a blue Hollister sweat shirt. I walk into the bathroom and wasn't surprised to see it decorated with white and green. I jumped back when I saw my reflection in the mirror. The girl staring at me looked horrible. She had dark circles under her eyes her hair was frizzy and wild. Her clothes look as if they have seen better days.
I jumped into the shower and turned the hot water all the way up. The hot water was soothing. It was embarrassing to see the water go from brown then finally clear. Yes, I was that dirty. When the water ran cold I jumped out. Surprisingly the clothes fit; I throw my old clothes into the garbage before going back into the room.
My roommate was relaxing on her bed with her eyes closed. Her eyes snaps open when I sit on my bed. We study each other for a moment before we speak at the same time. We both start laughing her laugh is a high pitch laugh which reminds me of bells ringing.
"Hey my name is Mindy."
"My name is Kira. If you don't mind me asking but is everyone witches?" I blush from embarrassment.
"In this dorm yea. Well except for me I'm werewolf."
"Oh is it true that you change at full moons?" I clamp my hands over my mouth.
"It's okay that's what everyone asks when I tell them that. No I can change whenever I'm ready. I'm just at my strongest at a full moon."
"So what's this place called? What is this place?"
"The school is called Midnight. The school offer protection and knowledge for the unknown. They teach witches, vampires, werewolf, mind readers, etc. Didn't they tell you this when they found you?"
"No she didn't. She just asked me if I wanted to go to a school where they could help me." I run my hand through my hair.
"Well welcome to Midnight you'll like it here if you steer clear of Beckah."
"I can see that. I would ask if she is always a bitch but I can already tell." Mindy starts laughing
In three months I and Mindy become best friends. Beckah stills act like a bitch but hey that's to be expected. Witch studies are going well I'm came up fast. In three months I'm in the top ten of my class.
"Aim! Fire!" Mr. Capulet orders. The arrows fly into their target.
This goes on for another twenty minutes before he dismiss us. I run to go meet Mindy we have a fire wielders test tomorrow that neither of us has bother to study for. When I come around the corner I ran smack into Beckah.
"Watch where you're going dumbass." She snarls. I take a step back.
"Watch where you're going and if stop thinking you're the only person on planet earth maybe you won't get run into."
"Well I was going to be nice and tell you what Ms. Holloway said but forget about it." A devilish smirk spreads on her face. I don't know what it is but she seems off today.
"Beckah stop playing and tell me because I have a test to study for."
"She wants you to go into the black forest and get some dust out the fairies' nest." She says and thrust a container at me.
I roll my eyes and snatch it away. Then march to the black forest. I get nervous once the trees block out the sun. The normal happiness I always feel when I'm in the forest is gone. Beckah better not be kidding or I'm going to show her how I throw a right hook. I wander around the forest for what seems like forever before I realize there is no nest. I turn and walk to what I feel is the way out of the forest but I can't tell. A rabbit pops up out a bush once I have been walking for a minute. I stop to stare at it, it has black eyes you can't see the whites at all. I reach out to pet it. An excruciating pain tears through my body I crumple up on the ground.
Back on Campus…..
When it gets dark outside Mindy decides to go tell the board that Kira is gone. While Mindy runs to the discussion chamber she panics thinking the worst. Kira never stay out without telling someone so something is up. Mindy bangs on the heavy oak door that leads into the discussion chamber. It swings open and Mindy glides in. Any nervousness she would have felt meeting all those powerful figures before her is gone. One thing matters and one thing only; making sure Kira is okay. Gina sits in the middle, hover is more like it.
"Child why have you disrupted us?" Gina voice rings out in the huge room.
"Kira is missing. She hasn't been seen since early today." Mindy voice comes out strong and confident.
"Claiming a child missing is a huge accusation is you sure?" Now Gina let her power flow into her voice. Mindy flinches slightly from it.
"I'm sure." Mindy bows her head in respect.
"Very well then. Mindy go back to your room and we will start searching for your friend." Mindy bows then leave the room. They wait till Mindy have exit before talking.
"Gina how can a child go missing on campus?" Erick asks. He is the leader of the vampires.
"I don't know but I will alert the guards to start checking at once." Gina presses the alarm. Not a minute goes by before Damon is standing before her.
"Damon Kira is missing start a search immediately." Damon nods then disappear.
"Do we put the school on lock down?" Erick asks.
"No tell everyone dinner will be served early tonight." Gina says before disappearing herself.
The dining hall was tense. It wasn't normal for a person to go missing and everyone knew it. The leaders ate at the top of the hall tight faced from stress. The search had been going on for two hours and nothing had showed up. Gina was staring at her plate when the screaming started. Erick stood up and commanded silence. Erin walks down the aisle carrying a girl. Gina jumps up the girl skin was covered in gray marks. It looks as if a spider had spun a web under her skin. The part that wasn't cover in gray mark was paler than the moon. Erin places her before the council.
"Her heart beats faintly." He never leaves her side. Gina moves till she is above the girl. She places her hands above the girl heart and mummers a couple of words to low for anyone to hear.
"The poison has spread through her body. It's now attacking her heart. I have cast a spell to keep her heart beating but the poison is to strong. I will contact the other white witches to get permission to use the amount of power required even if I do there is no guarantee she will live." Gina stands then teleport Erin and Kira to the back room.
The room erupts in chaos. None of the noise fazes Gina she searches for one face when she finds it a pain goes through her heart. Mindy stands unblinking looking at the spot where Kira just was. It seemed as if the world had stopped when the man carried Kira in. If it wasn't for her sharp hearing she would have thought she was dead but she heard her faint heartbeat and that was enough to keep her here.
"Quiet! Now listen a fellow student has venture into the black forest and is dying. Maybe I didn't make myself clear before but I will now. NO student is allowed into the black forest." No one dared question Gina.
The council stands up when the doors are thrust open and a tall man stroll down.
"Where is she?" The man asks.
"Where is who Victor?" Gina asks unlike everyone else he doesn't cringe from the power in her voice.
"Stop playing games Gina and bring her to me." He growls.
"Kira doesn't need you now leave before I make you." Gina voice goes deadly. You had to be blind not to see her eyes go white.
Victor stares at her unblinking. Instead he murmurs something then there's a flash of black. Kira lay down next to his feet. He drops to his knees and cradle her head in his arms. He places the palm of his hand above her heart. No one hears the word he speaks they just see a black glow coming from his hand. Victor body relaxes once he feels all the poison is out of her body.
"Now you are better." The girl stares up at him with awe. She reaches up and wipe the single tear that escape from his eyes before closing hers. With a wave of his hand he sends her back to the healing room. He stands up and doesn't look at anyone. He turns and walks away. Victor pauses in the middle of the room before he turns and speaks to the council.
"I speak for me and my wife when I say if another hair is harmed on our daughter's head we will personally come and slaughter every last one of you. That is a promise." With that said he disappears in black dust.


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